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Diablo IV - activision blizzard

This show is back for another week. Let's do this thing today in the news. Man, I'm leaving for one weekend, and suddenly there's just a ton of gaming news. Well, Unity flatly rejected the offer. Instead, Unity is going to go ahead and join forces with Ironsource, another company that monetizes apps, so really it's kind of the same thing but just a different company.

Then we got news that Multiverses, the totally insane platform fighter, is getting even more insane because players noticed that two new characters were being added. For example, Black Atom is cool but spiked with gremlins. I guess this is the one for me. We also got an update on Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard and their defense against Sony's claim that owning Call of Duty would dominate the fps market and would make it unfair to other consoles and companies.

Well, Microsoft fired back once again, repeatedly, all over himself. That's a bold strategy, regardless of how unsurprising. Sony's criticism of content exclusivity is given that PlayStation's entire strategy has been centered on exclusivity over the years. The reality is that the strategy of retaining Activision Blizzard's games by not distributing them to rival console shops would simply not be profitable for Microsoft.

Diablo IV - diablo 4

The company claims such a strategy would be profitable only if Activision Blizzard's games were able to attract a sufficiently large number of gamers to the Xbox console ecosystem and if Microsoft could earn enough revenue from game sales to offset the losses from not distributing such games on rival consoles, it adds.

Then they lay out the biggest defense, and it is the juiciest bit of information of all. As it turns out, they just showed some numbers as well. According to court documents, Microsoft says that the Xbox One sold half as many consoles as the PlayStation 4. People have been curious about this for a while now, assuming that yes, the PS4 sold more than the Xbox One, but now we have some numbers.

While Xbox sold 58 million consoles while Sony sold 117 million, so while Xbox wasn't really upfront in public with all that information and we just assumed they got beat during that generation, it looks like now Sony really stomped them. So again, it seems crazy to me that Microsoft's plan here is to convince governments around the world to let this acquisition happen because, well.

Diablo IV - diablo 4 microtransactions

Microsoft kind of sucks, and they even said things like, "Activision Blizzard, they don't even make that great of games." It's just so bizarre, but I actually think it's going to work. This is definitely going to happen, and it's just a weird strategy. I understand why they're doing it, but it's just so bizarre.

Speaking of activision blizzard While I was away over the weekend, my twitter feed, all of my social media, was filled with people just losing their minds about Diablo 4. When I got back. I guess this time it was some sort of German-language pricing survey, and I guess they wanted to better understand gamer preferences.

A lot of people are saying this is legit because it lines up with something that they sent out in Korea last month. It includes asking your thoughts on offerings of cosmetic changes to characters, possible premium rewards, and the one I think really sets people off the most, which is an in-game currency called platinum.

Diablo IV - diablo 4 monetization

For some reason, we've already had a lot of leaks about what this game is and what Blizzard wants it to be. I don't know. For the blizzard community and the fandom there, there is a pattern. It happens all the time. There's outrage there's outrage before a new Blizzard game, be it Warcraft or now Diablo, comes out, there's outrage.

So much outrage. People are always looking for things to get angry at. Then the game comes out, the outrage vanishes for like a week or two, and people are suddenly in love with it, and then the outrage cycle begins again. I don't know. It's a community that I was a part of for a long time, so I saw it there a lot.

And look, if you want to be outraged at Activision's blizzard, great, stop playing their games. I don't know, I just feel like it's weird to see people who are like, "I have never been more mad at Activision blizzard." can't wait for launch day, right? I just don't know. I've always thought that was very strange and still think it is.

Diablo IV - diablo 4 monetization leaked

It's Monday, so that means it's time for your releases on Wednesday. Our perfect little round cutie pie. This is the game for you to race your friends, play silly games, and become the biggest, roundest, bestest boy you can be. On Thursday, check out something totally different with We Are Ofk, the biopic and kind of interactive album about living in, dreaming in, and making your way through Los Angeles as someone way cooler than me.

Explore the world of music from the bottom and see what it takes to get to the top. I'm sure it won't be emotionally draining in any way. Speaking of not emotionally draining, that's a weird one, big shot. Last jessie cox, where you can join Kerry Webb, Jonathan Wang, and Ethan Jackson. That's it for the show.

Thanks so much. See y'all tomorrow for another episode of 5-minute gaming news.

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