Elden Ring - Prisoner Class Guide - How To Build A Spellblade (beginner Guide)

Elden ring beginner prisoner guide

Elden ring beginner prisoner guide

In this Alden Ring article, I'm going to be showing you how to make an early game spellblade using the prisoner class. You can use the astrologer class as well if you already have this, but you'll probably want to use one of these two classes.

Prisoner character creation

I prefer the prisoner class because it starts the game with an S Talk, which is a dexterity scaling weapon, although you don't have to use this if you don't want to.

It also comes with a staff and a really good spell early on. You're going to replace this spell in a little while, but it's not bad early on in the game.

Spellblade spells

The waypoint runes there are the sorcerer's trainer there, the sorcerer sells and buys some spells there, and there is actually an academy scroll that's like just a little bit down the road from or up on a hill that's been guarded by a group of enemies.

Elden Ring - beginner build

You can actually just run up on top of one of the buildings there. It's kind of like a broken down building, and you can pick it up and take a tour to unlock some more spells. What you want to do is you're going to need one of them from her. The spells that you want to pick up from her are Glenn Stone Pebble Scholars, armaments, and carrion slicer.

These are the three spells that are going to be kind of your bread and butter in the early game. You can obviously supplement them with other spells later on, but these are the three you're going to want to have. You are only going to have two slots until you get that third slot, so I suggest using Glenstone Pebble and Scholars armaments or Glenstone Pamela and carrying and slicing one of those two combinations at the beginning, but the best way to get a third slot real fast is to go to Already's Rise, which is in the Weeping Peninsula.

It's the tower there. There's sort of a little puzzle you have to solve to find the hidden turtles. The data is on the wiki if you need to know where these exactly are. You go in there and you're going to get a memory stone, which is going to give you a third slot. You don't even have to kill anything to do this, so it's going to be really fast for you. Then you can equip all three of those spells.

Spellblade equipment

Spellblade equipment

You'll also want to replace your staff while you're down there and weeping peninsula. You can get the Demi Human Queen staff from the ruins that are just west of there. There's a demi-human sort of sorcery in there. If you kill it really quickly, you'll be able to switch out your staff, and from that point forward, you're going to want to upgrade the Demi Human Queen staff in order to deal increased damage.

How to play as a spellblade

So The general setup for this build is that you're going to carry your s-stock in your right hand, or you know, another Dex weapon. You don't have to use the s-doc, but it's what it comes with, and it's kind of fun to use, and it has really good skill at impaling thrust. Very good range, very high damage.

Elden Ring - best class

I highly recommend using that, but you can use any other Dex-based weapon that you want or any other weapon that you like that you meet the requirements for, but you don't want to go crazy pumping, strength, or something to meet the requirements of a weapon, but any other weapon that you like, you can supplement here.

Instead, if you want, you've got your staff in your left hand and your weapon in your right hand, and you're going to buff them with Scholars' armaments. While you're making your way through Zone, this is going to double or triple your damage. In some cases, It's just really strong and it outperforms, actually putting like a magic ash of war on your weapon, so the best way to do this is to use Scholars' armaments to buff your weapon.

It's the best way to save. You're going to be buffed with scholar armaments. You have to have both of these out at the same time in order to buff them. If you buff that, you attack things. This lasts like two or three minutes. It's a very good time compared to some of the other Souls games that are going to get you through levels, etc.

Elden Ring - best class to main

Or to harder enemies, where you'll instead attack with carry and slicer in order to finish them off. The slicer is extremely deadly. This spell does so much damage. It's a boss killer. It's a tough enemy to kill. All you need to do is, like, read their attacks. You know, their last attack ran in and just started spamming.

I trade damage very, very often with this setup in order to just burn bosses faster and then heal up and go rest afterward. You can be more cautious and roll away if you want, but you can just melt bosses by spamming this as fast as you can. Keep in mind that it consumes stamina, so you're only going to be able to, you know, go as long as you have stamina.

But endurance doesn't give you much stamina, so I don't recommend it for this field, but you're going to want to try and not block or roll too much before you get in there, so you can just spam away at this thing. It doesn't really stagger enemies, so you need to be ready to roll away when they start retaliating, but you're going to spam it and it just melts things away.

Elden Ring - best weapon

Another really great thing about carrying a slicer's FP cost is that it's only four compared to Glenstone Pebble's seven, which means that you actually save FP by using this ability, so if you can take enemies down with it, you're going to conserve a lot more FP than if you're using Glenstone Pebble Glenstone.

Glenstone pebble is really there to thin out enemies in situations where if you ran in you'd be outnumbered, you know, three to four to one. Maybe you take one out right away, but then you still have two or three enemies that are ganging up on you. This build doesn't do really well when it's out.

It's completely surrounded. So, you don't want to get surrounded, and Glenstone pebble is really there to thin out enemies in those scenarios or scenarios where you know you can't get to the enemy. They're across the gap or they're flying in the air, and it's really nice as a spell blade to have that sort of flexibility if you find yourself using Glenstone Pebble far more than a carrion slicer or far more than Scholars Armament.

I highly recommend making a mage build. If you just make a mage build and follow a mage build guideline because that's kind of more of your play style, this will happen to some people who play this style because it's ranged attacks, but if you're someone who wants to get up close and personal and melt bosses in melee range, then this is the build for you.

Spellblade attributes

Spellblade attributes

So basically, I pump intelligence and vigor early on. Since you're playing a melee character, you need vigor, and this character does not start out with a lot of it, so I like to get that to 15 or 20 pretty quickly and get intelligence to 20 as quickly as I can. So those two things to 20, and then you can start to increase dexterity, to increase the damage of your weapon.

Elden Ring Prisoner Class Guide - How to Build a Spellblade Beginner Guide. In this Elden Ring Build Guide Ill be showing you my beginner Prisoner Build. If youve been looking for a good starting Spellblade build that decimates enemies and bosses in a flash then you might want to check this build-out.
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