Elden Ring - 6 Of The Strongest Legendary & Epic Weapons And How To Find Them ( Tips)



Elton Ring's seemingly endless supply of loot never ceases to amaze me. The game is simply filled with some extremely strong weapons and items, including legendary ones that might very well change how you play the game today. We're going to take a look at even more such weapons and items, but do keep in mind that there might be some slight spoilers in what I will discuss since quite a few of these will be found a bit later in the game, Begin with the bloodhound fang, which is an amazing great sword not just early on but also later on, and it comes with some really powerful abilities.

Bloodhound's fang greatsword

Once you get this through a side mission quite early on in the game, over here at the Mistwood Ruins, once you reach this place for the very first time, you will hear a wolf howl, and this is basically the trigger for that side quest. Once you hear it, head back over to the church and speak with Kali about it.

Elden Ring - beginners guide

He's going to give you a bit more info as well as how to summon a special character. So he's going to give you access to a special emote of a finger snap, which is why you're going to want to go ahead and equip it. Once you've done that, head over back to the ruins and use the finger snap to summon Blade, possibly one of the coolest characters.

In album ring, he's going to tell you about a certain character that you have to defeat, so to do that, pretty much head over right here just south of that region. You likely even know about this place because it's going to put you through a pretty interesting mini boss fight. It should be pretty easy because you can also, like, summon blades and also your own summon, and between these two, the boss should be really easy.

The point at which you can collect the really awesome curved sword from its body is really amazing, especially for any character that uses dexterity and strength, because it's the perfect counter-attack. Its heavy attack is pretty much a cross slash immediately followed by a jump back, which will get you out of harm's way.

It's a perfect tool for that, but you can follow up with another attack after that, so if you perform that and then quickly follow up with a heavy attack, your character will kind of like go into a mist and move forward really fast with an uppercut slash that will deal even more damage. Its dodge attack is also very useful after a dodge. If you use a quick attack, you're going to perform a very fast attack with a greatsword, so despite being oversized, it's a very quick weapon to have if you're using it properly.

Best early healing talisman

Best early healing talisman

The next one is going to be a talisman, which is also quite close to the starting areas and will provide some much needed healing.

You're going to find it on the weeping peninsula. Specifically, right here on the south-western part of the island. There's a tower but also some enemies patrolling, so simply ignore them and make your way to the top, and maybe take down the enemy controlling the ballista. Now here is where you will encounter a treasure chest, but if you get it you are going to get trapped and sent to a different location, which is going to be the royal capital, on a different part of the map, and here there's going to be a point that you can save, right before a huge boss that will absolutely obliterate you, but guess what, you don't have to fight that boss.

Simply head over to the right side, try to like sneak around or just like do it before he wakes up, and then grab the chest over here, which is going to give you access to this really awesome talisman, the blast due talisman. It's going to give you a permanent healing over time, which comes in very useful, especially early on. It's not going to make a huge difference if you're like me and have a rather large chunk of hp, especially if you're like towards the end of the game, but it can be extremely useful early on, even more so if you combine it with the flask of wondrous physics, and just like combine the heal over time effects, which is going to just get you to full hp in.

Meteoric ore blade

Meteoric ore blade

No time but Moving on to number three, let's talk about a really awesome early-on meteoric katana that can perform a high aoe. Range vacuum against multiple targets. You can find it pretty close to where we found that meteoric staff in the swamp region of K-lid. Pretty much from the same waypoint, head over just a bit west onto the main road where you will find these ruins over here.

Make your way all the way to the back until you see this kind of pathway leading underground. Now do note that you're going to have a really rough time in this area, so I highly advise you to just pick these targets off unless you want to like go through this nightmare like I did, but once you're done with that and cleared the enemies, you can simply open the room in the back and you're going to get access to this chest that gives you the meteoric katana.

Now I kind of like this one, especially for my character. It has a special move which is basically its heavy attack. Pretty much pulling in all targets and also dealing a little bit of damage, now this one also scales with intellect, so this is probably going to be best suited for something that's a bit of a hybrid, maybe a hybrid between a spellcaster and a samurai, which does sound quite a bit interesting, because once you do that, you're going to perform this attack, which deals a bit of damage, sucks enemies in but also staggers them, or at the very least interrupts them momentarily, which means you can quickly follow up with attacks.

Therefore, this is quite a nice weapon to have against large groups of enemies.

Moonveil katana

Moonveil katana

But Moving on to number four, let's talk about an even crazier weapon that you can get a little bit later on in the game, and that's going to be a different katana. That's actually even better for a spell caster. You can find it pretty much here in these like caves or titles, so to speak, at the border with Caled.

On this side of the map, pretty much following the church just nearby, you're going to have to make your way into this abandoned village, past the graveyard. Jump down and you are going to find the tunnels. Once there, just make your way to the bottom, and here is where you will have to fight a boss inside of this room, which is why I recommend going into the next one with the pod boy, activating the set of grays to make things easier, and then jumping onto the boss.

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I'm not going to spoil anything about the boss fight, but I will give you two pointers: a just use bleeds; they are extremely effective here; and b use jump heavy attacks. Trust me, you're going to thank me after this, but once you're done with that, you are going to get the really awesome well moon veil katana.

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