Destiny - I Forgot How Bad Auto Rifles Were. Now I Remember

Destiny - how

Okay, Suros Regime acting war rig for the AE and the extended mag one two punch shoddy just to handle other titans and a machine gun since I am using an action war rig. I'm going to keep the sprint shotgun out and try to protect my face from the lane. I want to get to the lane. I don't have anything to ignite the whole team, so I'm going to keep the shoddy out as I float.

Let's go to B Flag because we want to flip the spawn. I'm going to wait for my team to peak before I peak. I'm looking at the radar right now for the blue. Now they're peaking, I'm peaking. Same thing i want to hide my stream of bullets if possible. He wants to fly in. He's going to have a rude awakening, and that's called a solar nade.

Too many gamers? Let's go to b. Anchoring b can still win you the game because your teammates will spawn in the back hallway of b. What I want to do is prevent my team from spawning in a. I need to do that by slaying out and staying alive. It's easier said than done, though. I always want to hide my stream of bullets.

I always want to keep my radar up until I know I can win a duel, and then I snap aim onto him and then spray transfer again. Since I know there's been a sniper up there, I want to just pre-aim that just in case. I know there's invis running around, I don't know if it's omni, and I don't have teammates here, so I'm going to barricade.

To get a safer face peek, unfortunately there are too many gamers looking at me. I'm going to lose that if I peak. Okay, so I got a shut down. Not a very proud one. It's kind of lame that my team didn't just instant delete when they backpedaled, like that's the only angle that they could see, but he did go in pretty quickly.

I'm going to play behind my super here. Someone's about to come into this door, so I'm going to barricade it and waste their time for a sec. I think that's a terrible gamer. Did you make it through? He hasn't yet, he went into business, so there is a smoke somewhere too. This map is all about map control, like you can get mercy even though you're a better team if you spawn at A and stay at A.

I think that's like common knowledge at this point, or at least in my articles, but you would be surprised. Okay, so a nice match of control. I felt like I did my team pretty well there. I got out when I was overwhelmed and tried to retake it with the team. Luckily, there was no action on a flag if people take the yellow challenge to the school challenge or the locker challenge or the truck challenge type thing.

Your teammates aren't bored because they have somebody to shoot at, so they're content sitting at a. If you put so much pressure on your opponents that they're not taking the challenge from yellow to trucks, then your teammates get bored and they go help you at sea, which wins you the match. To make your teammates bored, you have to be very annoying to your opponents or slay them.

I hope that I was at least annoying. I mean. I feel like that's a given and almost goes without saying, right, because if I'm playing with my team. I'm not going to tell them the internal monologue of what I'm doing and what's the right decision. I'm not going to be arguing with them about communication.

We're going to be doing what we put into practice, or rather, what we practice, which is things that get results, so I want to call out my intention. I said I intended to, and information and confirmation of whether or not I could help them. Those are the only three things I say right in a game. I don't have time to monologue.

Sometimes I do when it's funny against weaker players, like when they pop a super and I'm like, "Your anime powers are not strong enough, and then you reflect it with an arc staff or something funny and the squad laughs, but most of the time you just do those things." I said information, like how much damage you did, how many there are, and then confirmation.

Can you help? Can you do anything with the information you have? The only ones that matter Break that down. I think this shows the potential of the Saro regime, though the biggest skill gap here, or rather the biggest single thing you can do with the Suros regime to make your experience better, is hip firing more often to keep your radar open, because when you're spinning up, you're going to beat anything that comes around the corner when you're on that bottom half and max rpm, so keep it from the hip, because if you're getting converged on from multiple sides, you might get your health back and that's all you need to be able to turn on somebody.

with the shotgun, and follow it up. I was running a trace rifle with Seros trying to get a path of the burning steps spun up and I could never get it because any time I had all the perks active. I would just get flinched to the ceiling by a single burst of no time to explain, and, yeah, double primary sucks.

Do you need a shotgun in this game? Pour one out for everybody who enjoys double primary, but unfortunately, it's just not possible in a majority of lobbies. You need a shotgun to check corners, or you need a sniper to actually challenge lanes, and if you don't have either of those two things, you're sitting in this waiting game for abilities to try to give you an entry, and in that, like last game, for example.

I'm one person with one set of abilities. I can't do that all the time, so I need a shotgun to let me play forward and check corners. If I had like an organized team of six and we could play off of each other's cooldowns, well now double primaries are on the menu, but when I have five teammates that don't shoot at anything.

I need the special weapon. It's such a sad part of Destiny 2, but it is what it is. And that's where I'm going to end this one.

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