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Elden Ring - boc

As we journey through the lands between, we encounter many others on their own quests. Some have grand designs for the world, others have a personal vendetta that they intend to see through to the end. Still more, they simply try to survive in a harsh world as best they can. We believe this best describes our friend.

Bach was a demi-human capable of speech. He is a tender soul who, throughout our time together, finds purpose in being of service to someone he believes to be worthy of ruling the lands. That someone is Alden Lord. He may not be able to aid us in battle, but he helps where he can by providing us with the utmost in Elden fashion.

While Bach's story is one of a downtrodden artist finding purpose in serving a lord of his choosing, there are also things we learn about him that open up his story the smallest bit. He had a deep connection with his mother, a seamstress who taught him his craft. This is where we begin to theorize who this woman could have been.

Elden Ring - boc lore

Perhaps she was human. And since none of the other demi-humans utilize human speech and Box's timid and polite nature does not seem to be something he'd have learned from a demi-human tribe, let's take a look at Box's story, his defining purpose in our service, and we'll lay out our theories about who Bach's mother may have been and a connection he may have to another timid NPC who can experience the kindness of our tarnished While box tailoring services can't do anything to protect our tarnished reputation, our new sponsor can aid any Elden Lord in their day-to-day life.

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Elden Ring - boc the beautiful

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Protect your privacy and block intrusive ads today with NordVPN. We first meet Bach near the telescope south of the Agil lake on the north side of Grace in Lim Grave. While exploring the area, we could hear someone calling after us. The voice is at its loudest in front of a small tree, and should we attack, it vanishes, leaving behind a small, frightened demi-human.

What'd you do that for? Yes, I remember when Claude turned me into a tree. You were just breaking the spell, weren't you? The name's Bach. I was pushed out of the cave and told not to come back ever. I ended up as a tree. You came along really lucky. Or well, if you cannot afford to wait for a while, I could sneak back into the cave and bring back something of actual value.

Elden Ring - boc the demi-human

Then I'd be of some real use to you. I reckon I'm right, but I'll need a moment. I'm frightened of them, so I have to gather myself. My knees start knocking just thinking about that god-awful cave on the shore. He talks about a cave on the shore, which is not far from where we ourselves entered the lands between, and while he is scared of those who stole his prized possession, he's ready to put himself in danger just to show his appreciation for the small kindness of removing the spell that was placed on him.

We can visit the cave ourselves to check on Bach. After all, he doesn't seem to be the fighting type. Our suspicions are confirmed when we enter the coastal cave and see him beaten by the sight of Grace. What are you doing here? You must leave this place at once. They'll rush in and beat you to a pulp.

Elden Ring - boc the seamster

You'll end up just like me. Fortunately for Bach, we don't fear. The demi-humans We can brave the darkness of this cave and retrieve his prized possession for him, a simple sewing needle. I can't just curl up and die, can I? This is the first mention of Box Mother, a seamstress skilled with her hands who left him her sewing kit.

Given her profession, we think it's fair to assume that Box Mother was likely human. After all, All Bach speaks the common tongue perfectly, and the rags we see most demi-humans wearing clearly weren't made by a true seamstress, unlike box clothing. We will encounter our new friend again at the lake facing Cliff's Site of Grace.

It is good to see you, master. Do you remember me, the BOK? The demi-human you helped me before and retrieved my sewing needle. Please, Master, allow me to serve you as your seamster. I can't make anything from scratch, but I'm happy to make adjustments to your garments. I was wondering if you ever made adjustments to your garb yourself.

Elden Ring - boc the seamster lore

I would much rather you let me do the job when possible. I don't know if I asked for anything in return. You know, well, I am your personal seamster. After all, Bach wants nothing more than to eat us. However, he can. The small bit of kindness we showed him was so deeply appreciated that he has essentially entered into our service.

The next time we find Bach will be after resting at the East Royal Lucca Gate. Bach is again waiting for us ready to alter our garments however we see fit however if we have any clothes of the demigods with us, Bach has something new to say. My apologies, Master. Your wardrobe includes the robes of the old demigods, and I'm afraid I can't make adjustments to them.

My mum told me once that a royal seamstra would do them up in a jiffy. Just wait, master; before long I'll be that good too. This dream could be realized instantly if we visited the Church of Valves and found the gold sewing needle. We can give this to him as a gift. Is that a gift from my undeserving self?

Elden Ring - daedicar lore

Thank you kindly, but what on earth could it be? I've never seen a Golden Needle in all my life, and a spectacular Royal Crest to boot. Are you certain that this is for me? I can hardly believe it. Have faith in me, master. I'll polish my craft enough so that I deserve this golden gift. I will be the golden seamster.

Now I'll be able to sow anything, even the threats of the demigods. We perform a simple act of kindness for Bach, and he's eager to get to work on the clothing of the demigods, but we can also ask about his mother and whether or not she'd be happy for him. I think that Mom would be pleased if she knew that I am as good as any royal seamster.

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