Destiny 2 - Top 5 Things Everyone Should Do Before Season 18. Prep Guide

Destiny 2 - arc 3.0 weapons

A shout out to Chicken Joe on twitter for using my code on advanced gg. Code Demon Joe 20 will be active for the next five days, and as you'd expect, you'll get 20 off your orders when using it. All right lads, it's that point in the season where we start getting ready for the next season. Some of you have probably been doing that by bounty prepping to get artifact mods for the day one raid, but I don't hate myself enough to do that personally, but I intend on beating it regardless since I've been collecting day one raid emblems like the infinity stones these past few years.

Like the article if you like it, subscribe for more content and let's jump into this to kick things off, let's talk about one of the things I'm by far most excited about coming season 18 and that is the addition of the new perk pools and added origin traits to the Dares of Eternity weapons. Now I'd imagine this is just for the mainline weapons that you get from Zuri's treasure horde, but regardless, this has me super excited.

The 30th anniversary update was one of my favorite content drops of all time in Dota 2 and an excuse to hop back in and grind. This content is awesome in my opinion. That way, when season 18 finally drops, I'll have plenty of keys to buy treasure chests for the new Dares weapons, as well as periversal halls that I can convert to even more keys by opening them.

Destiny 2 - best season 18 exotics

What I'm really looking forward to though is, of course, the origin trait for these weapons is going to make the new ones worth grinding on their own, but what I really want is to see an incandescent roll as a perk option on both the BXR and the retraced path since they're both solar weapons. Retracing my path to getting an incandescent will single-handedly make me want to use an actual trace rifle, which I've never even thought about doing all that much until this point, and obviously with the bxr, another primary weapon with an incandescent is always welcome.

Of course, if the BXR doesn't get incandescent, I'd love to see a different damage perk on it like frenzy in that final column, as killclip isn't my favorite option and neither is adrenaline junkie. Don't get me wrong, I love my kill clip demo battle rifle, but frenzy would be a huge welcome change in GM content for sure.

Destiny 2 - best way to prep for season 18

Just complete the deep sight and then throw it into the vault. Just make sure that you don't actually claim the deep sight off of it because, for those that don't know the api, for the dares of eternity weapons, has been showing that they can get enhanced perks for pretty much the entire season, implicitlying that we might be able to craft them in the future.

Bungie has been a thing for a while, and with Bungie announcing that they're refreshing the loot inside the activity, it kind of makes sense that crafting might come alongside these new perk pool changes. Of course, if they don't, then you're not really losing anything, but yeah, make sure that you save up tons of dares of eternity mats so that whenever the new season drops you can go ham on opening a ton of treasure chests and also make sure that those red boxes are held on to in your vault, just in case those weapons come to the enclave.

Moving on, let's talk about grinding out your glaives, because if you didn't rock with the glaze after the most recent buff, how could you not? I've been loving them, and you're really going to love them going into season 18. They're literally all craftable, so go ahead and get leveling them up and enhance some perks because they're going to be an absolute force to be reckoned with very soon.

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Starting in season 18, glaives will now have synergies with the exotics, acd feedback fence, the karnstein armlets, and yes, the necrotic, grips holy. There are going to be some absolutely busted builds to come out of the current glaives that we have combined with these exotics: super good damage resistance and aoe explosive builds with the acds, becoming a damn near invincible demigod with karnsteins, and of course, how could we forget spreading the plague to every enemy in sight like it's the 1300s.

With necrotic grips, our current glaive lineup outside of the exotic ones is nezurax whisper, which in my opinion is the best due to potential arc 3.0 stuff, the lube raised ruin, and finally enigma, so grind out some good stat rolls on the exotics that you want to run with these glaives and level up the glaives themselves before season 18, and you'll be sitting pretty up next from grinding out some last minute glaives.

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Let's talk about scout rifles because Bungie is surprisingly buffing them yet again, inside pve. You guys know me. I'm a pretty big scout rifle simp. I absolutely love using them in GM content as they're a safe and effective option, but I guess Bungie wants to see more casual content use because they're buffing them with yet another damage increase against red bars by 10.

So some notable scouts that you might want to get are the kinetic night watch from the free to play campaign, or dares the kinetic tiers of contrition, which comes from nightmare containment and is worth it if you want something craftable, the solar staccato from the world loop pool, and the void vouchsafe, which is from the dreaming city but also umbral focusable from the helm devoid.

Aisha's embrace from trials if you want a different archetype, and finally, either the arc eternal blazon and contingency plan, which both unfortunately only come from Zur or the gunsmith. This buff was also going to apply to any exotic scout rifles out there, so sky burner's oath mains rise up and polaris lance mains go back to the sewer where they belong.

Destiny 2 - prep guide

That is awful. Anyways, Bungie is also buffing heavy gls by 10, but I'm unsure if this is going to make too much of a difference at all in their usability. It's a little too early to tell, but if there are any heavy grenade launchers that come to mind, maybe grind those out too before season 18. Now something i never thought i'd even suggest for people to do is up next and that is to buy the legend of accrious from the exotic kiosk if you don't already have it and to level up your catalyst with it as well because bungie is giving it a pretty sizable buff, for those that don't know, the catalyst drops from nightfall strikes i believe, and the buff that Bungie is giving Acrious is adding trench barrel as a perk to come with the charged exotic catalyst.

Destiny 2 - season 18

This will give Acrious a 50 damage buff for five seconds after punching an enemy, and this could very well be the change that Acrious needed to see some success. We haven't actively used this weapon as a community since the Crown of Sorrow days, so I'd highly advise being prepared with having the weapon in its catalyst, just in case we find ourselves in a super quirky meta next season.

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