Elden Ring - Boss Guides: How To Easily Kill Starscourge Radahn

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Greetings, Elden Ring Guru here, and today I'm going to show you how to easily kill Star Scourge Rat Hand with not much fuss at all. As soon as the fight begins, he will start to shoot arrows at you from the other side of the arena. You can roll past them, however, so watch for when he fires and be ready to dodge.

You'll get stalwart allies to aid you in this fight, so head towards the three summon signs and call forth the helm before he launches another arrow. When he fires his arrows, you can actually hide behind the weapons that are buried in the sand, and they'll protect you. After summoning the jaw head, Rodan will change his arrow attack.

You'll now shoot them into the sky and rain them down towards you. As long as you sprint sideways on your horse, you will easily avoid them. There is one final summon up on the hill beside him, a healer. So grab her too if you get the chance. She can come in handy, obviously. Now to reveal our strategy To make this battle as easy as possible, we will be attacking this boss mainly with arrows while the stalwart bait tanks him and damages him at the same time.

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I have three items equipped to help with this plan; a talisman that increases your arrow's firing range, another that increases bolt and arrow damage, and a third talisman that increases your attack power while on horseback. I will show you where to get these powerful items later in the article, so pay attention.

Now you know the plan. Equip your best upgraded bow and stock up on arrows before you take him on. You'll see with the talismans in an upgraded bow that the damage is great. Keep as close to him as you feel comfortable and give him a taste of his own medicine. There'll be multiple times during the battle where he will aggro on you, so just ride away until he gets bored or distracted by one of your allies.

If you're brave enough, you can fire up a few shots while he's approaching you to speed things up. Halfway through the first phase, he will electrify his weapons, which expands his moveset. He can now shoot electricity at you through the ground, so double jump over it when you see it coming towards you.

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Another one of his moves is where he will gravitationally pull you towards him. If you're in the radius of his class, this group has very little windup, so it's hard to avoid if you're staying pretty close to him. It damages you as well, so have your health class at the ready if you need it. Once you have him down to around half health, he will shoot up into the air and come crashing back in a ball of flames to begin his second phase.

This can one-shot you, so be careful not to get quashed. The good news is that if any of your trusty summons have been killed, they can be brought back to life. They'll use this time to ride around the ghostly white bats and summon them again. They will always appear back in these banners, so remember that's when you need them during the second phase.

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You'll have even more moves during the second phase, including his most dangerous one yet: homing meteorites. They will hover over him for a long time, so don't be too concerned as soon as you see them, but eventually he will shoot them at you if you're outgoing with him. At the time, they are hard to dodge and can easily one-shot you, so your best bet is to sprint as far away as possible, whether you're being released, or block them with a high-level shield to take some of the sting off of them.

Continue with the same strategy from the first phase; circle them at a distance that your arrows can still reach and let your allies tank them. I ride off when I need to summon them back. Once his beaches are deployed, take this time to be a bit more aggressive and fire those arrows as often as you can.

You'll have to be a bit more cautious once he brings the meteors back. Another one of his moves involves summoning a bunch of homing electrified balls and gravity balls that can kill you easily if they all land. When you see them rise up in front of you, it's best to dismount your horse and run in the opposite direction, preparing to roll backwards to dodge them.

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This is the only time you should dismount. The boss fight is a lot more difficult on foot, so jump straight back on your horse as soon as you've darked the balls of defeat. Another one of his over-the-top attacks during phase two is this one. You will hover in the air briefly and then swoop down upon you not once but twice.

If either of these connects with you, you'll be potentially finished. Follow my guidance. You should equip the talismans, and you should eliminate them quite easily. You can thank me with a like, comment, or for your feelings of power. Ride up the hill past the grace, turn left to the top, and backtrack towards the grace to find the tower.

The extra attack power whilst on horseback talisman can be found nearby in the limb grave as well. It's on a corpse near the castle walk. The increased damage to arrows and bolts talisman can be located right next to the impassable great bridge. Great site climb the tower next to it, kill the enemies at the top, and open the chest for the talent.

Cheerio! Damn you humans. Damn you for coming here to this castle so sacred. nut job training this thing.

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