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In this article we're going to redo my paragon tree. We're going to talk about why I'm picking which paragon talents I have and which paragon talents I would take if I had different reasons, etc. So think of this as your paragon tree guide. There are two new trees here for 150 paragon. I'm going to break them down now.

Mastermind is the better of the two. If you ask me, its highlights include a weakness that makes the targets vulnerable. For 20 of the damage for three seconds when you're attacking bosses, for instance, be able to have an additional crit chance for each different class in your party, and then things like damage reduction while your party members are close to you, and then, of course, increase skill damage.

Any time we're seeing increased damage, you know that I'm going to take it so personally. I think mastermind is not too bad of a name. However, if you go and look at Soldier, I actually don't think it's very good at all. This also reduces damage for party members. If you look at this one, whenever you drop below a circumstance in life, you recover.

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If you look at this one, bow morale can now stack eight times in the cooldown of the first day, which is the one we just talked about getting reduced, and then what is battle morale? Well, when each enemy player is killed within 15 yards of one of your party members, your damage for 10 seconds stacks up to four times, or eight times if you have the previous perk.

And then this one's kind of weird. Your death grants additional damage reduction. So I could see this maybe being a good tree if you are doing a lot of vaulting or PVP. You know, ancient arena things where you're kind of all on top of each other in like an overworld pvp type of thing. I don't like this one too much because, personally, if you're trying to do pvp, I actually like Gladiator better.

The reason being, if you look through it here, it's uncontrollable. You get a trap that lies below your feet that will basically grab people. I don't really think this one's that good because it doesn't seem to activate very often. The quick way, in my opinion, is quite good because you don't really notice it, but it's reducing the duration of the effects that the pvp, Cc has on you.

Diablo Immortal - guide paragon

Kitty, please get off my keyboard. She's constantly trying to bother me in the morning, so cheat death is The real reason you take this one is because when you basically die, you get like a phoenix ashes where people can't hurt you for a little bit, and you come back up and you have some HP. And it's sort of like a Zhonyas from League of Legends, except you gain some HP back.

You can use it multiple times on the battleground. This is the real reason most people take Gladiator, and if you look at rapid recovery here, it reduces the cooldown of these other ones, for instance, trapper and uncontrollable. This being uncontrollable in this being trapper, so what do we have?

Here is a sort of pvp set. Now I'm kind of going over the actives before I go over the passives, and if you look at treasure hunter here, This one's more about pve. world farming things like experience for monsters, gold for monsters, equipment for monsters, globes from monsters, and increasing the bonuses of the other previous.

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So this is what's going to happen if you're overworked farming, dungeon farming, etc. And a large chunk of that is for the extra gold and the extra experience that you do get from farming with Treasure Hunter. You have to take it at its word and say it doesn't in fact increase equipment drop and that the equipment drop it increases is then modified by things like your magic find et cetera, so you could be giving more legendaries, but we don't have proof of it.

That's why there are a lot of conspiracy theories about this type of stuff. And then, of course, we have a survivor and a vanquisher. This just happens, so if you have 90 percent reduced life, you're taking 10 percent less damage. That becomes more effective the tankier you are. Whenever you drop below 30 percent life, you gain 35 increased movement speed and can move unhindered through monsters for six seconds.

Diablo Immortal - paragon

I think this one could be quite important too, because 35 increased movement speed for six seconds is quite a bit. It can actually help you get away in pvp and timest Maybe the cheat death ones have helped you get away from indestructible, fatal attacks from monsters and instead reduced you to one life and made you immune to all damage from monsters, so you have sort of the cheat death but in pve here, same cooldown on that and then, of course, you have the reduced cooldowns, which you can sort of see for stalwart, which drops blue life, you gain block chance for six seconds, so this is more of a pve survivability.

But the escape r this can actually be quite good in pvp. Now, the last one, and then we're going to talk about some more of the paragon from just a general point of view. If you look at this one here, Vanquisher is the other one. It's the one that's going to be power damage based, so damage increases to monsters each time you defeat them.

Diablo Immortal - paragon guide

It's stacked, so obviously overworld farming is good. After defeating a monster, your damage stacks again, and then if you look at this judgment, after feeling a monster, your next attack is critical. From Paragon, this is very good for overwatch farming. You have one or two damage points. You have an armor penetration point here.

When am I talking about damage numbers or penetration points? Well, you have these passive stats, and these will happen no matter what, meaning you can unlock this inventory row, you can unlock these stats, and even if you have let's say points in other stats, like let's say I go full blown in the mastermind.

I can still unlock the stats from the other areas, like I could unlock this damage. I could unlock this damage. I could unlock this armor penetration, without having to actually have it be active. What do I mean by "active"? Well, after you learn a skill from each area, you can actually have an active tree and go back and forth swapping what your active tree is.

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So at this point, what I'm going to do is I'm going to be placing my points and I'm going to let you know where I'm going to be placing my points. If you look through it, if I wanted armor penetration, I could go arm or pin here. I could get the potency, armor pin and damage. I want as much damage as possible.

I do think the vulnerability to bosses is interesting, but personally, I think it's more important for pvp. We have the right of exile tomorrow, so I'm going to be going into the gladiator tab, not necessarily the soldier tab. I could go into the soldier tab, but the reason I don't want that one is I want the cheat death mechanic that is going to give me a 60 second heal basically when I die.

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