Elden Ring - How To Get Op Early. Strong Weapons. Insane Armor. Spells. Giga Tips Guide

3 weapon in first 7-9 minutes

3 weapon in first 7-9 minutes

It's a project and Elder Ring has finally been released, so I wanted to make a article to help you guys out in the early game. If you do find this article helpful, make sure to like and subscribe for more senior content like this one. I wanted to share some cool things I found I could pick up early that'll improve your playthrough, be it damage or flask upgrades, or weapons and spells.

I'm going to show you how to get a plus three weapon easy peasy in one spot without having to run around the entirety of grade 4, and the rest is just where you could go to if you wanted a certain weapon or spell as well as flash upgrades, But first and foremost, when you start the game, make sure to get your horse as soon as possible.

Route 1

Elden Ring - all

You can summon Melina by discovering and resting at three locations in the open world, obviously. You should definitely get the merchant Grace here, where you should a hundred percent buy the torch that he sells, as there are many areas that are pitch black where the torch can come in handy, and the deferral calling finger remedy is how you'll be able to summon for help, so buy that if you want to co-op.

You can also pick up a flail in the chest in this carriage, which will come in handy for quality or dex builds, as bleed is seemingly the most powerful thing early on, where attacking the enemy will build up a hidden meter, and when that meter is full, the enemy will take blood loss for huge damage.

From here, go to the next grace across the street, then head down into the lake. This is where you can get 10 shards the fastest, as well as a somber shard for unique weapons. The enemies here are weak to blunt damage, so backstabs will usually one-shot them, even at plus zero. These enemies can also drop shards, but for the most part, you're just going to run around and collect these little spots all over the cave until you get them all.

Well, try to have some finesse because the enemies are going to be mad. So you spawn back at the gray, so you don't have to run all the way back as you can't warp in caves and the boss drop is not worth it.

Route 2

Route 2

From here, back to the outside and warp back to the gate. From here, it's your choice if you want to upgrade the flask, but if so, the next part will add about 10 minutes to your time without the need for combat from the gate front. Use Torrent to run past every enemy that you see along your way.

There is a golden tree on the trail that gives you a golden seed. To get a total of five flasks, or six if you started with a golden seed as the starting gift, keep heading straight till you find a Grace with an NPC in a shack. Talk to her and then go back down east to get an extra three shards for free.

Head up north through some cliffs to UC One Giant and grab the crystal tier. Do a 180 back south to safely get off the cliff and then head east. You'll find a shack and a grace with a merchant that sells ashes of wars, including Quick Step, which you can attach to most weapons if you need runes for this or just in general.

Go towards the right of the rocks here and there will be a grave with lots of rooms. Grab them all and then go further till you reach a field full of giants. There is a statue there with a hole in it. Attract the giant to break it. Your reward is five times the normal shards and level two. So far from the Giants' field, go back to the shack and follow the road, which will lead to the next grace before the bridge, run.

Route 3

Route 3

The left side is to pick up even more stones, so now you have enough to upgrade two weapons, plus three across. The bridge is a merchant. Pass them and start heading down south to another shack for another shard and a grace.

Right directly east is another grave site for more runes, and towards the cliff are platforms you can take to get down to the bottom. Stick towards the left side and you can get a level 2 shard immediately on your way down before a big bear and wolves show up. Ambush you, hightail it out of there, and you'll eventually arrive at a church in America.

The Shrine contains a sacred tier, an item that increases the potency of your flask as well as a flask of physics, an additional flask you can combine crystal tiers with to make cool combinations of buffs and healing, and they refill at the shrine just the same as the flask for the second tier and access to the round table.

Route 4

Head back to Storm Hill Shack and this will be the route you take to get to the next church. Go back up and enter this secret path on the right, and that literally takes you all the way to the next grace, and then the church for the tears. There's also a guy here who sells groceries in case he didn't pick up Astro or George's classes, but we're not done yet.

Here, go back to the church with Santa near the beginning. Rena will be waiting to provide you with a wolf pack and bell for free.

Roundtable hold

Roundtable hold

Rena, best waifu rest here or at the grace we just got in Lyona from Melina to appear and take you to the round table, which holds a hub of tarnished NPCs and some goodies if you have the keys here. You can get a lot of incantations from Armin here. There's also a blacksmith to upgrade your weapon to a plus four now that you have all those shards.

Don't forget to upgrade your flask with the seeds and tears as well as mix your physics potion. If you talk to the blacksmith and go through the dialogue about Roderica, then talk to her and then back to him and reload the round table map, she'll be laying down near him as a new Smith to upgrade your spirits, which you'll need Grave Glove Wards to do.

What you get by doing this (total)

The final step is to return to the shack that you found Roderica in, which will now have another golden seed there, and that is how you get a plus one weapon, a plus three weapons, plus two flasks, and a wondrous potion in about 20 minutes from the start of a new character, with minimal combat needed if at all. So insane starting in pretty much easy mode for new players, if you want to enjoy the game but are not that good at it, this time you can heal better and you can deal more damage, although you still have a dodge.

3 more tears (roughly 7-8 minutes to get from start)

3 more tears (roughly 7-8 minutes to get from start)

You can get three more tiers by going to the rightmost area of the map, where you'll find the tiers in these locations.

I know a lot of people rush to the market. But really, there are better areas to go to first now. Some bonus content for getting good spells or gear, but first a combat tip.

Combat tip to help break the game

If you're melee spam, jump attacks, or spam charge attacks, the R1 meta is over. The posture system is so crazy that I've just been killing most things by just doing that, just spamming jump attacks over and over.

It kind of simplifies the gameplay, but it's the mechanic at play, so take advantage of it.

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