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Elden Ring - ashes of war

Elden, The ring is here and, of course, you know, like any good software game, there are a bunch of things that the game doesn't spell out for you. Some things you really have got to figure out for yourself. We've got a bunch of tips for you, but keep in mind that a lot of the fun of this game is in just discovering this stuff for yourself.

That being said, we've got some cool tips and tricks, so let's get started with number 10. Spirit tuning is a major gameplay element that's shockingly easy to miss out on. Outside Stormville Castle, you can find a woman named Roderica. She seems like just another random soft NPC, but she's actually one of the most important NPCs in the game, and completing her questline unlocks an almost invaluable service.

So what you want to do is talk to her, then go into Stormville Castle and find an item from this pile of dead bodies next to the disgusting grafting room in the castle. Now return to her after fighting this thing and keep talking to her until she says that she'll go to the round table now. Go talk to her there, and it seems like there's nothing else to it, but if you talk to the blacksmith, then you'll have new dialogue options.

She'd make a good spirit tuner. Now go back and talk to her. Then go back to the blacksmith. Just keep going with this until she actually becomes a spirit tuner and sets up shop next to the blacksmith. Like I said, it all sounds simple, but it's extremely easy to skip, especially if you don't spend much time at the round table.

Roundtable hold

Roundtable hold

Her spirit tuning is so useful; it allows you to upgrade any spirit ashes you have. And these upgrades are pretty significant; you can turn chumps that you summon that like to die to basic enemies into total tanks that can make certain bosses way easier now.

Spirit summoning is an excellent new feature that is a lot of fun to use, but to really get the most of it, make sure to finish this girl's quest line. Upgraded spirits are so much better and it's crazy that you can miss it next, over at number nine. Like in pretty much all these Souls-type games, there are a few items you'll really want to find as early as possible.

Unlike in those games, it's possible to go dozens of hours in this game without finding these things because they're only held by very specific vendors, which you can really easily pass up if you don't notice them, so we're just going to tell you a couple of them now. To start with, be sure to buy the torch from the vendor at the church of Ella.

Elden Ring - essential items locations

You know, the one at the very start of the game. You might skip it thinking you'll just find one later, but don't count on that. Torches are great for seeing in the dark. But one item you really need is a lantern. Now, like in other games, this type of thing. It's a light you wear on your hip, allowing You can still use both hands in dark areas.

There are a lot of dark areas in this game too, a lot of caves, so you need this thing. The earliest one you can get is from the merchant at the isolated Merchant Shack checkpoint in the southwest of the Weeping Peninsula, past the mausoleum. Two other essential items are either a crossbow or a bow, depending on your build.

One of these can really just save your life, but they're both shockingly expensive. It is rare to find in the wild a very good crossbow called the "black key." A crossbow can be found just by using the stone sword key door at the round table. It's behind the first of two of these doors in the area.

Elden Ring - gameranx

There's a very good bow that can also be found relatively early in the underground region connected to the river well in the Mistwood area. Look for a corpse under the stairwell to the hollow horn grounds. That's where you can get the horn bow. It's a great and easy-to-use one. Next, over at number eight, there's a secret way to make the shockingly difficult first boss a lot easier now.

The first real boss of the game is this one named "Market Margit." And he sucks right from the start, like a lot of these types of games, like he's that first big roadblock, and you know it can genuinely surprise some new players and even some veterans. If you're struggling, don't worry; you're not the only one.

Apparently, the developers realize how brutal he is and they put a special item in the game to make it a little bit easier. How to get this thing is a bit of a spoiler, so if you don't want to be surprised, know that there's an item you can buy from a vendor at The Merck Water Cave in the Deep Canal at the center of Lim Grave, but if you want a more detailed explanation, then go into the cave and enter a suspiciously empty boss room.

The chest inside will get you ambushed by a familiar face. Beat on him enough and he'll give up, but don't kill him. Leave, and come back, and he'll open up a shop that you can access now. The item you want to buy is this one. It's the marjitz shackle, which when used during the fight will chain the boss to the ground for several seconds, so you can wail on him as much as you want.

At number seven, there's something you should always consider doing before you spend.

Great rune restored

Great rune restored

Usually you can get one of the boss's weapons or a spell that lets you perform one of their attacks. There's nothing too surprising about any of this. You know, anyone who's played one of these games knows how this works, but before you decide to use up a remembrance for runes or buy a weapon with one, there's really something you should consider doing first.

There is actually a way to duplicate these remembrances, which is obviously incredibly useful. You can get both the boss weapons. You can just use them twice for the runes. Do whatever you want. The actual way to do it is surprisingly easy as well. Do enough damage to them and they'll fall to the ground, giving you access to their interior.

Elden Ring - gestures

Inside you can find a tomb that allows remembrance and duplication. You can only duplicate one per tomb, so you'll have to be selective about which ones you want to copy, but don't be too precious about them because there are more of these things than you might realize. The earliest one you can access is in the Weeping Peninsulas of the South, but for a real treasure hunt, For a trove of those things, look in the northeast corner of Libya.

And in the rockiness around the north of the ruin Labyrinth checkpoint, there's two more there and at least one more down in the actual lake area as well, so before using a remembrance, find these walking Mausoleum guys and duplicate them. Next, over at number six, the right ashes of war can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Elden Ring PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne is filled with gameplay elements and features that aren't clearly spelled out for you. Here are some things you should know.
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