Destiny - The Final Prep Guide (season 18, Lightfall, Final Shape & Beyond)

Destiny - 2 farm

You usually do this, that, and the other thing, and I keep having to tell people, well, nothing's really changed. You could go back, you could go walk back and watch my prep guide from like three seasons ago and it's still the same information. Really, all prepping has come down to at this point is stockpiling as much xp as you can so that you can get a head start on the artifact and unlock this last column earlier before the raid, ideally, and I guess if you want to count, a head start on the season pass.

Usually, if you stockpile enough, you'll find yourself somewhere on this page between 21 and 30. I just wanted to be clear that this is going to be the last prep guide I make unless something changes. So for those who don't know, if you go to your inventory space here, you see this 63, which is total quest and bounty capacity.

That means if I have a question here, that's going to take away from bounty space, so if you have a bunch of quests, you're going to want to try and clear those out, either delete them or complete them, because you're trying to have as many bounties as possible. The base premise for bounties is to stockpile as many as you can each week because those are worth the most, 12 000 xp.

Destiny - 2 prep guide

Daily most of them are worth 6000 xp, and repeatable bounties are worth 4000 xp. In an ideal scenario, you don't want to have any repeatables. There are plenty of weeklies and dailies to fill up your entire slot here. I'm not even maxed out completely on weeklies because some of the clan bounties are very annoying and tedious to do, like doing 10 gambit bounties on each character.

At the end of the day, as long as you have some prepped and are getting a good head start, I think that's a good place to be at. You don't have to max scrunch every little xp out of there, it's really not worth it. Another really important note about bounties is that you can pretty much save bounties from any source.

Do not save event bounties, though. If you saved any from the solstice event, make sure you get rid of those because those will get taken away. The nice part is that compared to previous seasons, they fixed it so that dreaming city bounties do give xp now as long as you do the dailies and weeklies, not the story missions.

Destiny - arc 3.0

Top Another thing about the dream city is that you used to be able to only hold one ascendant challenge bounty, and as you can see, I have more than one now. And then I think that's the complete four. There are either four or five. I'm going to be honest; I have a hard time remembering all these numbers.

Sometimes the same thing kind of goes with the Europa bounties where you do each of the activities; the activities where you go kill the fallen guy; the empire hunts. That's what it is. There's an empire hunt weekly each week that you should pick up. There are four of those. There are four spots on the moon as well.

There are two from Eris and two from the nightmare. Table you can only hold one star horse bounty at a time, so usually I'd like to do the big one. It gives you the most xp. You can see the xp amounts on some of these too, so if you see xp plus plus, you know that's twelve thousand, another really useful tool.

Destiny - best exotics 2

They do a lot of cool stuff. All you have to do is log in to your account. You can see all the bounties that you saved. You can see the materials that you have stored. I will get to rank 20 and a half here with the season pass boost, a ghost shell, and well rested, times two for five ranks, so it takes all those things into account on the new season and I'll tell you what rank you'll get to, which is also really cool.

Some things that are not as important, but obviously you still want to have on deck, are like materials, so go to well, now the crypt arc, It used to be simple. Go to the crypt arc and just buy a bunch of materials. If you have some extra legendary shards, just make sure you have a good amount of each.

Then, obviously, you're going to want to have upgrade modules. You're going to want to have legendary shards, enhancement prism enhancement cores, and spoils if you want to succeed. Again, not confirmed, but I'm pretty sure King's Fall is coming back. You're going to want to have some spoils ready for when I need to do that for when the raid drops.

Destiny - best mods 2

Then another thing, and it's not totally necessary by any means, is that they give you a nice little something. It's kind of cute. It's very clean. They give you a checklist of all the different things you might want to have between a blinding aid launcher and a clear auto and a clear smg. They do all this stuff for you, and they list the best of the best, in my opinion.

Not required, but just a cool visual. If you want something to keep track of, give yourself something to do. There are some really good exotics to have. They list some of the best exotics that you should have for next season. I'm going to be honest, like glimmer storage isn't really that big of a thing anymore to be honest, but for those who don't know, you can store glimmer in your vault by buying these items from collections.

The best ones are Zavala's authority in the other side sparrow, because you can still get the other side sparrow from strikes as far as I believe, but that's so far, like you don't really need that anymore because you can just go to the crypt art to buy glimmer if you need it to be honest with you, before the season starts.

Destiny - best weapons 2

I might lower my count down to about 60 out of 63 here because a lot of times when the new season starts, they'll give you quests and if your inventory space is full, it's supposed to go to the postmaster, but it's happened not time and time again, but it's happened at least a few times where If your quest was sent to the postmaster, sometimes it bugs out and you can't get it, so you're just sitting there twiddling your thumbs at the start of the new season waiting for them to fix it so you can actually play it.

This is one other small tidbit, and this is me using my tinfoil hat again. Bungie said they're going to be adding origin traits and new perk pools to the 30th anniversary Dares of Eternity weapons. So I'm going to be honest. You might want to try and save some red borders for this because there's a chance that they could make these weapons craftable.

Destiny - bounty prep 2

One other thing that you want to do for major expansions, one thing that I'm doing for Lightfall, is save these periversal halls that you get from dares, because these allow you to get to soft cap basically instantly. Every time you pop one of these boxes, it gives you like blues and purples that'll crank your level up instantly as soon as the DLC drops.

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