Elden Ring - Level Up Fast With This Early Rune Farm - Best Start Guide For Any Class Build

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If you want to level up your Eldritch character very fast at the start of the game, then this article guide will show you how to get 100,000 runes to level up your character fast, and it can be used at any point you are in the game, whether you've just finished the tutorial or you can even come back and do this method right now.

It works with any class, and, technically speaking, you don't need to kill anything, or at least anything that can fight back, as you'll see in this article. It's very straightforward to follow along with, but you can always favorite the article if you want to use it for future character builds since it gives you a massive jump start to leveling in Eldon's ring.

Setup: +30% runes

Elden Ring - best start

After you follow that guide, you'll have a mount and the starting area of the map unlocked, which you'll need for this guide. After you've done that, from the first step resting spot just here on the map, we're going to turn and go directly south, because there's something we need to pick up in order for this method to be successful.

Just go ahead and hop off the cliff just here using the jump button so you don't take any full damage, and then we're going to run all the way off the edge of the cliff just here. Just go ahead and sprint, off and jump, as long as you land on your horse. If you hit one of these sorts of channels of air, you won't actually take any full damage.

There will be some undead spawning around you, but you can just ignore them because, I mean, you can literally just walk past them. Now we have the gold pickled foot, which we need later. After you've got that, we're just going to go ahead and jump on this whirlwind that's going to send us back up here, and then we're going to jump on this one to get back up to the top here, which is a pretty damn cool view.

Or alternatively, you can just fast travel back to the first step resting spot, but if we go to our inventory, And then we look at the gold pickled faux foot. This is essentially an item that increases the number of runes that drop in the game for a short period of time, and we're going to need this later.

Setup: weapon location

Setup: weapon location

On in the article now. Once again, looking at the map from the first step resting spot, we'd want to travel directly east along the bank of this lake just here, all the way down around the dip here, and we're going to put a map marker just over here, which is near this sort of fork in the path here.

You can see, we're going to travel from here just over here, and I'm going to put a waypoint over there by pressing a, and then we're going to go and travel to that waypoint that you can literally see in the distance. Over there, just hop down the cliffs here and carry on going all the way to the waypoint, and if you're a fan of Eldon Ring or any other soul games, you may also be interested in the display.

Elden Ring - early

If you are excited about it, especially right now while there's a discount, you can see in the distance, as we edge closer, ignoring all the enemies on the way, that there is another resting spot of grace exactly where I'm marked on the map. Now we're going to be just here on the map at the Agile Lake South, so if I go ahead and zoom in.

You can see that just to the side here, there's a path that we can follow that goes all the way down to a valley and across a bridge just here on the map, so we're going to put a waypoint just after that bridge over here, and that's where we're going to head over to next. So let's go ahead and mount up, and then we're going to jump up this rock here and just sort of walk over to the road.

You can see our waypoint over to the south there, so we're just going to head down the road through this valley and across the bridge of sacrifice. which is a rather dangerous bridge because it actually has a ballista on it. So in order to avoid that ballista, basically what you need to do is just listen out for the sound of it firing.

Elden Ring - early rune farm

As soon as you hear that sound, just dodge to the right like I do, and then it'll miss you every single time. We're literally just going to ride across it and ignore all the enemies. They won't be able to hit you because they're far too slow, and we're going to come to the other side of this bridge, where we put that waypoint.

We're just going to pause here in the Weeping Peninsula Valley and then step a bit more forward until you can open your map and see that you've uncovered kind of like a path that carries on going south. We're basically just going to keep following this road to the south. We'll put another waypoint just here where this sort of thing is on the road.

We're going to carry on heading down this pathway, and you'll see just ahead of us there is a broken down carriage, and inside the back of this broken down carriage, I hop off my horse. We're going to find a chest that we can loot for the morning star weapon, which is a very important weapon that we need for this guide, so let's go ahead and pick that up now.

At this point, you can die, and if you're playing as a mage or a weaker class, the morning star will require a higher strength to use, but don't worry, you can just two-hand it and use it effectively. To do this, hold down Y or Triangle on the playstation. And then press the light attack button while holding it down, and then you'll be two-handed with the mace, and you can now use it effectively as a weapon.

Reaching the farming location

Reaching the farming location

We're going to fast travel back to the Ag Hill Lake south resting point just here on the map once again , and from here we're actually going to go all the way to the north east, where there is another church of America located just here just below this little lake here. We're going to put another waypoint there, and if you watch my other articles, you already have this area of the map unlocked.

If you're not starting from the Ag Hill Lake south resting point, we're literally just going to go northwards on this pathway. You guys can skip ahead if you already know the ramps. I'm just showing you for new players just to make it super clear where to go because a lot of people have commented on the articles saying that they appreciate that, and then we're just going to carry on north past the bridge that we come across.

Elden Ring level up fast with this early rune farm location guide for the best Start Guide for any Class Build - Beginner Walkthrough.
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