Elden Ring - Best Faith Build. Must Have Faith Weapons & Talismans. Confessor Guide Lvl 65

Elden Ring - beginner build

maximum alden ring article and today we are going over my holy reaper confessor build. Now this is a faith-scale build. We're going to be investing the majority of our points into faith and scaling our weapons damage and our spell damage off of that. We've got some crazy spells and some crazy items today.

We're going to cover the building first. And then, after the build, I will go over where to get each of these items. If you're curious, this build excels, with dual sights if you want to just go super aggro, using a shield and a scythe for more methodical play, or just spamming out crazy spells. I have been having an absolute blast with this build.

I really haven't had too many difficulties with any of the bosses, so I wanted to share the build. I hope you find it helpful and informative. Let's get right into it, all right.

Stats & gear

Stats & gear

So we're going to start by going over my stats at level 65. I have 25 points in vigor, 21 points in demand, 12 endurance, 14 strength, and 14 dexterity. 9 intelligence, 36 faith, and 13 arcane. Now the goal of specking your points is to have enough vigor that you don't get one shot, you want to have enough mind that you can comfortably cast a lot of your spells, endurance so that you don't run out of stamina on boss openings, and strengthen dexterity just enough to get by.

We don't need any intelligence at all. Faith is going to be our main damage scaler, and I put a little bit of point into Dark Hand. just because I wanted to try out the dragon. Incantations My stats don't look great right now. In fact, right now I can't even use my winged scythe. I can't even dual wield it because I don't have the strength or dexterity.

Elden Ring - best class

And that's where talismans come in. Some of the most powerful talismans in the game will change so many things for you. I'll go over how to get all these. So this is our first talisman. Ratagan's sword seal For five points to vigor, five into endurance, five into strength, and five into dexterity.

This allows me to do my dual wield scything without having to spec a ton of points into strength and dexterity, which, for the most part, would be wasted points because I want to be scaling all my damage off of faith. Our next talisman is going to be the two-finger heirloom. This is going to give us plus five in faith, which gives us 41 faith, which is enough to use.

Let me drink one of those real quick. The flame of the fel god fireball I'll be talking about the best spells in a second, but this spell is so cool and I wanted to be able to use it. We're scaling our damage off of faith, so it makes sense to have as much faith as possible. And our last talisman?

Elden Ring - best class to main

It is kind of up to you. This is my flex slot. I prefer the radigon icon once again. I'll be going over how to get these talismans. At the end of the article, I just want to get through our gear and show you guys what you need. This increases our spell casting speed, so as you just saw, I just cast one of those fireballs.

It helps out a decent amount, especially on longer spells with longer cast times. If you're playing a faith build, you'll note that a lot of the time you get called out or punished when you cast a spell and the spell time is too long. With this, I can cast lightning spears really fast and just kill tons and tons of things, so I really like that, but once again, this third slot really is a flex slot.

You can use it for whatever you'd like. Now let's go over the rest of the gear. I'm using a sacred scythe plus eight. I'm using the Art of War on this. That is going to give me sacred scales, and that's very important to pick up. You can pick it up very early. I'm just going to show you where to get it real quick if you haven't gotten it yet, because it's kind of a must-have.

Elden Ring - best faith weapons

If it's like over in this area right here, if you travel over to like the gate front or honestly, the Saints bridge, it's down in this ravine, there's a little beetle that'll drop it for you in this ravine, and it'll allow you to get faith scaling on any of your weapons now. I prefer the size. We are the holy reaper, so the sacred scythe plus eight is using normal white stones, and the wing scythe is using somber whetstones.

That way we don't overlap wet stones and both of these are going to scale off of faith. Now I have played a lot of this game, and I know that D's faith scaling doesn't look great. The only item that I found that's better than it is the b-fate scaling cipher, but this is a first weapon, and we kind of prefer to use range.

Even some of the later weapons that are like, clearly faith weapons don't get better than b d faith scaling, so don't worry about the d faith scaling. I think faith scaling is going to give you about 50, or 25 to 50 percent, of your faith stat as extra damage on your weapons, so that is going to be just fine for us for now and then for our I'm using all confessor armor just because I like the look of it.

We're going for fashion, souls. There are better pieces of armor, but we're trying to keep the medium load light. And then, for the best seal, I strongly recommend the godslayer seal. I currently have a plus 10 on a faith scale. This is going to allow me to do ridiculous damage with my spells and to most dungeon bosses, like most world bosses and dungeon bosses.

I can basically just kite around them and kill them with my lightning spear alone. For the main story bosses, I've had to use my scythe more and so that's why we've got the dual scythe for that all right now.

Best incantations

Best incantations

Let's talk incantations. If it's a boss that just doesn't give you openings to go in with your sights, try spell casting for most fights first. The best spell that you can use, hands down, without a doubt, is the lightning spear.

It's got a really fast cast time, so you don't get caught up when you're using the animation. It's got a low FP cost. It's got a ridiculous range for the damage to FP cost ratio on this thing. It's just the best thing I've used now for aoe damage. We do have some options, and one of the coolest spells you can use is the Flame of the Fell God.

Elden Ring - best weapon

Now this is a 41-faith-required spell to use, but it seeks out enemies. One of the things that I've been frustrated with some of the incantations is that they just miss. This means no matter where an enemy is, if you cast it while you're on horseback, it'll chase him down. If the enemy is like crazy fast, it can miss, but it'll chase enemies and then explode, and if you see there, it does a fire aoe on the ground, so if enemies walk through the patch of fire or if they get hit or standing in it, they will constantly take fire damage, which is so cool.

Yooo guize, today we go over my Holy Reaper Faith build! I have been having so much fun with this playstyle and I hope this video helps you out. I will be updating this build for level 100 as well.
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