Elden Ring - 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

Elden Ring - escape grab attacks

Eldering is a huge game with a lot of secrets, and you can probably do way more than you thought you could. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today's game ranks the 10 things you didn't know you could do in Elden Ring. Starting off at number 10, there's a pretty flashy skip you can pull off at this point.

You probably heard about the insane times people have been getting speed running elden ring. It's like there are multiple, sub-30 minute times that are now reported. And like with a lot of speed running, most of the tricks people pull off are a lot more interesting when they're explained than when you actually see them, but this one trick in particular is really impressive, especially in the visual department.

The thing is, it's not something you're able to just pull off. It requires two end-game items, and if you've got them, you pretty much have no reason to be skipping anything. But for New Game Plus and beyond, this is a trick that you can use to skip pretty significant portions of the game. The two boss items you need are the hand of Melania and Placidus.

Elden Ring - falcon

You could just jump again and that's enough for certain gaps, but if you really want to show off, then using Melania's sword ability to flip through the air is a bit more impressive. This particular skip takes you straight to the boss of the area and allows you to bypass the incredibly annoying Godskin Noble boss, so it may be worth the price of admission for that alone.

And on number nine, you can smack some walls 50 times to reveal them. So you probably know about this one already because it's kind of getting clickbaited to hell and back, but it's still an interesting and weird thing that we haven't really gotten to talk about. It's illusory walls, which you're probably aware of at this point, but there are a few of them that are a little different.

Instead of opening up after hitting them once, they take a lot more punishment, like this one in Volcan Manor. For instance, if you stand in front of this suspicious wall that looks a lot like it's blocking an entryway and attack it over and over again, it eventually just disappears and doesn't really lead to a shocking new secret room or anything, but it actually opens up the way to a room that's already accessible.

Elden Ring - frenzied flame

The whole thing's kind of pointless, and it's probably actually just a bug. People have speculated that illusory walls in this game actually have health values like enemies, and normally they're very low, so one hit is enough to reveal them, but during development they probably decided to change the layout of an area and make certain fake walls they created inaccessible.

So they just made them seemingly invulnerable instead of replacing them with a standard wall. It makes sense, right? It's just a mistake. Instead of making the walls and unbreakable objects, they just gave them a lot of help. It could be a mistake, it could be that they just thought somebody wouldn't bother attacking a wall for that long, but the theory kind of checks out because the number of hits required to open them is inconsistent, which could depend on your damage output, so it takes more or less hits to successfully open a secret wall, so it's probably just a dumb little bug that sounds more interesting than it actually is, but in terms of things you can do.

Elden Ring - gameranx

I think it's still worthy of a mention because it's And number eight, there are invisible bridges to walk over, and it is cruel. In a game with fake walls, fake floors, and all kinds of traps, maybe the nastiest secret of all is that there are invisible bridges that you can walk across. How this works makes no physical sense, and if you're playing offline, it's basically impossible to spot.

There's one connected to a tower that's a little more obvious because at least the game gives you a clue about it, but this one hidden in the secret path to the halal tree is just ridiculous. The only way to get to it is to just fall off this random ledge and hope for the best. If you happen to be in the right place, congratulations.

Elden Ring - hidden mechanics

At first, the only way you could possibly guess there was something here is because there are items you can see in these balcony rooms, but otherwise there's just nothing that tells you there's a bridge here. It's especially annoying because the secret hides the incredibly useful silver scarab talisman, which boosts your item discovery by a lot.

At least with the fake walls, there's something to clue you in, like if a wall section is suspiciously flat, but with these things, it's basically guesswork. And number seven, you can destroy one of those annoying chariots if you want, the ones that you find in the various heroes' tombs. Yeah, they're the worst.

They're fast, they hunt you relentlessly, and they're seemingly invulnerable. For the longest time, I thought there was nothing you could really do about these things but just take their abuse, but there's actually a way to permanently deal with a few of these annoying things. Each chariot has to be dealt with in a different way.

Elden Ring - invisible bridges

The one in the fringe folk hero grave, for example, can be destroyed by dropping one of these giant pots on top of it. The timing's pretty tight, but if you manage to take it out, then you get a pretty powerful bow for your efforts. Another one you can destroy is in the azureus, heroes' grave, where you can actually cause the two cherries to smash into each other, and that is super satisfying.

It's not often you can permanently deal with these annoying hazards, so take advantage the few times you can. And number six, you can escape grab attacks just by mashing buttons. You know, it's been a thing since the first Dark Souls, where if you get grabbed you just mash buttons and you can actually escape the grab and negate some of the damage that you would normally take.

It works the same way in Alden Ring. Just tap alternate, l1 and r1 as fast as you can, and certain grab moves will just do a lot less damage to you. The funny thing about this entry is that it's a trick I already knew about, but I didn't assume it worked in the Alden ring. I thought, well, I'd said something that's been around since the old days, and there's a lot of new stuff here.

Elden Ring - radagan lore

There's a good chance that doesn't apply, and as it turns out, it very much does, which is good because the next time one of those annoying iron maiden-looking things grabs you, you just start mashing, and you'll escape much faster than if you don't. And number five, you can help a jar out. One of the more amusing side quests in the game is in a secret village inhabited entirely by jars.

When the game first came out, there wasn't a lot to do in this place other than hang out. But with patch 1.03, they actually added somebody to talk to. This little named Jar Bern wants you to become the new potentate, and it's possible to help him out. His quest is actually tied to Alexander's. You can actually use the key item you got from Alexander with this guy.

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