Elden Ring - 10 Things To Do After You Finish The Game

Elden Ring - after finishing the game

Eldritch is a huge experience. There is a ton to do, and finishing the game is quite a task, but there's more to do after that. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today on Game Race there are 10 things to do after you finish Ellon Ring. Starting off with number 10, don't start the new game until you're ready.

This isn't necessarily the most interesting thing, but it is important. After you beat the final boss and view whatever ending you unlocked, you'll get a message that says "Begin Journey2". That is the new game plus, so unless you want to start the game all over again, you need to select "no" on this screen.

That takes you right back to the open world, so you can just keep exploring if you want. You keep all your collected weapons, all your armor, all your spells, and if you fully explore the map, it stays clear. The things that don't carry over are all the bell bearings that you gave to the two maiden husks and key items that are required for story progression.

Elden Ring - extra content

You also have to reactivate all the sights of grace and get all the great runes again, so to put it simply, it's probably going to be easier to do anything you've missed by just going back to the open world. Starting a new game, plus there are some things that are permanently missable, so you'll probably want to start a second journey eventually.

At number nine, you can get a ton of rooms with the ultimate farm. There's an incredibly powerful and easy rune farm in this game that can get you tens of thousands of runes in minutes. There is one simple drawback to this, though. It is only possible to do this after you beat the game. Now to get the most out of it, you need the sacred relic sword, a weapon that can only be made by spending the remembrance of the final boss.

Once you've got that weapon in the required stats, you just go to the first grace site at the entrance to Maguin's palace. There's a whole bunch of enemies just hanging around on the ledge, so you've got to take them all out instantly using the relic sword special ability, then run back to the checkpoint.

Elden Ring - falcon

Rinse and repeat. It gets you about 30 000 runes of pop, and with how quickly you can reset the enemies, you can just get a ton more with only a few minutes of farming. At the very least, this farm is an excuse to try out the final boss weapon as well. At number eight, you can take on the hardest and most obscure optional boss.

Or if difficulty isn't your concern, you might as well go back and take on the few bosses you may have missed. The last boss in the game is the Dragon Lord, found by falling off a ledge near the elevator that leads to the boss fight with Maryland. In Crushing Pharah, Missouri, This guy has one hell of an introduction.

You lay down in, like, some random, empty fossil hole. I guess it's on this floating wall section, and when you do it, it makes time reverse. Or something, and it takes you inside this swirling vortex at the center of this area, where you face off against this two-headed dragon in an arena that looks more like a heavy metal album cover than this game usually does.

Elden Ring - gameranx

It's honestly a really epic boss that's not incredibly difficult or anything, but it's also very cool now. If difficulty is an issue, I have to imagine that Millennia, the boss of the halid tree, is going to be a problem for most people. This is truly ridiculous. She's incredibly powerful, she's crazy fast, and she has one of the nastiest boss gimmicks I've ever seen in a Souls game.

even if you block it. Pretty much the only way to win is to overwhelm her with damage and either bleed or ice. It works really well, but if you're underprepared for her frankly ridiculously powerful special attack where she just slashes you over and over again, you're probably dead. Yeah, she has a second form.

This one also causes scarlet rot buildup, just to make it a little more unfair. There are really only two options for dealing with this boss: you either adjust your build just to beat her or you grind like hell. And number seven, experiment with different builds. A great thing about this game is that it makes changing your character much easier than previous Souls games in this respect.

Elden Ring - new game plus

At least fairly generous, so you're free to change up your character however you want, and because of that, fans are having a lot of fun messing around with all the gimmicky or goofy builds that they can think of. Of course, you don't have to go crazy with the respects or anything, but you can always just try out something different and that can be interesting, like going for a magic build if you played the game with strength, or if you want decks, try out a strength build that becomes basically an unofficial hard mode if you want to mess around with something really overpowered.

The erd tree great shield, which you get from killing the two tree sentinels at the main gate of the royal capital, and combined that with the fire's deadly sin spell, using the erd tree great shield's ability and then casting the spell to turn the shield into a ridiculous homing machine gun magazine, can really easily wipe out huge groups of enemies.

Elden Ring - platinum

There's a lot of ridiculous stuff you can pull off an elden ring. Just experiment and maybe you'll find something even better. And for number six, try out all the weird boss weapons. You can get some kind of boss weapon from nearly every boss in the Elder Ring. You can get it if you spend the remembrance of the finger maiden.

Not all of them are great, but they're definitely fun to screw around with, especially the stranger or more outlandish ones like the grafted dragon you get from Godric. That one is particularly ridiculous. I mean, look at it. The blasphemous blade is another absolutely outlandish one, or the wonderfully named bastard stars, which look like you're using the solar system as a weapon for whatever reason.

Now that you've beaten the game, there's no real reason to hold back on using those remembrances, so just use whatever ones you have left and try out all this stuff. It's at least worth it to see what all the special abilities are. Some of this stuff is just nuts. At number five, you can go for a different ending.

Elden Ring - playstyles

You've seen one ending. Why not try for another? It's not the easiest thing to do, of course, because you'll either have to start a new game or just straight up start the game over again if you want to see one of the other endings. At least three of them are required to get the platinum, so if you really want to complete this game, you're going to have to play through it at least three times, or at least have a backup.

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