DOOM Eternal - 10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries - Part V



Sometimes you find a discovery in a article game that's so mysterious you end up wanting to pull out your own hair, which is why today's article is brought to you by Keep, a hair loss treatment for men. Part 5: 10 more mysterious discoveries and article games that still remain unsolved to this day.

Half life 2

Thanks to Howardy Frog for submitting this mystery to the header discord. In March of 2020, he got together three Half-Life 2 developers. Atrium Pheno. Robin Walker, and David Spyro, to react to his speedrun of the game by wayzone. During a random moment in Chapter 10, when Wayzone is holding a crate to pull off the speed running trick, the developers casually mention a possible trick of their own.

He needs a baby to put in that crate. Yeah, a crate bait to do the crate baby trick. No one is exactly sure what the crate baby trick entails as the speed running community isn't aware of any exploits in the game involving a crate and a baby, but of course there is a baby in the game in the form of a baby doll that can be found on the playground in the first chapter of the game.

And funny enough, a short distance away from it is a crate. Putting the baby in the crate didn't exactly produce any clear results. Though I have to wonder if there's more to this concerning another tidbit that was revealed. Crate Baby led to the Gnome Achievement. The gnome achievement was an achievement in Half-Life 2 Episode 2 where you had to carry a random gnome all the way to the end of the game and shove them in a rocket, which seems to imply the crate baby trick could somehow involve carrying both of these items to a later point in the game.

Hopefully, someone out there is up for the challenge, but from the sounds of things, it may just be worth it once they cover crate baby speed.

Watch dogs 2

Watch dogs 2

watch dogs too. Thanks to ar-56br6 for submitting this discovery on the on-header discord, ar56br6's. The mystery begins when they initially noticed the mountains in the Marin Woods area of the game that weren't accessible. He managed to also find a rusty bust and, perhaps strangest of all, a toilet that's mounted in the middle of the woods with two rusty children's tricycles beside it that's slattered with a dark substance that looks like blood.

I think you get the idea that whatever brutalized this toilet, perhaps it'd be bigfoot or somebody with a bad case of something. I'm just not sure why the developers would go out of their way to update the game just so they could add this. I think I'll just stay in the normal playable area.

Cyberpunk 2077

2077, thanks to av wrenchlinger and primary intention 181 for submitting this mystery through the on-header reddit.

Not long after the especially rocky release of the anticipated cyberpunk 2077, players started noticing around the game map could be found mysterious statues with a led message on them that cryptically says, ff06b5. An entire subreddit surrounding the discovery has been started. Powell sasco The lead quest designer in the game was recently asked about it during a live stream and confirmed that there was definitely more to the discovery.

There's a question: is there any meaning behind ff06b5, written in the statue? I cannot tell you, of course, there is a meaning on the bright side. He gave some words of encouragement that he's hopeful that one day we're going to solve what it means. This is what it means to the community. It's one of the things that the community is interested in tracking.

I'm , I'm, I'm positive. Thanks Paul one day we'll solve it too, just like on Positive. One day you'll solve all the issues with this game .

Doom eternal

Doom eternal

Maybe not thanks to Cat Rig TV and Hawaii Salad for submitting me these discoveries on my reddit and discord. Catwreck TV was having a normal playthrough of 2020's Doom Eternal on the 8th level of Sentinel Prime when suddenly they heard something rather unexpected, as suddenly they could hear music from Doom 2 that was seemingly coming from this barrel.

I know they say you can play doom on anything, but I never expected a barrel. Catrice TV shared the discovery with the doom rider, and no one had any clue how exactly they triggered the audio. Although it was pointed out that the music is in the game files, as are all the other DOOM 2 tracks, since the original two games can be played inside the doomslayer's house.

On a similar note. Hawaii Salad was running through the Mission 6 art complex when they noticed, in the corner of their eye, that when they fell off this platform, an alligator that doesn't appear anywhere else in the game sank into the depths below. Research was conducted by Mattias Carlson on Twitter, who found the alligator is programmed to sync as soon as you see it and also that it has no animations.

You can't kill it, and it does nothing when you touch it. Strangest of all, during the secrets of doom eternal stream at Quakecon, when the community managers were asked about this discovery and explained when they brought it to the team's attention, they said it was an alligator. Asking if they had any idea about it, they replied, "no one of the community managers at the event suggested it was perhaps a reference to an alligator in Resident Evil 2, but since the community manager isn't actually a developer in any way involved with the egg, that can really only be considered a decent guess as to whether or not there's any more going on with this alligator in the music in the barrel unfortunately." appears to be a mystery the developers wouldn't know about either.

Fish waffle 64

Fish waffle 64

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Thanks to frequent contributor Cyclone Joker for submitting this on the header discord. Fish Waffle 64 was streaming while playing in the forbidden forest while encroaching upon the cali demos, a giant parasitic plant monster that's the final boss of the area.

One of Fish Waffle's viewers jokingly suggested that she water the plants, so Fish Waffle went into one of the flowing waters in the area and captured some forest water. Later, when he was in the fight.


Thanks to robodj64 for submitting this discovery on my discord server. Deltarune is an rpg by Undertale creator Todd Fox, whose first chapter was released in 2018.

DOOM Eternal - game

Where characters Chris and Sue are pulled into the dark world from the school supply closet, being that only one chapter is out, there are a number of questions on loose ends that still haven't been answered. For example, it was discovered that if you were to go back and forth to the previous area only on an extremely rare occasion, the player would be teleported to a secret location.

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