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Elden Ring - eden ring new pc secrets

Elder Wing is a massive game that people will probably find new stuff in for years to come. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on Game Ranks are 10 new things players have discovered in Elder Ring. Starting off with number 10, you can kill Melina. You can kill most NPCs in the Elder Room, with very few exceptions.

One character that was assumed to be impossible to kill was Melina. One of your key allies throughout the story, she'll appear at the sight of grace to talk to you, and those are actually the only times she appears in the game, so most people assume there was just no way to hurt her. You can't do anything while resting at the side of grace, so unlike most other NPCs, you can smack around to your heart's content.

Melania is pretty protected, at least that is what we thought. There is a Japanese YouTuber named Tomato. Chan managed to get around her supposed protection and actually kill her. She even has a death animation. To kill her, you have to set a trap. Spells like fire's deadly sin and freezing mist cause continuous damage to anyone near them, so cast the spells and then sit at a bonfire with them still active.

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Melana is just sitting there, obviously doesn't do anything. Once she takes damage, which she does when she's talking once she does though, her health should start dropping fast. Now there's really no reason to kill Melana. In fact, she doesn't actually die anyway. She shows up like nothing ever happened for her next scripted appearance.

But if you show people a character that can't be killed in a game filled with vulnerable NPCs, people are going to find ways to kill that character. Tell gamers you can't do something and they will try to do it ten times harder. And nine players found this really weird, invisible thing. This little weird thing was revealed by Redditer Blue Penguin 53 just a few days ago for some reason.

There's something that's invisible next to the forge of the giant's bonfire, at the highest point of the mountaintop of the giants. It's not just a standard platform; it's got an unusual shape to it, with some odd edges and different elevations. It just doesn't seem like it belongs here, and it's an interesting little find nonetheless.

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Elder Rings is a game that's no stranger to invisible platforms. They're rare and they tend to hide some pretty interesting rewards, so it makes sense for players to jump around trying to find whatever secrets might be left in the game. So finding an invisible stop you can stand on outside of a key location like the Forge of the Giants feels like a big deal, but as far as we can tell, there's really nothing to find another reddit user named Saidh Venomdrone.

I had the best theory as to what this is most likely to be. For a wolf head ornament that can be seen on other parts of the forge, what happened is that the developers probably just turned this one invisible after they added the crack and forgot to remove the collision data. It's one of those things that seems like it might be a big discovery, but it's probably just a simple bug, and number eight, it's Fia's champions.

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One of the more forgotten optional bosses in the eldon ring is Fia's Champions, a pretty basic invader style fight where you fight five enemies total. If you've been playing offline, it's always the same, but if you're online, the fight is actually a little random. Most are assumed to just droop from a pool of randomly generated enemies, but the actual way it works is more complicated.

Getting held by fiat doesn't just make you the subject of a thousand memes and a health debuff; it actually has a second, secret purpose. Credit for this one goes to Matt Gren on Twitter. They took a look at the game scripts and confirmed that if you're online, the game will upload your character's build.

When you're held by fia, which is called up when another player takes on Fiest champions, this isn't the only time a fight does this. Getting into the Great Jars arsenal will upload your character build to become the great jar knight for another player as well. This apparently is triggered when you're held before fighting the lich dragon boss, as well.

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Well, this is goodbye, my dear, but I am satisfied. I choose to lie with Godwin of my own free will, which is why all the champions you end up fighting as fierce champions aren't all level 5 chumps. It's a small thing, but it's pretty cool to see them keeping up their tradition of including inexplicable, multiplayer components to their games, even if it's not quite as epic as the old monk from Demon Souls.

And number seven is the Malketh's side grace ship. Alden's Ring is by far the most open-ended, soul-like game. Just being able to jump on command is a game-changer. Players, through this, have managed to discover a lot of creative ways to skip parts of levels. We've already covered one pretty decent skip in the crumbling ferrum that lets you bypass the godskin duo, but this skip is almost as good as that.

With it, you can avoid many of the most annoying enemies in the area. You can totally skip all the birds, shuriken guys, spell casters, and the dragon just by doing a few careful jumps. credit to reddit or luvenir, for finding this one, it's not essential, but some of these enemies can just be absolute health for certain builds, so getting the option to completely bypass them can be pretty handy.

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Even if you just know how to run by them, these kinds of parkour tricks are awesome if nothing else, so we're always there to highlight these kinds of things. And number six, the eyes of the flame chariot actually follow you. It's a small thing, but it's a strange thing. I didn't notice it, and I bet a lot of other people didn't either.

You know, these weird flame chariot enemies in Caled and Leonia. It seems like their eyes are just grafted onto their faces, basically like the shield version you can get, but no. If you look closely, you can see that the eyes actually follow you independently from the rest of the head. Maybe some have noticed this one before, but I didn't, and the reddit thread posted by fuzzy improvement shows us that a lot of other people didn't either.

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But we got it. Did we really need some crazy eyes to go with this order? Can I send it back to the kitchen? Can I do that? And number five, the wings of the weapon have a new sound effect when it's close to the Astell boss fight. Here's a pretty unusual thing that we're crediting the redditor hans-christian, who probably wasn't the first person to notice this but is the only poster I've seen with actual visual proof of this effect.

Elden Ring PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne is an incredible game that is still surprising people months after release. Here are some incredible discoveries made by fans.
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