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Elden Ring - fastest way to get runes

This includes a new roon farm, new skipping methods, and all that good stuff. So let's just get right into it. If you are new, feel free to subscribe, turn on those notifications, and all that good stuff because I do upload daily. Now for this first glitch, what you want to do is arrive at the first step.

Once you've done so, locate this tower of return, which is located right at the bottom of the map. Once you reach the tower, go to the top. You'll eventually find a chest, which will then lead you here. You'll want to go to your lost grace and add a ruptured tier. Next up, you'll want to use some katanas, such as these uchi katanas.

You'll want to dual blade them, so once they are both in your hand, use your mix flask, go towards the wall, and towards the end, slash. I like to hold it down and then, as you can tell, we have survived the landing. Now what you can do from here is do not go forward. Because what's going to happen is if you do, there's a possibility you may be taken out by one of the enemies, so make sure you turn around, activate the lift first, and then proceed forward.

Elden Ring - fastest way to level up

These are the fellas that you want to watch out for because they can become quite a pain, especially if you are new to the game, which I don't know if anybody is these days because, yeah, you know how long the game's been out, but what you want to do is continue towards the east, and we are going to then activate the lever at this point.

This will then open up the door, through which you can then proceed towards the royal city. Let's head over to the next glitch. This is actually going to be in the same location. Instead, what we want to do instead is, at the start here, we can actually skip ahead. Now this is not going to be the method that I showed in the past where we just lay the guy from behind and then we fall.

Instead of what glitches are going to be doing instead, we are going to jump to the right here and land on top of the building. It is possible to make this jump normally, but to make it easy, what I do is use the mount, and then right after my character stops trying to use it, I sprint forward and jump.

Elden Ring - glitches

What you will notice is that you will gain a good enough buff and speed, which will then launch you forward. If you are curious as to what glitches are working for skips primarily, Wait till the end of the article. I will be going over a few things. Yeah, let's go ahead and talk about the new rune farm that is, of course, located in the dynasty.

The cool part about this spot is that it does not have to revolve around the location on the left side. Instead, as I've shown in the past, what we are going to be doing is going towards the right. I'm going to try to help you out with this alternative method so that you can then level up. So if you go towards the west here, behind this big tree, you can jump and then land on the little bit of like a little barrier here, and then you can just jump backwards and then be on top of the map.

This way you do not have to risk your fall damage or whatever, you know, do not have to land in the death barrier or whatever, so it's really easy to do now that you have this open space here, so do not jump directly in the middle. What you want to do is go towards this, east right here, and then jump right there and slash away.

Elden Ring - how to level up

As you continue to slash away for 30 to 45 seconds, what you will notice is that the runes will drop. The cool part about this spot is that it will continue. At least until you know all the enemies have dropped, so once you've received your first amount of runes, you can then wait it out for about five to seven more seconds to grab even more runes.

Lost grace Let's talk about the previous skip glitches. I know some of you have been experiencing some trouble with it, so let me try to help you out once more. What we want to do is have the flame of red on our blade. I have received messages stating that this enemy will not go backwards. We'll just continue to slash it and force it that way, and then use your ashes of war to go behind.

Elden Ring - how to level up in

You'll stab them in the back, and then you'll fall down and survive. There you go. As for the next one, using the offhand swap glitch with the black knife will allow you to get past this barrier here and land right on top. So I know that some of you are probably thinking, "Well man, this glitch is getting old," so let me tell you why I am showing this again.

This is just an alternative method so that you, as the person watching, can You can do this in different ways so that you do not need the dragon breath or that in-game hammer that I mentioned. Hopefully, this alternative method will help you out so that you can skip past certain sections just like this, but there you go, you're over the golden barrier.

So what we want to do next is we are going to head over towards this spot, which is winterize. If you use the in-game hammer, this still works currently, and I did go over this recently, yet some of you say that you cannot reach the distance. Make sure that when you do this glitch that you are sprinting and that you're holding down that space bar or that you're holding down the sprint key, whichever one it is for you, because that is what's going to allow you to go further.

There you have it.

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