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Hello, and welcome back to Raising Gaming. What's really enjoyable about this for me is the fact that we're still discovering new content, surprising details and mechanics, and things continue to change, like with the recent 1.06 patch. With all that said, though, let's begin the article. We begin with something that I wondered about from the very beginning.

In fact, before Eldon Ring was even released, I thought there would be a mechanic that would be really cool. Based on Margaret, in the boss fight as Margaret or as Morgot, he is summoning these holy weapons. He does these combos by stabbing with a dagger, swinging with a sword, slamming with a hammer or even throwing a spear at you.

I thought that we would be able to learn those abilities. Through probably faith-based incantations, to summon these weapons temporarily Or maybe they'd be tied to the boss itself and his boss weapon, which is obviously not what happened. But as it turns out, it may have been something that was planned.

You see, there's actually cut content for those summoned holy weapons. These exist in the files of the game, specifically the vfx of the four weapons suitable for the player and size can be seen. This is the case for the dagger, the sword, the hammer, and the spear. This came to my attention on Twitter via @rodent, whose user name is @renjingles.

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They were talking about it in a small twit thread, revealing these surprising vfx for each of the weapons, and yeah, they're suitable for a tarnished, going on to say the exact numbers for modders to play with, and actually, it turns out someone had already been doing just that. Clever Raptor Six, has actually already created a mod, reworking the cursed sword of Morgot, allowing the player to use those vfx models which are suitably sized for a player with that mod called more guts holy armaments on nexus mods.

Cunning Raptors created a little trailer showing the mod in play and you can see it's much like how Morgot uses them as part of attacks or special attacks, much like how we see magic players can summon various melee weapons in the game today. Like I said, I thought these would just be faith-souled weapons, like what we see Morgot doing in the fight now based on this cut content.

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Maybe it was considered, but for some reason, it was just never given to us as an option. The Vfx for this exists, obviously, and can be made into a working mod. I'm not so sure at this point if it'll be something we see in the DLC, but it'd still be cool. Okay, for this one, we have a really interesting interaction.

From the comments once again, muxmasterman, let us know about the wandering noble Ash's summon. These are the wandering nobles that you'll find in limb graves as a summon. They're not the most effective, because, you know, they're just a couple of bozos. But yeah, they're not the best summons. However, apparently there's an interesting interaction in the aqueous environment.

If we sneak up to these NPCS, you can hear them. As we've talked about in previous articles, they're chanting. They're worshiping the dragon of this lake. Now, if you combine the two, we have the wandering nobles of Aghills Lake summoned in against Agile. Apparently, they won't fight, but they will worship, so let's summon them in.

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All right fellas, do you want to fight IKE or do you want to work with him? Or maybe you don't know anything at all, you just stand there. No way, that's so cool. They literally run in fear. They don't necessarily worship. They just run in fear. They refuse to help. It reminds me of patches in the Radan festival.

It is incredible that all but one have survived. Come on a kill, finish him off. That's it man, that's so cool. I don't think I would have found that myself. For our next tip, we have one from the comments to do with these swamps. Whether it's scarlet rot or poison, you're going to find a bunch of these in the game where they slow you down when you walk through them.

Basically, if they're knee-high, and obviously that's a problem now, in the previous games we would roll through that, but now we get covered in it as you can see, and then I've got this permanent build up and I'm taking nasty damage. We can use the item soap, as I've shown in this series, to get rid of this effect as well as the boluses, but as it turns out, there is a weird interaction in the new game plus with this mechanic.

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Where it's completely removed, as you can see, now I'm in a new game, plus in this footage. I am able to just run through it with no problem, no issues at all. It's like a strange benefit to just playing on a new journey. I had no idea they just gave you that perk. Maybe it's unintended, but it just seems a bit strange, doesn't it?

I think there was a misunderstanding, and that player was in the new game. Of course, we could use things like quickstep or bloodhound dash to get through areas like this, and you still can, but they have been nerfed in the current patch to not be quite as effective, but there is a neat detail to do with them.

The lower your equip load, the further you'll actually go with quickstep and bloodhound dash, so if you're going to make one of these kinds of dashes across an area like this, then it might be a good idea to just get naked all right for our next one. We have one to do with those loud. I'm sure you've seen around the world and I'm sure you've plundered in your playthroughs.

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Now I got a comment quite a while back, maybe six or seven episodes ago, about how they actually sleep at night, and that was an intriguing thought to me. I thought that sounded like a fun thing for this series, so I went and checked it out at night and, no, they didn't sleep, and I went to a bunch of them and they weren't sleeping.

When I pulled up the map, you can see the bottom right. It's currently night, but there are actually different times of the day, so right now I'm at night, and as we get closer to morning, as it were, there will be a period where that says late night, and apparently, that's when they sleep. It has just turned to late night.

As you can see, we're just before morning, and yeah, it literally says "late night" above the clock. I guess that's a little detail I just missed. I never looked at that specific time. But now, what's going to happen is that they're going to go to sleep. There we go. I think they've just gone to sleep.

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I don't think for very long, I assume until like the morning, but can I attack and actually break the skulls, and therefore, bring it down? When it's sleeping or when I attack, will it just wake up, so there's a hit that's not moving, another hit that's not moving. That's been something that I've been wondering about for a while, and also a little extra detail about the different specific, tiny bits of time in the day, like late at night.

A load more hidden tips, summons and entire section of the game! Enjoy.
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