Elden Ring - Full Ranni Questline (complete Guide) All Choices, Endings, And Rewards Explained



Ronnie is a major npc in Eldon's Ring. She has an important quest line that's tied to one of the game's multiple endings. It involves Roger Celavus, Blide Fia, and a handful of unique rewards, including a legendary greatsword, all of which will be covered in this guide as usual.

Where to find ranni (how to get to ranni's rise)

To start Ronnie's quest, head to northwest Lyrinia.

You'll need to make your way through Carra Manor and defeat Royal Knight Loretta to gain access to Ronnie's Rise. Doing this will prevent completion of Roger's quest if you haven't already progressed to the point where he asks you to find Ronnie after giving him the black knife print. Once you reach Ronnie's rise, make your way to the top.

How to start ranni's quest (if doing rogier's quest)

You should be able to enter Ronnie's service the first time you speak with her there, but if you were told by Roger to seek out Ronnie, then at this point she'll be able to return to the roundtable hold and speak with Roger again. And go through all of his dialogue. He'll tell you to go back to Ronnie and enter her service. At that point, you'll be able to return to Ronnie and begin her quest.

How to start ranni's quest (if on radahn boss fight)

How to start ranni's quest (if on radahn boss fight)

If you already initiated the radon boss battle by speaking to Jaron at the Red Main Castle but have not actually defeated radon yet, then Ronnie may be missing from the top of her rise. If that's the case, then you'll need to defeat Radon before Ronnie will show back up.

How to start/fix ranni's quest if she's mad at you

Finally, if you attacked or ticked off Ronnie and any of her followers in any way, then you'll also have trouble finding her. In that case, you'll just need to perform an absolution ritual at the church of vows in Lyonia to regain access to Ronnie's quest.

Where to find iji, blaidd, and seluvis during ranni's quest

After successfully pledging to serve Ronnie, she'll tell you to meet with three other individuals that serve her, and they'll be in spectral form at the bottom of the rise.

You'll need to speak through all the dialogue, of eg blide and Celebus. You'll be trapped in Ronnie's Rise and unable to fast travel until you've completed that task and then returned to the top of the rise to speak with Ronnie once again. At this point, the finger slayer blade is required to continue Ronnie's quest.

Where to find blaidd after ranni's rise

Where to find blaidd after ranni's rise

There are some intermittent steps where you can speak with Blid and Sia for a while.

How to get seluvis's introduction letter

Then speak with Celevis at his office to get an introduction letter to give to Selen , and then speak with Selen at Waypoint Ruins to learn the lore of Radon.

How to give sellen seluvis's introduction letter

However, I believe the end result of those steps is just learning that Radon will need to be defeated in order to access Nokron Eternal City, which is where the Fingerslayer Blade is located.

I've shown the locations of Blide. Sullivas, and Celine on screen just in case those steps are actually necessary or if you are just interested in learning more about these characters and the world.

How to do seluvis's quest (must be done before ranni's quest)

Giving the finger slayer blade to Ronnie will prevent the completion of Celevis's quest. I have a complete guide to Sully's Quest.

How to start radahn boss fight

All that being said, we'll assume you've made your way over to the festival grounds at Red Main Castle, and it's quickest to take the teleporter near the impassable Great Bridge Site of Grace. You can initiate the battle by speaking with Jaren after using the grand left of Dectus, and then you'll just need to defeat Radon.

How to get to nokron eternal city

How to get to nokron eternal city

However you manage it, after defeating Radon, you can travel to the fort heights on the west side of Grace and then head northwest to descend into a newly created crater in the ground.

Going down this path will eventually lead you into Nocron, the eternal city. Inside, you can mount it on a pedestal, which will cause the study hall to change in dramatic fashion.

Where to find cursemark of death (divine tower of liurnia)

Where to find cursemark of death (divine tower of liurnia)

Make your way through the reoriented structure and you'll emerge at the Lyrnia Tower Bridge, leading straight to the Divine Tower. You'll have to defeat one more minor boss before reaching the divine tower, where you'll find the curse mark of death.

Where to go after finding cursemark of death (renna's rise)

Upon returning to Ronnie's Rise, you'll find a new sight of grace in Ronnie's chambers.

Where to get ranni's snow witch armor set

The seal at Rena's Rise to the northeast should also be open now , and you can find Ronnie's Snow Witch Armor set in a chest near the top of the ladder. Continue up to the top chamber and take a portal to the Eifel river, which is an entirely new area.

Where to find miniature ranni doll (ainsel river)

Upon arrival, you'll find a miniature Ronnie doll near a coffin; pick it up and then sit down at the Einsall River main site of grace.

How to speak to miniature ranni doll (ainsel river main site of grace)

At the talk to miniature Ronnie option three times in a row, at the third attempt, she'll actually respond and then task you with defeating the baleful shadows in the einsel river.

Where to go after speaking to miniature ranni (nokstella waterfall basin)

Where to go after speaking to miniature ranni (nokstella waterfall basin)

Afterwards, head southwest through the royal palace ruins. Make a quick stop at the Noctella Eternal City Site of Grace before continuing down the river path.

You'll eventually find a lift that will take you down to the Noctella waterfall basin, the site of grace.

How to speak to miniature ranni doll (nokstella waterfall basin)

While resting there, you can talk with miniature Ronnie if you want to learn more about her past and motives. Keep speaking with her until she starts repeating herself, then move on through the tunnel to the south.

Where to get discarded palace key and dark moon ring

In the next chamber, you'll face the baleful shadow that resembles Blide. After defeating him, Ronnie will bid you farewell and give you the discarded palace key. Take the lift to the south and interact with the lake of rot at the shoreside site of grace. Now you'll need to tackle what is probably the most annoying part of this entire questline, which is the infamous Lake of Rod, to make it a whole lot more manageable.

How to survive the lake of rot (where to get flame, cleanse me incantation)

How to survive the lake of rot (where to get flame, cleanse me incantation)

You'll want the flame to clench my incantation. It can be found to the south-east of the church of vows on a corpse at a flame monk camp.

It only requires a faith stat of 12 and 14 fp to cast and will completely cure scarlet rot.

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