Elden Ring - 8 Best Blood Loss Weapons, Talismans And Armor Items You Need For Your Blood Builds

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Alex here welcome back to another article for Elder Ring, and in this one I put together a list of eight essential, bleeding items that you definitely want to pick up. The bleed is fantastic. It is lethal and brutal. In this game, I have been running dual katanas with the bleed setup for quite some time, and I am loving it.

And of course, do be sure to keep a lot for plenty more elden rings. So to begin with, the very first one is, of course, Reduvia, the blood blade. It is something you can get very early in the game and it has the unique skill reduvia, blood blade, where you slash with the wicked dagger, transforming its never-dying blood stains into airborne blood blades that cause hemorrhage.

This can be fired in rapid succession. This is actually very nice when used, of course, if you level it up together. Those rapid slashes can actually stack up and do some pretty nice damage, but it's not necessarily. Of all the blood weapons, of course, you'll talk about that a little bit later, but if you are starting out, it is definitely a very nice pick, and given how easy it is to get this one, you shouldn't sleep on it.

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You guys want to grab it. You basically want to go over to this location you see on the map. The easiest fast travel point is either the Merc Water Catacombs, or, of course, you can go from the lower point. Basically, you want to work your way up to this river, and you run into the middle of it.

There will, of course, be an invasion. You'll be invaded by a bloody finger nag, and quite simply, you kill him and you get the blade. So if you want it, that's where you go. It is half worth noting that if you like that skill, perhaps you don't want it on the dagger, you can get it later on in the game when you get to the Altos Plateau, of course, the third region, so it requires a little bit more progress.

You can actually get the ash of war. That is the same move you can apply to other types of weapons. If you go over to the earth tree gazing hill site of grace over here, what you basically want to do is head over to this general facility here, and as you're running across the path, you will find a treasure, dung beetle, or treasure scarab.

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And if you kill that one, you get the ash of a war blood blade, where of course you wound yourself to coat the element with blood, then you unleash an airborne blood blade that causes hemorrhaging and can be fired in rapid succession, so you can use this on small and medium swords. If you want Radiovia Bloodblade on a different weapon, then grab this now.

Of course, it should go without saying that if you like the bleed playstyle, then the uchikatana This is a fantastic weapon. There are plenty of other bleed options in the game, but, of course, if you started as a samurai, then this weapon has natural blood loss built up. Of course, if you guys didn't start as samurai and you wanted to get one of these yourself, then you can go over to Limgrave right to be in the game, go to the Death Touch Catacombs, of course, you see over here, and then if you follow the route that I'm taking, you basically run through.

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You don't even need to go and defeat the boss. You simply take a left at the main door, you drop down off the platform, turn around, and then follow this route here, and you'll basically be able to loot this off a dead body. If you began your life as a different class and you wanted a katana, you wanted an uchikatana.

Then you can go here. Of course, if you start as a samurai, you can dual wield, which is fantastic, and that is basically what I've been doing for the majority of the game. Of course, it should go without saying that if you guys are running a blood loss build, Sepuku is by far the best ash of war.

This is fantastic. If you stab yourself in the stomach, you coat your blade in blood, and this increases attack power and improves your ability to inflict blood loss, which, of course, on a weapon like this is already pretty high, but if you do apply this and you turn it into a blood weapon, then you get some pretty rapid build up on this, and of course, don't forget that if you want to apply this to both weapons, if you're dual wielding, you need to two-hand your left-handed weapon first and perform seppuku.

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Switch back to dual-wield mode. Perform it again and that way it'll allow you to coat both blades. Keep in mind that if you don't do it in this order, it's considered changing weapons, which of course will take the buff off, so you need to dual wield left first. And then both, but with this in place, as you can see, you can do some phenomenal damage, and this is a must-have.

The ash of war builds on the blood of war. Of course, if you do want to pick up this ash of war, we have done a dedicated article on this one, but since I'm trying to make an all-encompassing article, you'll then want to go to the mountain tops of the giants, the snowy area, and you'll go over to the freezing lake.

From there, you simply want to run forward from the site of grace, and you'll then see this little sparkly trail. This is an invisible treasure dung beetle. Simply strike where you see the tracks, and you can then destroy them, and you'll get the ash of war. However, that being said, there is another fantastic ash of war that you should definitely grab, and it's one that you can get very early on, and honestly.

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I was sleeping on it for quite some time, and that is a bloody slash. Described as a blood oath skill granted by the lord of blood, from a low stance, you coat the blade in your own blood and unleash a rending blood slash in a wide arc. This is fantastic. Damage might not be as quick on the old blood loss buildup when you compare it to something like seppuku.

But if you want to use this as a sheer damage move, it is very potent. I've used this to take down many a boss in my time. You just simply use this, and you see chunks of their health disappear. It is a very nice move to have. Personally, I run with this in an offhand weapon so that I can use seppuku for both my dual-handed weapons and then, of course, I can switch to this if I want some individual damage.

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It's nice as well because it does stagger some enemies, so if you're fighting some bosses. You can actually use this to knock them back. It is very handy, and definitely not a skill you want to sleep on. If you want to grab this one, of course, you go over to Fort Height, which is in the bottom right hand corner of Limgrave, and then you simply need to make your way to the top of the castle.

Go up, defeat the knight that is using that move, and you will get the ash of war. Now, moving on from there, a must-have talisman, the lord of blood's exaltation, will increase your attack power when blood loss occurs in the vicinity. So basically, if you're using any of the previously listed weapons actions of war, especially if you're using seppuku, basically you're getting a flat damage boost just because you're making things bleed.

Blood Loss is incredibly powerful in Elden Ring, so here are 8 of the best weapons, talisman and armor pieces you need for your bleed builds.
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