Elden Ring - How To Get To Haligtree. Ordinia Evergaol Guide & Malenia Boss Location Guide

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alex Here Welcome back to another article for Elder Ring. In this one, I wanted to give a quick guide on how to get to Halak Tree, which is a location you will need to access if you want to battle Melania. I will not show you that boss battle. I will not speak any further about it, but, of course, if you want to experience it yourself, it is completely safe.

However, in order to get to this location, you will need to go through the consecrated snow field. You will then need to solve a puzzle to get to the Halak Tree. But to begin with, as a quick reminder, in order to do this you will need to have access to the consecrated snowfield. I've already done a article on how to activate the secret lift, so if you have not seen this article here, make sure you click on this one.

Once you get to the consecrated snow field, then once you're here, you can now follow this guide. With that being said, you then need to turn your attention to the north to the north to the town of Ordina. Following that, you'll take a left, another left, and you'll then make your way straight forward over to an opening where there will be a little sort of gargoyle statue with a book on it.

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When you examine this, it will say that you need to light the four figures in the evergla, so with that being said, the thing to the left of it, interact with it, and it will then teleport you into another version of this town. This is quite dangerous because there is an invisible enemy who walks around, so you basically don't want to stop because you can get stabbed in the back.

There are also a lot of powerful archers that will try and kill you, but now that we're in this location, our goal is to light four different candles, so what you want to do from your initial starting point is run forward, jump over the wall, and then run straight towards the church. You don't want to jump up onto the railings on the left-hand side, so you can basically navigate past the staircase.

And then climb up this ladder. Doing so will then allow you to collapse the second ladder, and then, from there, you can light the first flame. It's worth noting that if you die whilst inside here, do not worry. You don't need to re-light the flame again once you've lit it. Once it is lit forever.

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From there, you want to go back down the ladder, you want to turn around, and you don't want to cross over to the next rooftop. This one is where you need to be careful because the arches will be pretty brutal, so be ready to roll and be ready to take them out, but cross over to the opposing rooftop, and you'll then have a second ladder from there to climb, which will, of course, allow you to then go and light the second flame.

For the next location. I'm actually going to direct you from here using some more footage I recorded, because in my original run I was sort of being chased by an enemy, but basically, from here you want to drop down the ladder and go back from whence you came. You can drop off the roofs, but basically you want to go back to that staircase.

We jumped over the railings instead. Go down the staircase. From there, you want to run to the building straight in front of you. If you go around the back of the building, there'll be a ladder; climb that, and that will then be your third flame. If you jump over into that, that is the fourth and final flame.

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With that lit, you will then be teleported back to the regular version of the town, and you can then go to the staircase at the back, and you can then climb that, and it will give you access to a teleporter, which will take you to the Halak tree. Of course, this location here is very, very powerful.

There are a lot of enemies here that will definitely destroy you, so of course, if you want to just explore to your heart's content, then feel free. You can do that. You can, of course, go and explore it yourself and work out where you want to go, but if you do want to get directly to the boss, there is, of course, a route you can follow to try and bypass as much trouble as possible.

So follow the route you see me taking right now for the first part. We are going to carefully sort of navigate these tree branches to effectively get to the bottom. The one thing you do need to watch out for when you're running down the hill is one of the enemies that fires those sort of magical bubbles.

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Be careful because they will probably one-shot you or at least be very close to that, so you want to try and avoid that as much as possible. We now have a point where we can respawn. From there, you then want to go out the door that is right in front of you. You want to roll because there will be an enemy ready to get you.

You can ignore the ladder on the left. We're going to roll down onto the tree branch, and we're then going to follow this route through the building. Once you're outside, what you want to do is go through and jump across a couple of the roofs, and we're going to go down to the left-hand side, drop down, and work our way through another building until we come to an area outside with a few wooden bridges.

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From there, you can then turn around and go backwards and take the elevator back down, because what we actually want to do is run across the wooden bridge, and then take a left over the other bridge, and you'll then come into this arena here where you will fight the boss. It's not the boss that we're talking about, but it is a mandatory boss that you need to get through in order to get to the next location, again i won't show you i'll simply cut to the point where it's been defeated.

From here, grab the sight of grace, and when they're going to run out of the doorway in front of us to then begin the next part of the journey, we're going to take a right. Of course, follow the staircase all the way down and take the ladder down. You then get to a building where they lift you in.

Before you set the lift, do go up the stairs because there is a chest you can open and that gives you an ancient, dragon smithing stone, which, of course, is the final tier you need to boost your weapon up. So, it's definitely a nice item. Take the lights down to the bottom and you then end up in the brace of the halak tree, the next sort of location.

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From here, we're going to run straight across the bridge, and of course, there is a nice sight of grace inside, so you can grab that for another fast travel point. We're going to take it right outside the door, and again, some very strong enemies here, so you do want to be careful. We're basically going to bypass as many things as possible to the point where we can jump over the edge and, of course, off onto a lower platform.

Here's how to get to Haligtree from the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring. How to solve the Ordina Evergaol and get to Malenia boss location guide. SECRET LIFT GUIDE.
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