Elden Ring - Farm 20% More Runes Permanently. Golden Scarab Location Guide

20% more rune farm

20% more rune farm

This is a full walkthrough on how to obtain the golden scarab talisman. This talisman can be equipped to boost your rune gain by 20, permanently. So long as you have it equipped, the earlier you get it, the more benefit you'll get. It's going to make farming runes so much faster, but it will require you to defeat a boss in order to obtain it.

However, the boss is very weak to lightning and fire, so it can be easily defeated, as I'll explain later in the article.

Golden scarab location

So, Starting from the first step where you start the game, you're going to want to head north up this path here to the gate front ruins and then head directly east across this bridge.

Elden Ring - abandoned cave

And then at the fork in the road, go north, and follow this path all the way up to the third church in America, located here on the map, just where these mountains are. You'll be able to head up the cliff by using the wind to jump up the cliff face until you reach this path just here. Once you're on this path, you can just head all the way around here and then head south on the path until you get to the smoldering wall, the resting spot of grace, which is just under this telescope icon on the map here.

Once you reach this location, you're going to have a look at the map, and you'll see there's like a wall outline here. Follow that along until you get to this sort of dark blotchy area on the map. That's where you're going to put your waypoint just over here. So we're starting here at the smoldering wall resting spot.

You can see this is the resting spot. This is the path that you would have come down. So this is the telescope just here and then you're going to see this big wall, so we're basically going to follow this wall all the way to the east and you can see the waypoint that I put over there in the distance earlier.

Carry on following the wall and you're basically going to get to a cliff once you reach the edge just over here. So we're at the end of that wall there, and this is the cliff that drops all the way down, and then just to the right there's kind of like this big rocky outcrop, and now if you look to the east, you can see we can actually drop down on this area.

So just here, and you can see just on the other side of this cliff, there's another area where we can access, like a secret sort of cave, so what we're going to do is look at it, then you're going to want to sprint and jump and then jump again, and here we are now. We're at the bottom of this cliff, so we can dismount and we can access this secret cave.

I'm just here on the map. You can see the abandoned cave has now appeared, and this is the resting spot we started at. Just for reference, I do recommend that you use a torch when you come down here, which you can get all the way back over here in the limb grave at the church of Ella.

Surviving scarlet armor set

Surviving scarlet armor set

Right there in this location, we're going to be dealing with something called scarlet rot. In order to resist scarlet rot, you're going to want to wear armor with a high immunity rating.

Currently, I'm using the Astrologers' Armor set, which has a decent immunity rating, and if I look at my stats, I can see I currently have a total immunity of 113. However, if you followed my best starter mage guide, you can also get the traveler's outfit, which as you can see, has a better immunity rating, so if we equip this full set of armor, you can now see I have a total immunity rating of 132.

Reaching the boss

So we're going to activate the resting spots of grace just here, and then you can see just down there is scarlet rot, which will kill us pretty damn quickly. Let me show you guys the problem with it. Essentially, if I drop down, I have to walk really slowly through this. I also roll really slowly.

Elden Ring - best rune farm location

The only way to get away from it is to sort of back dodge like this. And obviously, once you've contaminated scarlet rot, you start to take even more damage. In particular, these geezers you see exploding with this gas will just chunk you for tons of damage if you are poisoned to scarlet rot. And just keep smashing, and then just walk over to it.

Don't jump, because jumping isn't fast, and then we can just sit here and wait for the scarlet rot to go down, but you don't actually have to wait. Instead, what you can do is stand right here. We're going to look to the west now. We're going to run and jump, and you see, we don't touch any of the scarlet rot.

From here, the rest of the dungeon is actually really easy. That was the hardest part, but you're going to get used to doing this so that, honestly, you won't find it to be a problem. But now we're going to head down here to the north. You can activate this for some extra support if you like. Do summons because there is a boss at the end.

Elden Ring - best talisman

And we're literally going to come into this room and turn right. You'll see another cliff. Now just down there. I've already picked it out, but there will be a unique serpent's bow, so if you like, you can grab it off that body down there, but we need to go off this cliff just down there, but you can see there's an enemy.

I recommend just running past them. In fact, if you land on my head, it makes your life even easier, so we're just going to start sprinting. Straight on now, there's going to be some rats here. We're just going to carry on running past them and ignore this mage at the top. Jump up here as long as you're sprinting, you'll miss you every time.

Run to the right of these rats. Just carry on running down this little area. No point killing anything. And now we're going to go to the right because there's scarlet rot. We're going to jump over. There are two majors at the top there, so we're going to run a bit to the left. We're going to run right, and now we're going to run all the way up here and jump, and then just carry on going like that, and that's how you basically get past those two majors.

Elden Ring - boss guide

And the boss gate is just up ahead here, but I've already killed the boss on this character. Don't worry. I'll show you how to kill the boss and I'll show you footage in a second, but just to be clear with you guys, those two majors that you saw on top of that cliff there are very problematic. If they hit you with their green spells, it will poison you, which then makes killing the boss afterwards very hard.

Elden Ring - cleanrot knight

That's why you need to sort of run to the left so that they fire their projectiles. And since you can run faster than they can, you then have time to run up to the right and actually jump up without the spells catching up to you. Now if you're struggling with the scarlet rot, you can come back to the resting place of the smoldering wall, follow that path south until you get to this resting place, the ashtray, from Salad Highway north, and then if you come just over here and put a waypoint, and then from this resting spot, if you look directly east, you see there's kind of like a bonfire in the distance, he will sell boluses.

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