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Elden Ring - fastest way to get runes

Today I'm excited to show you a brand new rune farm exploit that I found this morning. And what we are going to do is arrive over at the lakeside crystal cave. As you do make your way down, there is a lost grace and then a chest located to the right which you can open up. This chest will give you an arterial leaf, which is maybe the least exciting reward, yet you can definitely use this when it comes to crafting.

When you do enter this room, there's going to be a crystal snail cave. I mean, these guys are filled in here as well as the next room here to the left. You can easily pass them if you do not wake them up, so I highly suggest you just avoid them. Now what you want to do from here is, as you can tell, there is a drop off point, but do not drop to the right side because it will be a bad time.

Continue to drop, and then as you do reach this part, you will then need to continue forward past these snails. There will be a boss right here, and if I'm not mistaken, it is one of the easiest bosses that you can take out, but continue forward. Once you do so, what you want to do is then take a left and then find the lost grace right here.

Elden Ring - fastest way to level up

As you can tell, the lady right here is on a quest for her now. When you do this glitch, she will be funny. You know, dead. Because when you do drop below the map, she will actually be there again and you'll be able to pick up her items now. Her rewards are the least exciting as well. What you will receive is a somber ancient dragon stone.

You can pick up a few of those later on in the game, so it's not a really huge loss for those rewards when you do complete requests, but it's up to you if you want to do this. What we want to do, though, is head right here. We're going to turn around. We're going to double jump and then land right there.

And right on towards this rock. They just kind of jump around. This is really it. There's no other way to explain it except you just jump from one place to the other and, yeah, you're off the map. This is kind of similar to a lot of the other methods, not just from the fallen part, but I guess with the parkour with the mount.

For this portion, I know a lot of you do not probably want to see this, but I want to show you the whole entire clip so that you know for sure that this is legit. A few people like to say that hey, I dropped forever and I did not receive any runes. What the heck now if you have come across this situation?

Elden Ring - glitches

Well, what you need to do is make sure that you are dropping for at least 30 to 45 seconds, because this is the amount of time that it takes for you to drop and for the top portion of the map to completely unload. This is why the lady will completely fall, as well as many of the enemies inside of the cave, so there's that as well.

Now here are the runes. You will gain up to 50 or even maybe a hundred thousand depending on if you are in the new game or not. This character right here I do not believe I am. Now a lot of you may think, well that's probably not worth it, but there are a lot of players that either play offline or they cannot do the var quest because people are afk.

Whatever the reason may be. If you are a new subscriber, turn on all notifications.

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