Dota 2 - 5 New Meta Tips That Are Absolutely Broken - New Patch 7. 32 Thoughts - Guide

Dota 2 - 7.32

These are ideas or concepts that I don't know. I just hadn't really thought much about it or just meta. Let's get into it. And now I want to tell you guys a little bit about Dota Plus from Overwolf. Your xp is your gpm. All of these things you need to track to know how well you're doing and what you need to change to gain more MR you can get for absolutely free.

On top of that, the biggest reason why you need to download Dota Plus, at least for me, is the band suggestions. So basically, it tells you what the enemy team is good at. It tells you their best heroes and what they've been winning with. You just banned it. You might be wondering why your good heroes, or your best heroes, keep getting banned.

It's because of Dota Plus. The enemy team is using it and banning your best heroes. So the first point I want to talk about is the fact that Pudge will not get nerfed and be OP next patch, so I honestly think Pudge is one of the best heroes in Dota right now and just misunderstood or misused. I really believe that I actually believe that Pudge is actually a top meta hero.

Dota 2 - 7.32 patch

I want to say Pudge is a top five or top 10 hero. And that might sound insane to you guys, and a lot of people are going to call me crazy and say I'm just saying that for the sake of youtube or whatever, but no, I actually believe that. I really do believe the hero is a good laner. I think it's a solid laner, with some very favorable matchups.

I actually recently beat a lone druid in lane as fudge, so I don't necessarily think that's even a favorable matchup, but it depends on your support. The support matches a little bit, but I think there's a lot of pairings of pudge that are really strong. I think Snap Fire Pudge is really good. I think Marcy Pudge is very good, so I think it's very flexible with a four I also think you can pair it with something like tiny, and it's completely fine, so even if you want like a four that's more of a roamer and playing for the mid game, that's fine because you can just hook the range creep to start the wave, right and pull aggro twice.

Dota 2 - 7.32 release date

Play the lane defensively, have the tiny drag for the second wave, and then you're chilling, and so the hero is very versatile in its play style as well, which I think is honestly just very cool and very impressive to me. The axe is just an insane HP reduction. It has a crazy movement speed slowdown of 50 with level 10 talent.

It does like 170 damage per second, and the flesh heap is honestly insane. I was even surprised. I was watching the Aster team spirit series recently and I personally see it as a big mistake. Ori bought a hooded defiance. He was against mostly physical damage too, which was the weirdest part. What was so weird was that he didn't buy a vanguard.

But honestly, I felt that if he bought a vanguard, he might have been able to snowball some of the earlier fights and just straight up live the terrorblade. And it might not seem significant because, you know, it's a hero that hits so hard, surely vanguard doesn't matter, but it's how flesh heap and vanguard synerate together that really makes it insane.

Dota 2 - best carry heroes

On top of that, I even think he could have opted for more of an armor-based build. I think he could have gone for an early plate. It's something that my friend Potato recommends occasionally, and he's a Pledge member, and I actually do believe that there's a lot of merit to this. I think the fact that this hero can be built in any way as well.

I think you can go by vessel if you need a vessel. I think you can be the vessel buyer. I honestly think Pudge can be a wraith pack buyer, which I don't necessarily think is the best option. I think the hero could be a halberd buyer. I think it could be a blink dagger initiator. It can be a flash farmer with phase boots.

It can be flexed in so many different ways and fill so many different roles, and especially in the pro scene, I believe that the 0 can be flexed in even the support role. I genuinely believe it's good, but either way, as time goes on. I think if the hero gets buffed, or even left alone and the other meta heroes get nerfed.

Dota 2 - broken heroes

I think Pudge is going to shoot up to the top. So start practicing it now. Get the hang of flesh heat because it makes you take no damage from rot. It's really op, like really op, and yeah, just keep this here in mind. Next up is Veil Et. I just want to show you guys a quick demonstration of why Belle et has become the most popular build on the hero outside of the fact that, honestly, it's straight up a good e.T item because it works well with your earth splitter.

It amplifies the damage to echo stomp. Not really, but it's more about amping the damage of an earth splitter and then, on top of that, just amping the damage to your teammates. I exploded into the wrath of nature just like that. He took like six hundred and seven hundred damage. I couldn't believe it all right and I'm going to use this dummy here to actually show you why this build is so insane.

It's crazy, so normal, Laguna and Max do 675 to a hero at 25 magic resist. That's right, that's the number. Okay, now I'm going to put a basic but very effective natural order on this guy, so when you put out the spirit, it reduces the magic damage. It does mean they're magic resistant. It doesn't reduce their armor, but it reduces their magic resistance.

Dota 2 - carry guide

Now the laguna will deal 900 damage right because the 25, resist has gone away. However, if you add a veil to the equation here, as I'm just going to let that damage go away real quick, if you add a veil to the equation, all of a sudden that Laguna is doing an extra 162, damage. That is something.

That is something alright. Getting into the third point, sticking on the topic of meta, is that Chen is just kind of broken. I think if Chen gets untouched in the upcoming patch, which honestly I don't think that's going to be the case, but it is possible. The only reason why is that I don't think this euro was that popular until the recent major, at least I wasn't seeing it, and now all of a sudden this hero is like the most winning hero of the recent major.

I think Chen is very good, because you can take the small camp with ancient level one and so can Chan, so they're on the same level when it comes to that. The biggest thing is really just the healing. There's just too much healing. There's too much healing. And on top of that, a lot of team comps don't want a hero in the offlane.

Dota 2 - carry heroes list

To be their tower taker, unless they have a beastmaster or lycan, they constantly get banned out, so even in your pubs right, like if you're picking Chen, it's just straight up good. It's good in the right lane. It's very versatile. Lane can do well in the majority of match-ups. If you need support, you can just go headdress.

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