Elden Ring - 6 Of The Best Armor Sets You Don't Want To Miss Early ( Tips & Tricks)

Elden Ring - albrecht set

So we all know that the end game in Eldon's Ring is pvp. I don't think so. It's fashion baby, and in this article we're going to check about six or so armor sets that look absolutely gorgeous that you can get quite early in the game, some pretty much at the start, which will give you the possibility to not look like a complete hobo when playing your favorite class.

And even more importantly, if you want to see more like this, a subscription would definitely go a long way. So let's begin with the absolutely gorgeous clean rod armor set that you can get quite early on in the game. It's very heavy armor that you get from the inner sections of the swamps over in K-lit.

So you're going to want to like even open up the teleport point right here into the inner part of that area, but we're going to be farming three knights that have a chance to drop pieces of this armor, so if you want to like make this easier. I will also give you a disclaimer. You can use the blood splatter, like ash of war, that you can get from the mini boss in this fort on this side of the map, so I definitely suggest that before proceeding.

Elden Ring - armor locations

Starting from that side of grace, you're going to head over just a little bit southwest, onto this small, kind of like an island section right here, and you should see the first spawn happening right in front of you, so go ahead, use the ability, and if it drops anything, go ahead and loot it. If not, we're going to move on to the next one, which is just a little bit further away, to the left side.

The second one is going to spawn in a similar way again, so using these abilities should make quick work of them. This one, in this case, has already dropped something, which seems to be the case. The final one is going to be located just a little bit further away on this same island. If it doesn't spawn, just go ahead, teleport back to the same side of Grace, and repeat the whole process.

And these are the three enemies that you will farm back to back until you get all of the pieces. It will take a while, so don't get discouraged. It took me about 45 minutes to get the full set, but it was totally worth it because, I mean, just look at this thing. It looks so freaking gorgeous. And of course, if you want to see the stats on each individual piece, here is how they stack.

Elden Ring - armor locations early

It's a very heavy armor set that has a ton of resistance and a ton of damage negation, so if you have something that has enough endurance, this can be an amazing loadout right off the bat. And of course, the weapons. You get a rapier and a scythe, which make for some pretty interesting weapons early on in the game.

The next one is the twinned armor set, which is exactly the same one that the hunter uses back at the round table. Now, there are multiple ways in which you can acquire this, even including fighting D himself if you screw up the quest line, but the way I got it was after finishing the three main bosses in the game.

Once you've done that, you can go back to the round table and talk to Fia right here in one of these side rooms. And of course, do the creepy hugs. She eventually exhausts her dialogues if you do this repeatedly. And up until this point, where she talks about a certain dagger, the weather dagger that she also gives in your inventory.

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So this is the point that is of interest to you because what you will do in this case is to bring that dagger back to D and talk about that dagger with him, and once you've done that, all you have to do is teleport back to the round table, and you're going to find a new area opened in the back where they unfortunately.

He will be sitting unconscious, and well, in this case, completely and utterly dead, and once you kind of do that, you're going to be able to loot the entire armor set from his body. Of course, you can probably trigger this way before the third boss, but that's how it triggered for me and I've heard mixed reports over the internet, but if you want to see the stats on the armor, this is what they look like.

Again, a more heavy type of armor that also has some pretty good stats early on, and it also looks quite amazing with that thing sticking out of you, so definitely something worth checking. Now moving on to number three, The third one is going to be the Carrion Knight and, of course, the shield, a more royal look for a more paladin-like class.

Elden Ring - best armor early

If you want to go with something like that, you have to go to the library, which is going to be located right here. This is pretty much the third main boss encounter in the game, and it's quite easy to access because it's early in that part of the game. So essentially, starting from this cathedral right here, you're going to reach this sort of a graveyard area, so what you want to do in this case is to just make your way through the graveyard, and go past this bridge all the way into the next section.

Right here, and here you're going to want to take on to the right side, and there's going to be a gap in these walls, and a place down that you can jump onto. Completely ignore all these enemies, and instead just grab the items right here next to this statue, and you'll get the full Carrion Knight set right from the very start.

Elden Ring - best armor location

Now I'm a huge fan of this set. It looks absolutely royal. It's also quite an early acquisition if you just had it over there, and it comes with some pretty nice stats, as you can see right now on the screen. You can also couple it with a carry and a shield, by the way, that you find within the same area, and it's quite unmissable.

I don't want to spoil anything, but on your way towards the main boss in this area, you're going to reach another area before that with kind of like a summon, so to speak, that you have to defeat, and they wear that shield, and once you defeat them, they will drop it and you're going to be able to just collect it and wear it on your paladin sort of character.

But moving on to number four, let's talk about the Raptors' Blackfeather, an outfit that looks kind of amazing in my opinion, and there are also a couple of weapons you can get. It doesn't require anything in terms of storyline completion, but there is a boss fight that you have to clear before proceeding into the next area, at least to my knowledge.

Elden Ring - best armor set

It's basically right here, very up north, pretty much way past the previous like library we talked about, and you have to make your way through these ruins, slash mine sort of thing, make your way up, use the ladders, maybe even ignore the enemies. And then pass the main boss so that you can reach something called the sages' cave.

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