Elden Ring - Top 10 Weapons You Can't Afford To Miss

Elden Ring - best bows

In Alden's Ring, you are nothing without your weapons, so here are some that you should not miss. Now just know that there are a ton of weapons in this game, so narrowing them down to just 10 for a list is tough. It's really tough. Just keep in mind that these are our personal favorites. They're not necessarily the end all, be all weapons in the game.

Sometimes those and other built-gods and stuff take months to show up. These are just weapons that we really like and also some that are just generally helpful at certain points in the game, so let's get started with number 10. Let's talk about the Twin Blade and Blood Flame Blade. Have you ever tried to use a double-sided lightsaber in a Souls game?

At least in one that's not called Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Well, now you can. This hilarious weird combo was discovered by Reddit user Knight Paradox, who used a twin blade, which can be found pretty early in the game in the dragon burnt ruins with the blood flame blade incantation, which is dropped from a scarab near the Rose Church in the Lienia region.

Elden Ring - best swords

Now, if you've got the requisite stat requirements, you can use the twin blade and cast the blood flame incantation to give your sword a proper lightsaber look and just go nuts. It's easy to make this sort of combo look awesome with a few clips, but really it's just to look cool and that's about it.

You know, the actual blood flame power doesn't last that long, still just casting, the spell kinda looks like you're powering on a lightsaber, and it's just an all-around cool weapon and magic combo that's not too hard to get your hands on next. Over at number nine, let's talk about Roger's Rapier.

If you're going for mostly dexterity-based weapons, then this rapier is something to get for a few reasons. One, it starts off as a plus-eight weapon, so it's already been upgraded a lot by the time you get it, and it's totally free and pretty easy to get. All you have to do to get your hands on it is to talk to Roger in the church in Stormville Castle Keep.

Elden Ring - best weapons

Talk to him until you run out of new dialogue, then just keep going through the area until you take out Godric, the boss of the area. Roger should be at the round table right now. What do you need? And if you tell them you killed Godric, he'll reward you with his sword, and the fact that it's already upgraded so much is really the best thing about it.

Otherwise, it's pretty standard Rapier, but all those upgrades really do make a difference and give you some leeway. It's a powerful weapon with low stat requirements. That's great for a DEX magic build, so get it if you can. Next, at number eight, let's talk about Lestat's Glenstone staff. found in Salia, the town of sorcery, after killing the bosses there.

This staff is an awesome weapon for a single reason: it's intelligence scale is huge. The requirements are no joke though; you've got to have 52 intelligence just to use this thing. It's really only good for dedicated sorcerers, but if you are one, then this thing is absolutely essential. Even though Celia is found in Caled, which is, you know, kind of a dangerous place, the actual town itself isn't that difficult to get through, and as long as you know how to remove the barriers, which isn't hard, you just have to light up a few towers and you're good to go.

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On top of being powerful by default, this thing actually enhances your spells and makes them more powerful. It costs more to actually cast the stuff, but it's a noticeable increase. If you want to use a lot of special effects, get this kit. Next, over at number seven, let's talk great swords. First, the grafted blade grade sword If you want an example of a truly epic weapon in Elden Ring that can be obtained relatively early, then look no further than this monstrosity.

It's literally a pile of swords grafted together into one colossal blade thing with the strength requirements to match its size. You need a whopping 40 strength to be able to properly wield this thing, so for most people, it's going to be a long, long time before you ever have a chance to actually use it, but even at the end of the game, it's like one of our favorite bread and butter weapons if you just want to smash some enemies with a giant sword club thing.

Elden Ring - gameranx

Thing the thing about it is that it's actually one of the first weapons you get, and depending on how you play, you can get it off the leo, Nine Miss Begotten boss, and Castle Mourn. It's the boss. It's actually pretty easy to take out fairly early in the game as long as they make it through the castle keep.

Okay, I guess I just wanted to tease you with the kind of crazy weapons You can get in this game because nobody's actually using this thing that early in the adventure and. Yeah, it's obviously also an homage to the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones, so it's a pretty cool little easter egg on top of that, and speaking of greatswords, the star Scourge Greatsword This thing is so good that it just has to be mentioned.

You get it from the finger reader in the round table along with the remembrance draft from the radon boss, and it's crazy good. Yeah, it's got a pretty steep strength requirement and its scaling isn't the best, but this thing is so naturally strong that it makes up for it, and its unique properties make it even stronger.

Elden Ring - jake baldino

Its ability to call out "Star Caller Cry" is just nuts. First it sucks in any nearby enemies, which you can use as an opportunity to attack, or you can follow it up with a massive explosion. It does impressive damage, so its skill is great. The weapon is good, and to really top things off, if you switch to two-handed, you could dual wield two of these things just like the boss could.

Running around with two swords nearly as big as you looks ridiculous, but it's nothing if not effective. Radon is a bastard of a boss fight, but he's worth taking down just for this. It's that good. Next over at number six, the sword of Saint Trina, is a sword with pretty low stat requirements that requires you to brave a pretty dangerous area but otherwise isn't too hard to get.

Elden Ring - s which weaponsto use

It's another weapon where its ability is the most impressive thing about it. While it's scaling kinda sucks, skill really makes up for it in a lot of ways. Why is that? It's because the skill is a hilariously powerful mist. It's this ability that does exactly what it sounds like. It spreads this mist in a wide area, causing any enemy trapped in it to just fall asleep.

Once they're snoozing, it's incredibly easy to just pick enemies off, making this one of the best weapons to use against large groups of enemies. It's incredibly good for that and not really great for anything else. Next over at number five. Having a good bow is important for certain situations in Elden ring, and you don't come across them too often.

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