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Alex here welcome back to another article for Eldon Ring. This article is going to be your ultimate one-stop shop guide to getting an infinite number of both smithing and sombra smithing stones all the way from smithingstones. One through eight allow you to take your weapons up to plus 24, and sombra smithing stones one through nine bring your special elements to plus nine.

Beyond that, you will need a special smithing stone, which can be looted, but this article is about getting an infinite supply of all the other stones so you can upgrade as many weapons as you like, provided Of course, you have roots. First things first, we'll start with the smithing stones. So for the very first one, you need to head up to Leonia.

You need to go over to the Raya Lucaria, or Crystal Tunnel. Go through the crystal tunnel, make your way to the bottom, get to the boss room, defeat the boss, who, of course, is the crystalline boss again, as a quick reminder. If these are not weak to slashing damage, ideally bring a blunt-style weapon, something that does striking, or just perform a lot of jump attacks.

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If you go back to the twin maiden husks in the roundtable hold, offer them that to them, and that will then upgrade their inventory, so this then allows you to buy smithing stones, one and two. Moving on from there to the next one, you will then need to have made progress to the next area of the atlas plateau.

For this one, you'll then want to go over to the site of grace, which you see marked on the map right now. This is down here by the sort of river, and what you want to do is work your way down towards. The river, or so a little shallow body of water, work your way down, run towards the back of that area, and there is another cave.

Once you get inside this cave, there will be a sight of grace. You can interact with this, so you have a fast travel point. And then, behind that, is a secret wall. You need to attack this and then simply run through the wall. If you go into this room and you turn left, and you basically look at the staircase in front of you, you can hug the wall.

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Work your way around. There's a little chest there. If you go over and interrupt the chest, open up the looting side, it's the next bell bearing ball bearing number two. This now allows you to buy smithing stones three and four. Following on from here, you will again need to have made some more progress on the story.

This time you'll need to be up in the snowy region for this one. You want to go over to the Zamor ruins, which, of course, is the site of grace just beyond the lift, and you need to go and work your way towards the ruins here. As you can see, you can work your way up through them, jumping up, avoiding most of the enemies, and once you get to the sort of church near the top of it, you can then do, you can jump inside if you want to, and there is an item you can collect, a little spell.

But if you take a right, there is a little torch which will indicate a stairway. You can take it down. You simply go down. Then open up the door, and then behind that is a chest, and that will give you bell bearing number three. This will then allow you to buy the next two tiers of smithing stones, five and six.

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Before I go to the next one, I do want to give you guys a spoiler warning. I will not show you the boss, but this final ball bearing is something that you basically can't miss because it does come from defeating a boss. There is another location over on the right hand side of the map. Once you go over there, there is a boss you'll have to defeat, and once you've defeated them, you'll be given the bell bearing.

This sort of dragon area over here and the boss is the godskin duo. I'm not going to show you the boss, but once you defeat it you'll get the smithing stone miners' ball bearing 4, which now means you can purchase all types of smithing stones apart from, of course, the very last one, which is required to push the weapon up to level 25.

But those are things that you simply collect. So moving on from there now to the somber smithing stones for the very first one, if you want to get the first bell for this one, you want to turn your attention to the cellular crystal, over in Caled. Simply, go through this cave, get to the very end of it, and, of course, defeat the boss.

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Upon defeating the boss, you will get the ball bearing that will allow you to purchase two sombra smithing stones. One and two. It is worth noting that if you do not want to be bothered with defeating that boss and you still want to buy them, you can instead turn your attention to the north west of Leonia.

You go up to the road to the manor site of Grace. This is the one just beyond the invisible wall, and when you cross through here you will see this blacksmith. If you go to him, he will sell you an infinite number of one and two. He will also sell you a select number of three and four. But if for some reason that boss beforehand is giving you some trouble and you don't want to defeat it, you can also go here to purchase somber smithing stones one and two.

then moving on from there we're then going back to the atlas plateau. This time you then turn your attention north of the atlas highway junction site of grace. We'll be going over to this cave. You see right now, this is the atlas tunnel. Same principle this is just another cave. Work your way through.

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Fight the boss. This is a duo of crystalline bosses, the crystalline spear and the ring blade. Same principle as last time. Simply take your time. They do have very telegraph moves, jump attacks, blunt attacks, all that stuff. When you defeat them, they will give you the somberstone. Miners' bell bearing number two, therefore allowing you to purchase somber smithing stones three and four.

Following on from this, we are then going further north, this time into the snowy region again. This time what you want to do is turn your attention to the first church of America, which is located over here. You basically run across the frozen lake and once you get outside the church, there is a dead body.

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If you inject the dead body and grab the collectible, it has the somber stone, miners' bell bearing, and three, thus allowing you to purchase the next two tiers of zombie smithing stones. Following on from there, we're then going back over to the region I mentioned before, the sort of a spoilery area, but given that you are at this point in this article, you probably have stuck through this, so we're going over to the dragony sort of region over on the right hand side, and for this one, you then want to turn your attention to the size of grace called tempest, facing balcony.

Here's a guide on how to get all Smithing and Somber Smithing Stones in infinite quantities in Elden Ring. Stones 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 unlimited.
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