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Elden Ring - fastest way to get runes

Hey, you are back at it again with another glitch article. Today we are going to be going over the fastest rune farm after patch 1.06. Well, today we are going to beat that method. Let's start off by arriving at the bird farming spot. From there, head towards the north. If you have the teleporter unlocked at the mountaintops, then feel free to use that to arrive here, or if you already have the metal unlocked, then you can use that to transport here as well.

It's all up to you because, of course, you are limited if you are a new player and you have not reached the mountaintops, so you most likely want to head over towards the Rose Church and grab that medal. So there you go, and then once you are up here, claim that lost grace. Once it has been claimed, you will then be at the dynasty mausoleum.

What you want to do now is head towards the north, and we are going to then proceed. Again, towards these enemies, try to avoid them. So here we are now. You'll just want to jump up here. Do not sprint with the horse, just jump normally. That's all you have to do, and you'll jump from one ledge to the other, and you're already up here.

This by far beats the last method, if you have watched that article, because you're probably going to want to do this one instead. As a tip here, do not double jump all funky like this because there is a chance that you will not be able to swipe, and that's a no-go. What you want to do is just directly jump down one time.

Elden Ring - fastest way to level up

Do not double jump. Just jump and then slash right after you do jump with your mount. After 30 to 40 seconds have passed, you will then receive the runes. You can then use additional items like the golden foot and the golden scarab to just grab more runes. There you go. Let's head over towards a fun glitch.

I'm sure some of you want to see something like this. This is an out of bounds glitch that's really cool to do. What we want to do is head over towards the boss, who is moog right here at the dynasty location. You'll want Melanie's weapon and use the ashes of war. Try to use it twice in mid air so that you land right here on this barrier.

What you can do from here is go towards the left, then right here, jump on top, and then jump on top right here. Use the ashes of war once more, and now you're completely out of bounds. There's a little bit to explore here. It's quite cool because you get to see certain parts, and the map kind of unloads as well.

Elden Ring - glitches

From here, you can actually use the offhand swap glitch to proceed forward and go just a little bit further. There's also another spot that I'm going to show you here in about five to ten seconds that's really cool too. I'm just a really big fan of these out of bound glitches because when I first started glitching years ago, when I was a kid, I loved those types of glitches.

Tony Hawk was just completely amazing. I think Tony Hawk's wasteland, or American Wasteland, I should say, was just so amazing. But here you go, you can get right on top of here and explore. There's absolutely a way to get downwards onto the cave system, but once you get up to here, it will look like you know there's nothing you can walk on.

I think this is just because the map sort of unloaded. But yeah, it's really, really neat. You can explore quite a lot. Here's the area that I was talking about just a few seconds ago, which is really cool. It's an open space. I just need to wonder if this will become a location we can go to later on.

Elden Ring - how to level up

Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. Let's head over to another glitch, which a lot of you may be familiar with, but I'm going to add a little bit of a touch to it. What exactly is that? Well, if you go towards the ashes of war, we are going to be using the bloody glitch, which contains the uchi katana, and you just want to make sure that you have it as a quality type.

We are going to then go to our memorized spells and we want the fire's deadly sin, and we do not need the blood flame blade. I'm going to show you why. Typically, you would just activate the fire's deadly sin in the blood flame blade. Now if you have the chilling mist quality on your right sword and you have the rivers of blood, you can combo these together, which will stun the enemy midway when they attack, and you will then cause some sort of bleed damage.

Elden Ring - how to level up in

Absolutely, and it does a great job of taking these enemies down. You can go to each one and watch it. For example, right here, it stuns them for just a second when they are going to attack. There is just enough time to give you the chance to attack with your rivers of blood or your dual combo katanas.

If you use a bleed build for this, it will be insane, so add your talismans. Add your spells, add all that stuff, and just go at it, guys. It's really fun to do. So there you have it. Those are the three glitches that we have gone over today, including a new glitch at the start. If you are a new subscriber, turn on those notifications, and as always, I hope you are doing great out there.

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