Elden Ring - Nagakiba Samurai Build Guide - How To Build A Blazing Bushido (level 100 Guide)

Elden ring blazing bushido guide

Elden ring blazing bushido guide

In this elder ring article I'm going to be showing you how to play my blazing Bushido build, or a flamer eye build if you will. This is a level 100 samurai build, and if you've been wondering how to play a samurai without using Moon Veil, then watch to find out.

How to make this build work

The first thing I'm going to talk about is the weapon I chose for this build.

I chose the Naga Kiba for a few reasons. First, the weapon has an incredibly long reach. It is the longest katana in the game by far, probably almost double the length of most katanas in the game, which gives you a significant advantage when trying to hit difficult-to-hit bosses, ones that are wiry, etc.

Elden Ring - best class

It's also fantastic because the running R2 attack is sort of a slide in poke, and giving you that extra range means that you can stay out of Harm's Way by rolling backward immediately afterward and keeping your distance from enemies additionally. I really like the charged R2 attack here because it's a thrust instead of like an overhead slash, so that's fantastic.

I've replaced the default Ash of War on it with an unsheath. I really like the unsheath ability, and if you've played it all with the regular uchigatana or Moon Veil, then you'll know that this is really strong. So, I've set the quality affinity on this weapon with the unsheathed Ash of War. First, reasons for that first: we want to keep the damage type physical, and in order to be able to buff this, if we set it to Blake's Bleed or fire or magic or some other thing like that, we won't be able to buff the blade.

So, keeping it physical is ideal. Second, the reasons I chose quality over keen with this builder are a couple of reasons. First, the weapon requires about 18 strength to use anyway, although you can two-hand it for less. Also, because we use a great bow that scales off both strength and dexterity about equally well, that means it's going to benefit from both these stats, which is great.

Elden Ring - best samurai bleed build

Additionally, You gain extra damage when you gain the strength scaling or 1.5 times the strength scaling of your weapon when you two-hand it, and we're going to be two-handing this weapon nearly all the time when we're attacking with it, so you're going to get a little extra damage from that two-handing when you're because of strength, so having some strength here doesn't hurt at all either.

You can get the Naga Kiba by killing Yura at the beginning of the game, or anytime you see him, or by progressing through his quest line to a certain degree. You should be able to progress his quest line far enough at this point in the game to get it if you didn't kill him. I just killed him for this article, but you can do the quest line to get it without killing him if you'd rather do it that way.

Elden Ring - blood flame blade

The next weapon we're using for this build is the great bow, as I just mentioned, and we basically swap the longbow, if you're familiar with the samurai build I made earlier, for the great bow, and there are a couple of reasons for that. You're going to meet the requirements for strength and dexterity for it already because of the way you're set up for this build, so it's a good candidate for a great bow.

Even if you're using some other great bow that's not this one, you're going to meet the requirements because of the quality setup that you have, which is great also. When you use the reign of arrows with this build, it hits like a freight train. It's a very good way to deal a lot of damage at range against particularly bigger targets, because all the arrows will hit them because they kind of scatter around a little bit, and one of the weaknesses of this build is big enemies because they have large hitboxes.

And dodging is really your only defense with this build. You have to pick them off at range before you have to engage them in melee or weaken them from range before you have to engage them. Maneuvering is going to help you out tremendously, and this is the way to do it also. Great arrows are quite expensive and you can't carry nearly as many of them, so getting every ounce of damage out of every arrow is fantastic.

And since Reign of Arrows only uses one arrow per build, you can use any other great bow for this build if you want. The reason I picked this one is that it has double digit scaling. Some of them only have descaling and e-scaling. And also, one of them, one of the unique bow abilities, is not replaceable with reign of arrows, so I wanted to be able to put rain of arrows on this.

This is exactly why we picked this bow. You can get the rule of arrows skill in Caled, as I mentioned in a previous article. You've just kind of got to go get the painting there in the town of sorcery and then go over to the herb tree and drop over the cliff and get it, so if you're wondering where that is, you can check out the wiki or you can follow that.

Additionally, if you're looking for a place to buy great arrows, that's what I do because I can't be bothered to farm them at this point in the game. You're going to find them at the Hermit Shack, which is in the Royal Capital Area.



The last weapon we want for this build is the finger seal. We're going to use this in order to cast two spells, which are "blood flame blade" and "flame grant me strength." The reason we want this spill instead of the claw mark seal is that, for some reason, on the claw mark seal, the strength does not apply to the incantation scaling to increase the damage of the blood flame blade.

If it did, it would outperform the finger seal. But it doesn't, so if that ever gets changed, you'll want to switch to the Cloud Mark seal, but for the time being, the finger seal is the best seal that we meet the requirements for and it's going to improve the damage of the blood flame plate flame.

Grant me strength. Damage doesn't increase with any sort of scaling or anything like that, so it doesn't matter what seal you use for that spell, but if you want to get the most out of Blood Flame Blade, then you're going to want to use the finger seal as well.


As far as armor goes for this build, you can really use any that you want to use.

I like the Samurai armor or some of the different Samurai armors in the game. You want to make sure whatever you do that you can still medium roll though, so make sure it's not too heavy and. I have the mask of confidence here because it gives me a little bit of Arcane. You need 10 Arcane in order to use the Blood Flame Blade, but if you just put a point or two into Arcane, or if you don't have enough Arcane, you can put a pointer in there. That's fine if you want to use something else instead, but if for some reason you don't have enough arcane, use This should get you to where you need to be with the four talismans.



The weapons I use for this build at this point in the game are ritual swords, Talisman blessed, Do chalice, Ben's arrows sting Talisman, and carrion filigree.

Elden Ring Nagakiba Samurai Build Guide - How to Build a Blazing Bushido Level 100 Guide. In this Elden Ring Build Guide Ill be showing you my Nagakiba Build. This is an advanced build that takes place at level 100 and is the evolved version of the Samurai build. If youve been looking to upgrade your Samurai build then you might want to check this build-out.
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