Elden Ring - 8 Huge Mistakes That Are Holding You Off Right Now. Tips & Tricks



In today's album ring article, we're going to take a look at some of the biggest mistakes that you could be making right now. I was guilty of some of them quite early on and kind of wish somebody had told me to avoid them. I also had some headaches in the process. Be it if you want to, like, make your character stronger, become better at the game, or just have a better progression and a better time in Eldon Ring, we're going to cover all of that in today's article.

Make bosses easier

Being too cocky early on was one of the biggest mistakes that I was guilty of making while trying to get to Godric. For example, thinking I could just scale my way out of it well proves that I'm not that skillful at a game at the end of the day, but the game will heavily punish you if you take too long to kill bosses or if you need that extra inch of mana or extra flask of hp before they defeat you.

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Go ahead and do some of the easier open world and dungeon encounters that are quite plentiful. Even in the starting areas, go ahead and get more runes in the process to boost your stats and level up your character. I've covered that in yesterday's article, so you can definitely go ahead and check that out too.

If you get one shot at by enemies, also invest some points into vigor or endurance, so that you can either tank that damage or at least dodge away. Obviously, if you're the type of player who can one-shot any boss in the game naked while playing a banjo, obviously just go ahead and do it like that, but like for 99 percent of the population, it's probably not going to be the case now.

If you still have trouble with these bosses, you can summon really powerful allies for that specific fight if you talk to these special characters. Right before heading in the boss room for example in the case of the market, you can find a golden summon right here on the right side of the room for Roger, which is a mage that can help you with the fight, and the same goes for the godric boss fight, and pretty much most of the boss fights right there for the main ones.

Similarly, add the same stormville caster. Another example, early on in the courtyard, leading to the boss fight, you will find a family looking over here, a really strong warrior, and, of course, after a brief discussion, you can also summon her at the boss entrance, and she is going to be of immense help in all of these situations.

These allies are very useful and quite powerful, but, of course, you still have to be careful to not let them die. I'm not exactly sure what happens if they die. They never have on me at the very least. But these are characters you can then talk to and even give you rewards at the round table, so you might still want to pull your weight in these boss fights.

Jellyfish summon actually strong

Jellyfish summon actually strong

Which brings us to number two, and that's the fact that you should not skip the jellyfish summons. On your way towards the Stormville castle, you will find a shack with Rodrika inside of it.

Well, if you just go through her dialogues about three times, eventually she will give you this seemingly innocent looking salmon of a jellyfish. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was to completely dismiss this right away because, while jellyfish are generally weak enemies, on the other hand, we also had the wolves that, until recently, were my favorites.

It turns out that it's the other way around, and the jellyfish are way stronger than I initially anticipated. It's probably not going to do a lot more damage or stagger than the wolves, but it has other ways to gain bigger advantages. Second of all, the fact that it has a much larger health pool than the wolves means that it's going to survive for way longer in fights, which is exactly what you need from these spirits that you use to like distract the boss in the first place.

Third of all, it also has a long range attack, meaning that it can pull aggro pretty much from the other side of the room or pretty much the entire area. And finally, it floats over the ground instead of being on the ground level, making it sometimes completely bypassed or at least mitigated. Aoe spell attacks, like, for example, in the boss fight against the dragon.

This creature resisted so many hits, especially from the flame attacks, that it completely distracted the boss for the entire duration of the fight, so it was pretty much an easy target that I could pick off right away anyway.

Upgrade summons

Upgrade summons

On a related note, This brings us to number three. You can actually buff your summons to make them way more powerful. You can do so back at the round table by simply speaking to Rodrika once more, but there are a few prerequisites. The first one is that you have to finish the fight with Market so that he is defeated and Rodrika can make her way to the round table.

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After that, you have to go ahead and speak with her right here next to the round table and make sure you exhaust all of her dialogue options. Once that's done, head over to the hallway and speak with the blacksmith. Right here and choose the dialogue option about Rodrika. You kind of have to go like between these two NPCs a couple of times, just make sure you kind of exhaust all of these options for both of them, and once you're done with that, simply teleport back to the round table, and now she's going to like give you the option to upgrade the spirits, and yes, it's going to require some special items and some rooms, but you can make them way more powerful and you will eventually get these as you progress through the game anyway, But moving on to number four, let's talk about another big mistake that you might be guilty of right now, which is not being aggressive enough.

Not being aggressive enough

It's important to be cautious on your first playthrough until you get used to the combat and the enemy attacks, but being more aggressive is just as important as being defensive. In Alden Ring, many encounters in Alden Ring are designed in such a way that you simply cannot dodge or block your way out of them, and doing so means you will lose that fight instead.

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For any enemy that's highly aggressive and constantly overwhelms you with attacks, that's their actual weakness, which is why in these situations I recommend you step in on the counter attack and be as close as possible to the enemy. Oftentimes you will notice that their attacks will completely bypass you simply because you're hugging them, even if it comes at the cost of trading a few blows here and there, which is unavoidable.

You should not be deterred from playing aggressively during these moments. Similarly, I fully recommend the jump power attack when playing a melee class. If you're unsure of what the enemy is about to do next, a jumping power attack will almost never fail you. It's an amazing damage dealer. It's very fast, even with heavy weapons.

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