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Alden Ring can be quite a challenging game and it has a lot of depth to it, so you can easily make some mistakes that can be very costly for you. In this article I will be going over a variety of mistakes that you really want to avoid making to make sure that your experience gets even better. For example, there are obviously some general mistakes that we all make, like panic rolling, for example, which makes it so that you become more vulnerable to getting hit by the enemy, and therefore it's not something you really want to do.

It's always better to just stay calm and consider your enemies' moves when fighting, but let's be honest, that's easier said than done. Therefore, in this article I'm going to talk about some of the more specific and subtle mistakes that you can easily stop making. Eldon Ring is full of cliffs, and sometimes we wonder if we can make that jump right, and there is actually a way to know for sure if you're going to make the jump.

Yes, you heard it right, Rainbow Songs. Rainbow stones are more useful than you think, and they do serve a purpose outside of just being pretty. If you have jumped to your death often because you like taking risks, then you'll find that you can use rainbow zones as your personal guide. If the rainbow stone breaks when you throw it, then it means you can't jump; you'll simply just die.

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However, if the rainbow stone stays intact, then you will survive as well, and you can safely jump. There is a debuff in the game that is quite sneaky, and with that this is quite a subtle mistake to make, since I've heard stories where people after dozens of hours still had this debuff on them without ever even knowing that it existed.

I had to include it. Do you see this little icon near your health bar? Have you been hugging a certain someone too much recently? You have been cursed with the same debuff that removes five percent of your total health, and that can definitely be the difference between dying and living in some fights.

The solution to this and removing the debuff is very easy though, so no worries, just use Balajin's blessing. It's the item that Vi gives you after hugging her, and it will also give you a temporary increase in poise, so you can actually turn the debuff into a buff. If you are someone that easily forgets doing this, then the alternative solution might be to just start playing hard to get and refuse to hug the melon.

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However, it's usually not really a smart thing to do since you will miss out on quests, certain dialogue, or the NPCS sending you useful stuff. Unfortunately, if you have killed a certain NPC, it's already too late to bring him back, but if you have only attacked them, then it's not too late to restore the peace because you can atone for your sins at the church of vows.

Just go to the statue, and interact with it. Then, in this way, you will defend the NPCS that you attacked. You will need a celestial due for this, though. Every time you kill the main story boss, you will be rewarded with a remembrance that you can turn in for a powerful item. We go to the NPC that's located at the round table and turn them in.

You'll have to make a choice between one of the two rewards, as you only have one remembrance. But if you choose one, your remembrance is gone for good, so don't do that because you can actually get both rewards. If you want to get both rewards, you need to duplicate your remembrance, and you can do that with those giant figures walking around the map.

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These are essentially walking mausoleums, and there are only a few in the world, so choose wisely which memories you actually want to duplicate. If you remove the white stuff on these mausoleums, then they will fall down and you can enter them inside. You can duplicate your remembrance. When you go back to claim your reward, you can now get both options.

How convenient if you are farming certain enemies for armor or weapons, or any kind of loot really, and the item you're farming has a low drop rate, then always use silver pickled fodder. These things increase your item discovery, which in turn makes mobs drop certain loot much faster. It's especially noticeable if the item that you're seeking is rare.

You can craft these quite easily just by using three robot fruits: one four-toed, one big foot, and one silver firefly. They're also scattered around the world, by the way, for you to loot, so you can also pick them up here and there. This silver pickled fowl food adds 50 discoveries to your discovery set, so it's definitely a substantial amount.

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The gold pickled foul food, on the other hand, gives you 30 percent more runes than any enemy. You can craft it with almost the same recipe as the silver pickled fowl food, with the difference being that you need a golden firefly instead of a silver one. Or easier yet, you can just buy them from Patches, who is an npc that you unlock, and you can also find them in the open world.

Some enemies in the game give you tons of runes when they die, so it's nice to keep this thing in mind and use it in those cases. Just remember that it only works for 3 minutes, so time it accordingly when you use it. In the early game, smithing stones are quite rare, but as you progress, they become increasingly more common, to the point that you can just straight up buy them if you want to, and this applies to both the normal smithing stones as well as the somber smithing stones.

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If you are in the early game and are having some thoughts along the lines of "I should save them for better gear later" or "I do not want to waste them" or something like that, then do not worry about it and just use the stones on something you deem valuable. Valuable, honestly do not worry too much about where you invest your points.

Yes, obviously you want to focus on the stats that enhance your specific class and build, but if you make mistakes along the way or if you figure out that you just don't like the playstyle of your class at all, then this game is flexible. You can respect your character completely after you defeat Ranella, who is one of the main story bosses not too far into the game.

Therefore, if you want to change your stats or you want to go from a melee player to a mage, for example, you don't really need to make a completely new character just to do that, which I think is a common misconception. You will be a few points behind if you choose the wrong class for a certain archetype and then respect, but it's only a few points ultimately that you can just grind for to compensate.

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This is really a small one, but when you're traveling, make sure to not miss out on the glowing skulls. They are subtle and you can easily pass them if you don't know about them, but they give some runes and it's barely any extra effort to just sprint over them when you're mounted. If you're on foot, then you can also roll over them to crush them quickly instead of trying to hit them with your weapons.

In this video we go over a bunch of mistakes that you want to stop doing in Elden Ring so life gets a lot better for you in this game. These are all tips and tricks in Elden Ring that you'll want to know ASAP because making these mistakes can be quite costly and have long term effects. With these Elden Ring tips and tricks you will have an even better experience in this amazing game and they are all relevant for every part of the game early, mid or late. This video does not contain any spoilers either.
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