Elden Ring - 8 Of The Strongest End Game Armors You Don't Want To Miss. Best Armor Sets

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Alden Rings' armors aren't just there for the looks, though that could be debatable, but also for their late game usefulness. Today we're taking a look at eight of the most powerful late game armor sets that you're not going to want to miss. Some will provide bonus damage for certain abilities, others will not.

Some will provide unique gameplay features, while the rest will provide some of the best defenses for the least number of drawbacks, so let's begin with the first one, which is the black knife armor. If you're playing with a thief slash assassin character, there's no way you won't want to get your hands on this amazing piece of armor.

Not only does it look cool, but it comes with a secret bonus that completely muffles all of your movements and sounds when you have the entire armor set equipped. I'm not even kidding. You can run a whole marathon behind an enemy's back and they will never hear you coming. To get this, you need to make your way to the Ordina town right here on this side of the map, but before you can proceed there, you first need to activate the grand lift of Rod using a secret talisman.

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made out of to have that, Open up the hidden path towards that village. The first half can be located right here in the village of the albino rigs at this NPC who's first going to hide inside a vase, so you'll need to do a little bit of smacking before he reveals himself. The second one is going to be located on the rooftop of the castle, which you can reach simply by accessing the grand lift of Rod the normal way and making your way over there.

It does involve defeating a boss, but once you do that, you can make your way to the top and get the second half, which you can then bring back to the lift with Rod. What I need to do from this point on is to activate the secret medallion. By actually switching to it when you're at the top of the activating platform from here, simply head over North to the Ordina town and take the route right here to the right side of the village until you see these three arches.

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The armor will be located beneath the smallest one right here at the beginning, so go ahead and collect it, and congratulations, you will look extremely cool from this point on. If you made your way to the black knife armor, you already had to fight and defeat Commander Nial back at the castle's soul roof.

In case you want some pointers with that fight, he will summon two annoying knights at the beginning of the fight, so I highly suggest taking them down first before leaving the boss for the main course. Defeated, you can now get Commander's Neal set called the Veterans Armor, but you just need to head over back to the round table hold and buy it from Grandma over here for an exorbitant amount of runes that you should already have plenty of by this time in the game.

While this armor set might not look like much, well, who am I kidding, it basically looks like a peacock is playing dress saw, but essentially it's giving you some of the highest point ratings in the game for a relatively not that heavy set. Now if you still want a lot of defense and a lot of points but not have a lot of weight to carry on your shoulder, then look no further than The Crucible X armor.

Elden Ring - best end game armor

In my opinion, this is one of the best, if not the best, armor sets for a pure strength player. You have to start this at the outer wall. From here, simply follow this route up the nearby stairs, heading to the right through the nearby woods, and then this setting onto the nearby lake. From here, just follow this narrow path to the next area and enter the Oriza, the hero's grave, using this door now.

When you're inside here, you're going to want to pass a number of chariots that can one-shot you, so here's the best route. For the first one, just hold right and make your way until you see this gap in the wall with the two skeletons. The chariot is just about to pass you by, so wait for it and immediately exit.

From here, still keeping it to the right, just jump down into the small gap in the floor until you reach the sewers. From here, navigate to the right side of the sewers and then go ahead to the exit. Here you will see a large area with two chariots. So you'll need to avoid them by simply alternating between them for the third and final chariot.

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Simply wait over here a bit at the columns until it's making its way up back at the door and then just run onto the right side of this gap and wait for it to go down and then make your way to the main door. From this point on, the coast is clear. From here, it's just a few more steps away from fighting two Crucible bosses.

So I definitely recommend having a summon that can do tankiness, so crystalline. Salmon is definitely one of the best early on. Once defeated, though, you get the really cool, great sword, but also the Crucible armor set. If you played the Alum Rings beta, you already know how badass this armor is.

It gives you a whopping 58 points in poise for relatively light armor. So to speak, it's still heavy armor but not as heavy as the other ones, and it has probably the best point-to-weight ratio in the game while still retaining a lot of defenses. Now the next ones are going to be for mages. Actually, there are two armor sets, so both 4 and 5 are going to be in this next section.

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Yeah, this is what you're going to want to do. You're going to want to start with selling back at the Waypoint ruinseller. At the start of the game, you just talk to her, and this is pretty much what you do once. You reach it a little bit later in the game and make your way towards the volcano. You will also reach this waypoint through Azure the Sorcerer.

Go ahead and make your way back to Salen and the Waypoint ruins and talk to her. She will give you the Salian seal breaker. With this, you will want to head over to the Celia Hideaway in Khalid and just make your way down to the bottom of the cave, navigating the crystals. Once here, you have to defeat a nearby mage and then use the seal breaker to open up the barrier that will lead you all the way to Lusati.

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You'll want to actually talk to them and want to do that because they will give you access to the legendary Stars. Overwin spells once. After that is done, head back to the salon, and now she will require you to find her real body, which is located at the Witch Bane ruins in the Weeping Peninsula just down by the fourth Church of Marika.

Once you're there, grab the literal soul out of her body from this downward seller and then take it back to a secret room back at Renault's Rise. So from here on, just exit Rana's Tower, head over to the left until you see these ruins, and in the middle of them, you can hit the ground to reveal a secret opening underground.

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