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The best class in elden ring: beginner guide to all classes

The best class in elden ring: beginner guide to all classes

In this l-ring article I'm going to be taking a look at character creation in the classes, and how to decide which class you want to play in Eldon's Ring. We're going to run through the stat starting equipment of these classes and sort of make a comparison so that you can decide which one is best for you.

The hero class

The first class we're going to take a look at is the hero. This is a primarily strength-based class that has high vigor and strength, meaning that you're going to be able to do a lot of damage with strength-based weapons. If you don't know, the strength stat no longer boosts your equip weight; it is back to endurance like it was in previous games.

So that is not a factor here. And I don't think this is a very beginner-friendly class because all you begin the game with is a battle axe and a shield that doesn't have a 100 physical block, meaning it's good for pairing but you're probably not going to block with it and there are really no other tools in its arsenal.

It doesn't have any magic or spells it can use. Its intelligence and faith are low, so it's not likely ever going to use these things. If you're looking to play a pure strength build, then this is probably the class you might want to choose at the beginning, but if you're a new player, this is going to be exceptionally difficult for you and I highly advise against it.

The bandit class

The bandit class

Next up is the bandit class. This kind of has an all-around stat spread. It leans a little more towards the dexterity side of things and the arcane side of things. Arcane directly affects some requirements for weapons and spells, and it also has an effect on item discovery, meaning you're more likely to find certain items or they drop from enemies, but it doesn't have any notable, you know, standouts other than dexterity in terms of damage.

Elden Ring - all classes

It begins the game with a knife, a short bow, a pair of bucklers, and some arrows, so it's going to have a ranged option. If you're good at backstabs early on and if you're good at pairing, this might be a good class for you, but if you're a new player, this is not one I would recommend. It's going to be a rather steep curve right out of the gate with its tool set and ability spread, or attribute spread rather, so I don't recommend this if you're a new player, but if you're someone who's good at pairing and backstabbing, then this is probably a solid choice for you.

The astrologer class

Next up is astrology. This is the de facto mage class that you can pick during the beginning of the game. It has high intelligence, which is good for magic. It has high mind, which increases your FP or mana, so you can cast more spells before needing to drink a potion. And it has some decent dexterity, meaning he can use certain, you know, dexterity-based weapons, and dexterity also increases the casting speed of spells.

It begins the game with a short sword, a staff, a shield, and two spells: glenstone pebble and glenstone arc. Both of these are staples throughout the game, so they're really good pickups. The astrologer is probably one of the most beginner-friendly classes because it gives you a solid ranged option, allowing you to thin out enemies before getting into range, and on some of the early game dungeon bosses particularly.

It gives you the ability to just range them down without ever having to engage in main combat, which makes things a lot easier, so if you're a new player, this is absolutely recommended for you right out of the gate. If you're not someone who's familiar with soul combat or out of software combat, this is not a bad choice .

The warrior class

The warrior class

Next up is the warrior class. They have very high dexterity, and that's about all. Otherwise, their stats are pretty balanced around the board. They begin the game with two scimitars, so they can dual wield right out of the gate, and they have kind of a weak shield.

If you are familiar with souls, then this is not a bad choice for you. You get very high damage from dual wielding, and because they have high dexterity, they're a natural choice for any dex build. But if you are a new player, I highly suggest not choosing this class. Not having a stable shield if you're new to the game, not having a very good ranged option is going to limit how effective you are with this play style.

I don't think the assassin's approach really fits in here, though the name is confessor. But if you want to make a paladin or a class that has a good shield from the beginning of the game, you plan on doing things like sword and board, maybe some medium to heavy armor, and using some healing and buffing spells and maybe some offensive spells, then this is a very good choice for that. It is especially good for new players because that 100 physical block shield is going to allow you to block, you know, a lot of attacks right out of the gate, which a lot of other classes cannot do.

The wretch class

The wretch class

Next up we have the wretch class. So if you're a new player, I would stay away from this one, but if you're a veteran and you know what you're doing, then this is definitely a good choice if you want to play a dex build.

The prisoner class

Next up we have the prisoner class. This class has high intelligence and dexterity. and because of the equipment it has, s doc linstone staff rift shield and magic glint blade it's sort of setting you up to be a spellblade or a character that not only uses magic but uses magic in melee range or melees with magic, so if you sort of want to play like a spellblade, then this might not be a bad choice for you.

Elden Ring - best class

It's certainly a more advanced style of play and one that I wouldn't recommend to a new player. If you're looking to get into the magic scene and want to be a magic user, I highly recommend going with the astrologer. If you're new to the game, but if you're a souls veteran, then this is probably going to be at the top of your list for those of you who like fast weapons and magic combined .

The confessor class

Next up we have the confessor, a class which leans a little bit into the faith area of things. It has a decent all-around stat spread. It's got some mind as well, so it's going to have a bigger FP pool than some other classes. But if you've ever wanted to play a sort of paladin class, or that's kind of the way you imagine yourself playing, then this is sort of the setup for that style of play.

You're not only going to get a shield that gives you 100 physical resistance, a broadsword and a finger seal, so you can attack with a sword and cast incantations, you also get urgent heal, which heals you and assassin's, approach which muffles your sound a bit so you can approach enemies more stealthily.

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