Elden Ring - Get These Amazing Overpowered Weapons Early ( Best Weapons)

Bloodhound's fang

Bloodhound's fang

The best part is that there are a couple you can get relatively early on, so if you have the required stats to wield them, you can deal absurd amounts of damage to both regular enemies and bosses. And if you don't have the required stats, we've got you covered too, as we will also discuss an easy and accessible rune farm so you can quickly get the levels you need to wield these amazing items.

So let's get right into it. The first of these weapons you can get really early on if you want to, but you have to defeat a boss in order to get it. I'm talking about the bloodhounds, which fang an amazing curved greatsword that requires both strength and dexterity. But the investment is totally worth it thanks to the bleed buildup it does in the amazing weapon art of bloodhound finesse.

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If you don't know, bleed is a status effect that builds up on enemies if you hit them with a weapon that causes blood loss. As you can see over here on the item card, as soon as the status is built up, your enemy will instantly lose a massive amount of health, making it really strong as it also works against bosses.

So yeah, a curved greatsword with this effect is already great, but then we still haven't talked about the amazing weapon art, Bloodhound Finesse. This allows you to perform a backwards somersault while slashing with your sword. It is a useful attack as it deals both damage and creates distance between you and your enemy, which is, of course, really useful if you need to heal or withstand an especially powerful attack.

To make it even better, you can then follow up with a heavy attack, so press the button immediately. After you've landed from your backflip, follow up with Bloodhound. This second attack lets you vanish and then re-appear next to the opponent with another heavy swing, so it is a pretty brutal 2-hit combo, and once again, the fact that you can create or close distance with this is really good, especially on a bit of a slower weapon like a greatsword.

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Now, do keep in mind that this weapon, like any weapon in the game, has stat requirements you need to meet in order to use both the weapon and the weapon art properly. We will talk about a rune farm later in the article if you need some levels, but also keep in mind that you can sometimes meet a weapon strength requirement while holding it in two hands.

You can already see this when equipping the weapon, as it will say "unable to use this item effectively" unless wielded in both hands instead of the regular "unable to use this item effectively." Message If you don't know, you can 2-hand any weapon by holding triangle, or y and then pressing either r1 or rb for your right-hand weapon, or l1, or lb for the left.

Now to get the weapon, we need to go over here on the map, close to the bridge of sacrifice, and enter this event. Average deals are basically just boss fights in a circular arena, and in this one we find Bloodhound and Darywill. Now he can be pretty intimidating. He's a pretty aggressive boss, but he isn't super tanky, and I also found him to be pretty vulnerable.

To guard counters, so once you've learned his combos a bit, block by holding l1 or lb on the last hit instead of dodging, then follow up with a heavy attack to break his posture and deal massive damage with a follow-up critical strike. After the fight is done, you have yourself an amazing greatsword with an even better weapon art to boot, and there's an even stronger weapon still, but we will touch on that one in a bit, of course.

Sword of night and flame

Sword of night and flame

We're going on a little trip to a region called Lyona, which is, for most players, probably the second region they visit as it's located right behind Goldrick's boss room. There is a way to get there earlier, though, and you will definitely want to, as you can find one of the most amazing. The weapons in the game are the sword of the knight and flame.

Not only is this legendary, but the weapon looks incredible. It also has one of the most insane weapon arts in the game on it; one that works great against both single targets and groups of enemies. The way it works is by holding the weapon art button so lt or l2 enters the knight or flame stance.

While doing this won't cost you any FP, while this stance is active, you can follow up with a light or heavy attack to trigger a special. A light attack will trigger the night combat sorcery, shooting a giant beam of energy towards a target, dealing high damage. The longer a target stays in the beam, the more damage it takes.

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It can pierce through enemies as well, so if you manage to line them up, it's pretty good for clearing groups too, but the real star of the show, at least when it comes to clearing groups, is the follow-up. This will unleash a massive wall of flame towards the enemies, which travels a decent distance and does massive damage.

It works well against some of these roaming groups you sometimes come across in the open world, as one swing can easily take out multiple targets. The best part is that both these attacks don't even cost that much FB, only a bit more than some regular spells like magic glimplade. We're able to use them pretty often too.

We do need to go on a bit of a trip to get this item, but there are some great items along the way that we'll be showing you too, so you can grab them if you want. We start our trip from the storm hill shack grace point. We want to head north until we find a broken bridge. We want to go all the way up to the edge because there is a path to the left that we can jump down on.

Just hug the cliff and sprint on horseback. From here to bother you, and if you keep going, you will eventually reach a grace point. From here, you can, of course, explore the region at your own pace, but for the purposes of this article, we want to head over here to the foot of the four belfries.

Carian knight's sword

Carian knight's sword

From there, we travel north along the road to find one of the giant convoys that roam the world. Kill the enemies and loot the chest in the back to find the Carrion Knight's Sword.

It's a magical longsword that requires some intelligence to use. It has a pretty cool weapon art where you magically extend the blade for a giant slash, but it's also pretty slow and therefore kind of hard to use. The main reason we want to pick this up is so we can dual wield it with a sword of Knight and Flame later on.

Sword of night and flame part 2

After , we move on, still following the road north until we reach the king's realm ruins. Here you have to get past an illusory wall, so as soon as you reach this pot, hit the wall with an attack and it should disappear. Behind it is a grace point and an NPC that we definitely want to talk to, e.g., the blacksmith.

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