Dying Light 2 Stay Human - 10 Best Games Of 2022. First Half



all right. We're halfway through 2022, so like every year, let's take a look back and round up some of the best games that have been released so far. Keep in mind, these are the game rank team's choices. Now we've got 10, actually more than 10 games to talk about, so let's get going, starting off at number.

Dying light 2 stay human

10 dying light 2. This is the follow-up to one of our favorite games here at GameRanks, and we think it mostly lived up to it. The open world setting was really cool. The parkour free running trap setting stuff was even better this time around, and the combat gave you a lot of options on how to take down enemies.

It just felt like an expanded version of the first game. That's incredibly satisfying to play. The simple stealth is satisfying with all the hits. I feel good. The parkour free running stuff gives you a sense of speed and adrenaline. And there is a lot to keep you busy; a lot of side quests, a lot of side activities, and they don't all feel like pointless filler, and of course, it's all set in a really cool, well-designed world with communities.

In very different ways, handling the whole zombie apocalypse thing was kind of fun to really take all that in now that we're through it. It was a meal. We chewed it. We swallowed it.

At number nine, we have Pokémon Legends: Arceus. While the story and some of the settings weren't as compelling as I was hoping, considering it's set in like a before time, the core gameplay stuff is pretty good and I'm really excited to see where the Pokemon company is going to take that further.

We're really excited to see where this story goes next because this new gameplay foundation they built here is pretty cool and has a lot of potential.

The quarry

Next, over at number , we get to talk about The Quarry. This one was recently released and it's from Supermassive Games, the people behind the Dark Pictures anthology games, as well as one of our all-time favorites, until Dawn.

The Quarry is very much another game like Dawn, but focusing a little bit more on camp goofiness like from 80s horror movies, embracing just some of the teen soap opera drama stuff but with some light humor and weird quirkiness, but still plenty of scares. It's still gory and scary, but it's really based on moment-to-moment.

This is actually more about the moment-to-moment decisions you make in the dialogue and how that affects the characters and really how the story plays out. There are a lot of different outcomes, there are a lot of different endings, and it's just really satisfying to play through, whether alone, in the dark by yourself because the graphics are pretty good most of the time, or if you're just having some good times playing with some friends, it very much feels like a celebration.

Of slasher kind of goofier horror movies, and we love them for that supermassive feel. Games really, for the most part, just get this stuff and we love playing through their games and we think the Quarry is up there as one of their best.

Tmnt shredders revenge

Tmnt shredders revenge

Next , over at number seven, we have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Shredders' revenge if you like this type of game, let me tell you, this one is definitely going to scratch that itch. It's from Dutemo. They've done it again with the Ninja Turtles in general. They've just kind of straight up made a new, fun, accessible, but still challenging, classic style.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles brawler It is so awesome from the music to the static cut scenes, the soundtrack, the animations of the characters, the little voice lines, all of it is filled with some fun old school gameplay charm, and while some people can't go back to this retro style of play, the people that do like us here.

There's a lot to love here. It's a short play through, it's nothing crazy, but there's a story mode and an arcade mode and multiple difficulties, and it is so much better with friends. It supports up to six player co-op and features the turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey Jones. If you love this stuff, definitely give it a try.

Kirby and the forgotten land

Next, over at number six, we have Kirby and the forgotten land. If you were looking for something good on the Nintendo Switch this year, check out this 3D Kirby Adventure and some really interesting locations. It's really satisfying, it's lighthearted, it's fun, there's good stuff to collect, and Kirby can transform into a lot of cool things.

I'll be honest, we didn't get time to do it before you bought the article for this game and initially covered it, but when we did check it out, we found a really charming and fun kind of turn off your brain Kirby game. We think those are important to have. You know, maybe it's not the best Kirby game, but it'll still probably put a smile on your face if you're into this stuff.

V rising

V rising

Next On number five, we have another game that we haven't had a chance to cover yet here on game ranks, but after diving in and us dabbling here and there, we got to say man, this thing has gained popularity, specifically on steam specifically, a lot thanks to word of mouth and it's pretty worth the hype.

You wake up as a vampire and have to build your empire. It's like a top-down large explorable world with survival elements, RPG elements, but also vampire elements. You've got to worry about sunlight. You gotta satisfy your thirst for blood, and it's just nice to see vampire games really having a comeback.

We're hoping 2022 is really the year of the vampire, from vampire survivors really going viral to V-Rising really kicking off. This is just a PC gamers' game with some really cool combat, satisfying enemy types, beautiful visuals, and good multiplayer. It's something you should definitely check out if you're playing on PC.

We highly recommend it .

Lego star wars the skywalker saga

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - best games of 2022

Next, over at number four, we have Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. You probably wouldn't expect us to dive this deep into this one, but it's just awesome. It's a really well-made perfect Star Wars package if you were of that generation that kind of grew up with the Lego Star Wars games or had younger siblings that really grew up with them.

They've really become a thing. They're satisfying, well-made games. There are great memes, and the Skywalker saga is essentially a celebration. Of all those games, it basically gives you a full adventure to play through for each movie in all the main trilogies, and it gives you a ton of explorable, kind of open-style world vehicles.

There are a bunch of characters to play through and tons of stuff to unlock. There are some great inside jokes and references, and it plays better than your average Lego game. They've really retooled the combat, the third person shooting, there's some cover systems, and also it looks pretty damn gorgeous.

The first half of 2022 had some great games for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XSOne, and Nintendo Switch.
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