Elden Ring - Samurai Class Guide - How To Build A Samurai (beginner Guide)

Elden ring beginner samurai guide

Elden ring beginner samurai guide

In this Eldon Ring article, I'm going to be talking about the samurai class and how I play my samurai when I'm playing. This is a very good class for new players, and if you're just starting out in Eldon Ring for the first time or you want to know how to play a samurai from the very get-go of the game, then this article is for you.

The samurai is a very well-rounded character. It has a good melee attack and good range. It uses a long bow and ushi katana, and it has decent armor and mobility. It leans a little bit more towards the dexterity side of things, but you can put a few points in and strengthen your right there as well, so you can use either strength-based or dexterity-based weapons.

Although in this article I'm going to talk about using the uchi katana, as if you're playing a samurai, it seems like you should be using one.

Samurai character creation

Elden Ring - beginner build

During character creation, if this is your first time playing Elder Ring or a Souls game, I highly recommend taking the golden seed. This is going to give you one extra healing or mana potion, so it gives you a little bit of an advantage or a little bit of a better start when you're a little bit short on those .

Arrow crafting and where to find them

Okay, the first thing to know about the samurai is that you're going to be a little bit short on arrows at the beginning of the game, so you're going to have to craft some or buy some. I highly recommend crafting them, which means you need to head to the church of Ella, which is probably where you're going to go anyway, and you need to buy the crafting book there and the recipes for the bone arrows.

Basically, you need three bones from animals, and then you can craft 10 arrows. It doesn't take that long to farm them, but you can go through them rather quickly. There's actually a really good spot to farm them just past the first runes where you pick up the map shard. On the right, if you go down the road on the left hand side, there's kind of a clump of trees where that mpc is there.

There's actually like a whole bunch of sheep in that area that you can just farm over and over to get some arrows. You won't need to do this more than the first few hours of the game, because after that you'll actually have enough runes that it's actually more beneficial for you to just buy a bulk bunch of arrows, like a couple hundred arrows, than gain one level or two levels .

How to play the samurai

How to play the samurai

Okay, so now that we got that out of the way, playing the samurai is about determining when to use the bow and when to use the uchi katana.

There are a lot of scenarios where it might seem like you should use the bow when you should use the uchikatana, etc. You'll learn these throughout the course of the game, but you know, if you're approaching a pack of enemies, it's probably not best to just go in with your uchi katana when you could pick off a few with your bow.

Remember that you can actually use the ability of your bow to mighty shot in order to deal significant damage for a little bit of FP, so you can actually one-shot a lot of enemies early on in the game and throughout the course of the game in order to save arrows, and you should be doing this regularly.

Elden Ring - best class

Another good opportunity for the bow is like when you're just starting a boss fight and there's a good amount of distance between you and the enemy. You can pick them off or hit them several times with the bow to soften them up. Sometimes you can get them down to like two-thirds health or half health before they even get to you.

Then you can switch to the uchi katana and start melee combat. Moving to the uchigatana, this weapon has a fantastic move. If you're familiar with the Souls games, you don't need me to explain, but this weapon has a fantastic, charging r2 attack. You basically sprint forward and then you hit r2 and you sort of slide and poke.

It has a really long range. When enemies tend to wind up when you get within melee range, this action hits them instantly and interrupts them, usually preventing you from taking damage. But if not, you can usually roll away pretty quickly. Sometimes they'll miss you when this happens, and then you can go right into the ability of the weapon that is unsheathed.

Elden Ring - best class to main

So fast and it deals incredible damage, in order to use it unsheathed, you put your hand on your hilt and you sort of lunge forward and do a horizontal slice really quickly, which does really high damage. You need to have two hands on the weapon. In order to two-hand the weapon, you're going to hold y or hold triangle on the controller, and then press r1.

Assuming it's in your right hand and it's out, this is going to allow you to two-hand the weapon so that you can use this ability. This ability makes the build This ability is so strong that you can clear almost any boss with it. You literally just dodged their attack. Use it to dodge their attack.

Get close use it preemptively. Use it don't be afraid to trade damage using this ability. If you can just keep getting it off, you can, you know, stagger enemies using it. You do really serious damage. It is an absolutely devastating ability, and it makes the building learn when to predict the enemy pattern so that you can use this ability.

Elden Ring - best weapon

This will make your game play so much stronger. Additionally, the uchigatana has an auxiliary effect, which is that it causes bleed buildup on the enemy. You can't see it on the screen, and each enemy has its own bleed resistance, but after enough repeated strikes with this, you're going to rip off a chunk of health from the enemy.

Not all weapons in the game have auxiliary effects, which makes the Uchi Katana particularly good because you know if you keep hacking with an enemy, which you should, you should be really aggressive with this build. Unless your enemies are really aggressive, you are going to be able to pull this off a lot of the time.

Also, this build works really well on horseback. Not only can you use a bow and arrow from horseback well, meaning that you can, like, pick off enemies that would be hard to melee, but the uchi katana hits like a truck from horseback. It's not hard to land if you learn to use r2 and l2. The character does sort of like a wind-up where he like spins the sword backward and then sort of slides down the ground in an upward fashion.

Once you learn to predict where the hitbox is, you can hit this like a second and a half before you actually get to the enemy. When you get there and it hits, you'll start taking down enemies left and right. You can take field bosses down without ever having to dismount, like you could take out a kill without ever having to dismount at all just by using mounted combat, and again, you can use the bow or the uchi katana, which gives you an advantage over some builds that are only arranged here for melee .

Elden Ring Samurai Class Guide - How to Build a Samurai Beginner Guide. In this Elden Ring Build Guide Ill be showing you my beginner Samurai Build. If youve been looking for a good starting Samurai build that uses both Uchigatana and bow to decimate enemies from near and far then you might want to check this build-out.
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