Elden Ring - A Perfectly Optimized 3 Million. Per Hour Rune Farm - Level Fast

Elden Ring - best rune farming spot

Today in Elden Ring we are going to be going over a perfectly optimized rune farming method that is the current best rune farm available in Elden Ring. This is going to get you anywhere from 52.980 runes per minute or 3.1 million runes per hour all the way up to 4.1 million runes per hour with zero skill required and it's extremely easy.

The first thing we are going to need is a bow, and you can get one of these from the Twin Maidens for 1200 runes. You can also use a crossbow, but I seem to have better luck with a bow, and you don't need a good one at all. It will suffice. Next, we're going to go back to the church of Ella. I don't know if that's how you pronounce it, but it's the church right next to where you start the game, and we're going to go buy some arrows from Santa Claus.

You can only hold 99 of these in your pouch at a time, so when you go to buy them, you can just hit left or right or L1 or R1 to buy the max you can hold. I usually just buy, like, 101. The rest are going to be placed in your chest and. Then what we need to really optimize is the number of runes that we can get per hour.

Elden Ring - early game rune farming

There are going to be two pieces of gold on a piece of equipment called the Gold Scarab, which increases runes obtained from defeating enemies by 20. Then also some gold-pickled foul feet. Now the foul feet are definitely not required, but they will give you a 30 additional boost for three minutes, which is pretty dang good.

They're super easy to farm. I've made articles on how to get both of these extremely easily. Once you have your bow and arrows and all of your XP boosting materials, we're going to head to Magwin. Now, if you've never been here before, I do have a article going over how to get to this location. I will leave that link.

For the description as well for the sake of saving time and try to make this as efficient as possible now, we're going to go to the Dynasty Mausoleum entrance now. If you don't know how to switch between these two views, you can literally just press in on R3 and you'll start seeing the underground.

Elden Ring - easy xp

Now, once you're at the mausoleum entrance, we're going to go down here where we can finally hop on our mount. There's going to be a couple really scary things along the way here, but essentially we're just going to hop on our mount. And we're going to follow this along the wall here. There are going to be big scary hands that come popping up out of the ground, and you should very much run away from those as quickly as possible.

Then we're going to head into the bloody rivers of death where we're going to go around this location right here, and we're going to keep going around. I'm just going to follow this path back to this little ramp right back here now. Many of you have probably been here before, but the whole point of this is to show you the perfect way to optimize how you're going to be farming up here.

We're not going to be killing all these little dudes like you might have seen in the past. We're going to be doing something way more cheesy. We're going to stop at this site of grace, and we're going to rest now. I'm going to go over exactly how this works for optimal results. We're going to just rest here just to reset the stupid chicken that we're going to be cheesing because if you do it quickly enough, you can get it perfectly.

Elden Ring - experience points

We need to run from the site of Grace over to this rock. We click on R3 to target it, and as it turns, we shoot the arrow. It should hit it, and then the chicken will fall off the cliff, and you'll get a total of 13, 245, with just the golden scarab. So if you decide to use something like the gold pickled foul foot, then you'll be able to get just over 14, 000 runes per kill with this, which we can show right now, but there's a really easy method to be able to speed this up even further, so we're going to rest.

We're going to get up very quickly. We're going to run right over to this rock. And then we're going to target the chicken. We're going to pull it, and as it starts to turn, we're going to fire, so that way we perfectly hit it. The chicken's going to run off. As it's running off, we go back and rest at the site of Grace.

Elden Ring - fastest rune farming

We don't have to wait to receive the runes because as we're resting we get the runes. You can see them start going up, and we just repeat this now optimally. You can get this four times per minute. You might be able to hit it at five if you're doing really, really well with this, but it's expected to get to about four times per minute.

You do not have to wait for the runes, you just repeat this as long as you want or until you run out of arrows. Now, just timing it perfectly for when you turn seems to work the best. If you try and shoot him while he's walking towards you, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's a lot easier if you get it while targeting them, but it is definitely possible to get it while walking away, but you can see how you definitely want to get the timing perfect for it because you're just wasting time trying to shoot the chicken as it walks away.

Elden Ring - gameplay

So it's really just all about getting to this particular rock, targeting it, and shooting it as it turns, so that way you never mess up, and this is the best way to farm up runes in Elden Ring. Now there is one other thing to note. You definitely want to make sure to do this as much as possible during nightfall because you might be able to get a chicken that'll give you five times the number of runes.

So always do this at night. If you see it get in today, you can just pass the time till night and just continue on with the process. If you use the gold foot in conjunction with the golden scarab, then you get all the way up to 4.1 million runes per hour.

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