Elden Ring - 10 Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

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Eldren Ring is absolutely awesome and challenging, pretty much just like you'd expect, but if you're new, just know that there are a lot of mistakes you can potentially make, so here are some things you shouldn't do. We've got 10 examples, so let's get started with number 10. Don't get stuck endlessly ramming your head into what seems like a nearly impossible boss fight now.

Eldon Ring is a massive open world game, but there are a lot of people out there making the mistake that it isn't. You know, instead of going out and exploring the world, they bash their skulls into the closest boss that they're clearly under level to fight, inevitably dying again and again in the process.

Maybe it's a matter of pride, game or pride. I don't know, some folks just cannot walk away and try again later. But that's what you should do. This isn't like some other soul games where you're basically stuck. If you can't beat a certain boss in this game, you can easily go do something else, and there are probably a few much easier bosses nearby that you can take out instead, and learn and grow stronger now.

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If you're getting crushed by them, seriously just go do something else, get a few levels, and come back to learn the ropes of the game a little bit. You don't want to immediately hate the game. You don't want to die 40 times right at the start. Long story short, if you find yourself dying constantly to a boss, just remember that there's no shame in a tactical retreat.

Now over at number nine, a lot of people make the mistake of not removing Baldicon's blessing. There's a mysterious character that says she'll grant you a boon if you let her hold you at the round table. I will hold you like just a nice hug. And I hear that sounds like a good thing. Even though it is but a fleeting thing, I am afraid.

Come back to me if you require another. I will take you in my arms as often as you need to. But actually, the blessing she gives you is a net negative and lowers your maximum HP. There's no way you'd know that would happen the first time around, so we can't really blame anyone for trying; we certainly did, but one easily fixed mistake a lot of people make is that they don't actually remove the Baldichon's blessing that is given to you from their inventory.

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That's the thing that's causing the debuff on your health, and you can easily just select it and get rid of it if you want. It's really as simple as that. Just remove the blessing and your health will go back to normal. The Elden Ring is massive. It's filled with a lot of different use cases and examples.

So this can be necessary for something, but for most people, at the beginning of the game, you're going to need all the HP you can get. We think a lot of people make the mistake of just assuming that this blessing item is just there to show you what the effect is and that you can't actually get rid of it.

But you actually can. There are no additional steps or secrets you have to find to do it. Just select it and it's gone. There you go. It's a really basic one, but it's a mistake a lot of people are making right now, including us. Next, over at number eight, a mistake you can make is really just getting too hung up on character-building stuff at the start.

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Don't freak out at the start of your character class, just try to slightly. You know, it's not ideal. Especially if you're more experienced, but you can. Hell, if you're not happy with your build, then you can even do a complete respect of your character. The first thing you have to do is beat the shard bearer in Leonia, and you're all good as long as you have the surprisingly common item that gets spent while respecting.

The biggest thing, though, the biggest mistake that we see made isn't trying to become a jack of all trades here. You can't quite do that here. You're going to need to at least have a few stats at substantial levels to really get somewhere, especially if you're a first-timer. Next, over at number seven, so many players are making the mistake of heading east right when they start the game, only to end up in the hellish wasteland of Caled when they're ridiculously under level to deal with the place.

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Maybe it's the guidance of grace tricking them over there, maybe it's just their own curiosity, but this is a place you do not want to go to when you're just starting out. It's a nasty place to be in for most of the game. The enemies here can give you a lot of trouble, even if you're awesome. The freak crows don't care.

They'll just kill you as easily either way, no matter what level of player you are. So don't just make the mistake of wandering into this place. And really, don't make the mistake of thinking that this is the way the game expects you to go. Just try going north or south instead. This is where you're going to spend a ton of hours in the early game.

There are a lot of things in those directions that are designed to be fought roughly at your level. Especially in the southern area, you know, the weeping peninsula. It's a perfect place to start out for new players, so while it can be really tempting to check out this weird place to the east, it's really a mistake to head there too early in your adventure.

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Next, over at number six, one mistake we've seen a lot of players make is that they just rush through areas, either on horseback, or just by running past enemies to get to the sites of grace checkpoints. It's a tempting mistake to make now because many enemies are pretty easy to avoid, and some folks either get afraid of losing progress or just want to move through the game quickly, but that's only something you should do sometimes.

Sometimes it can really be a mistake. Outside of the obvious problems that can happen with this, like being underleveled when fighting a boss, another big thing you might miss out on if you rush through an area is all the important items you can find along the way that are going to make your life that much better.

You start the game with only one talisman slot, but the further you get, the more you unlock, and some of these things can be incredibly powerful and make certain fights much easier. You can find new armor, weapons, and even spirit ashes that you can find that make things much easier for yourself in the long run by fully exploring a location, even if it's scary.

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It will help you out a lot more than just rushing through it. Of course, you know, we're not saying you should stop and fight every single little wandering monster in the world. No way that would be a waste of your time, but at least if you do rush through an area, maybe just think about going back through it now that you're not so pressured to find a checkpoint.

Elden Ring PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne is a challenging game with plenty of mistakes to easily make. Here are some tips.
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