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Elden Ring - arcane

Hello and welcome back to racing game articles. It was unfinished, and with the new arcane update with the new patch, it's kind of crazy. So to demonstrate, I'm going to run up to a giant and we're going to see how many hits it takes for a bleed proc, one it takes one hit for a bleed proc is absolutely ridiculous.

Let me explain how this is happening. If you take a look at my uchi katanas here, they're both plus 25. We have a crazy blood loss buildup right now of 115. As you can see, they're scaling with arcane, and if you look at my arcane, which is 80, which is the soft cap that we are dealing with. I am, of course, getting the most bleed buildup I can with the raw hits.

Then you consider the fact that we're running sepuku, which is increasing the speed at which blood buildup occurs. Yeah, one hit now. The reason we're seeing the arcane buildup on this blood uchikazana here is because I have made it a bleed affinity weapon through the use of ashes of war. If we look at this keen version also, at 25, it has no arcane scaling because it's a keen and not a bleed.

Elden Ring - arcane build

So my arcane is doing nothing for the bleed buildup. Therefore, the blood loss buildup number is 45, compared to 115, because that is how much of an impact my arcane is actually making right now to change the infinitive weapons. You need different whetstones. They do lots of different stuff right.

We have the iron one for heavy and quick. There's a glitz stone for magic. We've got the fire one, we got the holy one, and, of course, we have the black wet blade, which does poison blood or occult. And these are arcane scaling types of affinities, so I'm going to do a quick test on a really high-level giant here at the end area of the mountains of giants, and as you can see with this move set.

Crouch l1, bleed proc, Crouch l1, bleed proc, Crouch l1, bleed proc, Crouch l1, bleed proc, It's really good if we look at it in a boss fight. You can see that the bleed buildup is occurring so often that it's basically every time that I go for an attack I get a bleed occurrence. And yeah, the damage is ridiculous.

Elden Ring - best

To make this happen for yourself as effectively and efficiently as possible, you just need a default weapon that has an affinity for blood, and then you want to make sure that you can run seppuku on it. That obviously could be the huge katanas, but it could also be the scavengers, curved swords. These look gnarly, and they're a great option because they actually have a faster move set than even the U.S.

Katanas you could consider the whips. You could consider the starfish. You could consider different claws or daggers. Of course, twin blades are a great option too, as long as you can get that blood scaling and run sepuku. You might be confused when you see me run two subuku's at once, and you might not be able to.

That is because you are sheathing incorrectly. As you can see, I've sheathed the weapon that I've just buffed and the buff is gone, so what you must do is to hand the offhand weapon, then apply the buff. Now that's done, go back to due wielding, and then just try to apply it and it'll go to your main hand.

Elden Ring - best arcane build

It'll consider that both weapons were out the whole time, and now I have subuku on both weapons. With the awesome new arcane scaling, arcane weapons have become relevant. We made a article just the other day talking about rivers of blood and, of course, Elena's paw blade. Both of these weapons are incredible, but as you can see, their blood loss buildup is sitting at 83 and 78.

It's not going to go higher than that unless I raise my arcane beyond the soft cap, and that's going to be very inefficient compared to the 115. of a neutral weapon with that bleed built up with the blood affinity. It's just not comparable. These weapons are really strong, and there are so many examples I could give you in pvp or certain boss situations where they could even be better, but if you want the maximum bleed build up, you want to give yourself a weapon with this bleed affinity, and they run seppuku on it in that article.

Elden Ring - best bleed weapon

I was getting a lot of questions about stats and what of my equipment actually. People were wondering, like, what my chest piece was and what my gloves and legs were, which did nothing for the bill, by the way. It's purely cosmetic, but there you go. What actually matters is what I've just explained with the weapons, and then your talismans and the white mask.

The white mask is quite an interesting one. It's going to give you extra attack power when there is blood loss occurring, so when you get a bleed proc, that's obviously great. It's going to increase how much damage I do. Once you get a bleed proc, we have another thing that's going to do the exact same thing, the lord of blood exaltation.

If you get a bleed proc, you're going to increase your attack power. Then we have these two madness machines, which greatly raise attack power upon successive attacks and then again raise your attack power with successive attacks while also giving me dexterity. These are the rotten winged sword insignia and militant prosthesis.

Elden Ring - best build

These two talismans come from the same character, Millicent, in the same storyline, and you can get them both in one playthrough. The last thing I want to say is that Radigan's Saw Seal This is a great talisman. This is wonderful and I think a lot of people know about it because, yeah, it gives you the equation of 20 levels in your attributes.

That's five vigor, five endurance, five strength, and five dexterity for wearing this thing. It just makes you take a little bit more damage on hit, and it's very negligible. However, I would actually consider that the slot you could change is the one that has the least. You could try some defensive options or perhaps give yourself some extra health.

That's really the free slot of the build, but this is the essence of the build. Let's go over the locations of the buildings, basically. First up the weapon, so the katana is just my preferred weapon. I'll show you the location of another great choice. For the scavenger's curved sword for these containers, though, you need to come to the north side of Limgrave to the death-touched catacombs.

Elden Ring - best build guide

The nearest grace is the Saints' Bridge. You just make your way up and enter the catacombs. It's not even the final boss, it's just their body on the ground that you will have to go past. To get to the boss, you know, pull the lever and reveal the boss fight, and it's as easy as that to get a second one.

You're going to need to have one already by being the samurai starting class, having a friend drop you one, or going into new game plus and getting another for the scavenger curve sword, then you're going to need to come right here. This is in Mount Gilmer, Tex. It's quite a run. You must come to the seated water terminus and walk your way around and up the hill, and eventually you'll cross over here and make it to where I'm standing right now.

Bleed Status build up in the Elden Ring update is broken strong! Enjoy.
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