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Dying like two is here and there is a lot of stuff to talk about, stuff that they're not talking about to you in the game. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today's game rings 10 things. Dying Light 2 doesn't tell you to start out at number 10, the dropkick, which is even more overpowered this time around.

Probably one of the most hilarious and fun moves to use in the first game was the dropkick, and no surprise here, they brought it back for the sequel, but when I first heard this, my inclination was that they were definitely going to balance it out a bit and make it not quite as effective as in the first game, but I was wrong.

If anything, it's better than it used to be. It doesn't just send multiple enemies flying when you connect with it anymore; it does a ton of damage. The only downside to using it this time around is that it costs a little stamina, but not much. As long as you haven't completely used up your stamina, you're probably good.

like This move is great for thinning out crowds by kicking dudes off rooftops. It's especially handy for taking on human bosses because there's basically no answer for this move. It breaks guard, it's unblockable, and when you hit them with it, they get knocked back, which gives you an easy opening to beat on them while they're trying to stand up.

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If there are any traps around, you probably won't even have to bother with that. One good dropkick to the fuse box can sometimes kill a boss in one hit. It's almost too good. The dropkick in this game blows the one in the first game out of the water, which is crazy because in the first game it was ridiculous.

At number nine, there is a great trick to grind uncommon infected trophies. From the grindiest aspect of Dying Light 2, these infected trophies are exclusively used to upgrade crafting supplies. The only way you get them is to kill special infected, and they drop at three different levels: uncommon, rare, and unique.

Depending on the infected, you loot them from most upgraded crafting recipes; they're major improvements. So you're going to need a lot of these trophies if you want to upgrade anything, but strangely enough, the type of infected trophy you'll be short on the most is supposed to be the least uncommon infected trophy.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - dying light 2 dropkick

The issue is that you need a lot to upgrade. You probably won't be able to find any to play normally. That's because the two most common enemies they drop from the virals and the howlers are enemies the game trains you to avoid, so if you want to get a lot of uncommon trophies fairly quickly, you've got to go out at night from the bazaar.

If you find a howler, kill them, loot them and start running because they always get a howl out if you kill them normally. You're going to be chased by a bunch of virals, which are the fast ones, so you run around until you find this truck in a narrow alley, along the wall at the bazaar. You go inside it.

You stand on the ledge. You just bash any viruses that try to come in. Just keep doing it, and eventually you'll have a pretty nice pile of bodies to loot. This is the best place I found near the bazaar because there aren't any normal zombies here to get in your way, so you can go and get all the virals.

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With all the virals, it's annoying to have to slowly loot each body. So just run down the alley and come back, and all the bodies should be replaced with packages that you can collect way faster. So that's it. Just rinse and repeat. You'll get a ton of uncommon, infected trophies for upgrading purposes.

If you're not quite tough enough to take on that many virals, an easier but less efficient way to get trophies is to start a chase, then run to an iv lamp and attack them from there. They'll stop and try to run away when the chase ends, but you can still hit them in the back and loot them afterwards for a few easy trophies.

At number 8, you can mod weapons to restore durability. In the original Dying Light, repairing weapons was really easy. You just used a weapon repair kit and you were good to go. It's not so simple in the sequel. For players just starting out, you might think that there's no way to restore a weapon's durability because there are no repair kits in the game.

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But there is a way to fix your weapons. For all the tutorial messages that the game throws at you, it's never straight up explained, but modding weapons also repairs a portion of a weapon's durability. That means the best time to mod a particularly good weapon isn't when you first get it but to wait till it's about 50 to 75.

So that way, when you mod it, you're not just making the weapon stronger, you also maximize the amount of time you get to use it without it breaking. That's not the only way to preserve your weapons either. There's also a particularly powerful grip mod that you can use to increase a weapon's durability by a flat percentage.

If you upgrade this mod, you can keep using your favorite weapon for a whole lot longer. At some point, it's going to break no matter what, maybe not in a breath of the wild way, but it is inevitable, so at least you can delay the inevitable a little bit by making your weapons last a lot longer than they normally would.

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At number seven, noisemakers are still very powerful. One of the most useful tools in the original Dying Light was the humble noisemaker, which is literally a bunch of firecrackers bundled together and used to distract zombies. It's fairly useless against human enemies, obviously, but for a large group of zombies, it's incredibly handy.

The obvious use for these is to sneak around zombies, and they work really well for that purpose, but they're also really good when you're in combat, like if you mistakenly wake up an entire dark zone or want to clear out a convoy, there's just no better way to deal with it than to throw a firecracker near an explosive, and they work really well for that purpose.

Upgraded noise makers are even more powerful too. They lure the zombies for a longer time and at a greater range, so proper use of noisemakers can turn a dangerous situation into an easy one. They're just an all-around great group. And number six, the starting paraglider, is not great either. It takes a long time to get access to the paraglider and dial leg 2, but we need to.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - dying light 2 noisemakers

It is incredibly satisfying to get a chance to fly all over the place. The only problem is that the unupgraded paraglider you start out with kind of sucks. The main problem is how slow it is. Unless you've already put a lot of points into stamina, you can barely stay in flight for more than a few seconds.

That's why it's important to upgrade as soon as you can. because trying to get around the downtown area with the standard paraglider is a huge pain in the ass. The cost of the upgrade is pretty steep, but it is worth it. If you're constantly falling to your death because of the paraglider, that's going to be really frustrating.

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