Destiny 2 - How To Play Freelance Trials Like A 2700. Flawless Player. Try It

Destiny 2 - arc 3.0

All right, ladies and gents. I'm going to be using trip mines with under mobility for more dodges and 100 discipline for more trip mines with amunkara, spine, or whatever the hell you pronounce this. I'm going to be trying to sort of commentate on my thought process. Sometimes it's easier than other times, and sometimes there's not much to comment on, especially considering a lot of the time the round starts and I just kind of go somewhere and then things happen.

I start deciding based on what things are happening where I want to go. So let's start by just playing, and as I see opportunities to explain what I'm doing, I will. Hey, one thing I'm already noticing is that I'm not supposed to be on Golden Gun, but I just swapped my build and it's not on Blade Barrage, which is not a sick zone outside.

That's why I'm out to keep control of it. I see that riff, figuring I'll throw that behind him, so he can't run backwards, but I guess he's already backwards. Right now I'm in a goofy spot. I want to figure out an angle to help him, but it's hard right now. I played that round horribly. I didn't think I'd die so fast.

Destiny 2 - beyond light

I wanted to let you guys know what my game plan was. I was trying to get back to the res and fight that guy off. If I was starting to lose the fight, I was going to dodge and just get the guy's res. But he killed me way faster than I expected. If I had to just get behind the cover and get his rifle, that would have worked, but I had a feeling I could just kill him right, so I wanted to try.

All right i've got a forerunner. Nobody on my team's going outside. Let me see if I can just find someone alone, and that's what four runners are so good at, just chilling while I get my health back. The res isn't up yet, so I want to let my teammates keep distracting. Then this should prevent the revival.

One of the reasons these trip mines are so good is for that. A lot of people make the mistake of getting a pick and then immediately, while on one shot, continuing to guard it. You don't have to guard the rest, dudes. It's a seven-second timer. You can get that picked up. You can let your teammates fight them while you gain your health back and then push back out when the revive is about to happen.

Destiny 2 - cheaters

If you wait too long, they get the reds. You don't want that either, but you don't need to just stand your ground while you're weak. Okay, I want to play this better this time, obviously. Okay, my teammates are dead on the left. Getting that right will be tough. I want to help this guy with this 1v1.

Now we can help with this one. The best thing to do is fight with your teammates and jump on one of them. 2v1 turn around 2v1 if we stay in the middle there and play really passive, they're going to slowly creep in on us and we're going to lose. If we're able to get middle control, I'll take free heavy all day, using my heavy to get some kills.

One of my teammates is dead. All is good. What's interesting about freelancers is that I'm like, "I don't know where the res is." I'll start running around with GL and find it. Okay, one down low. I am very weak and need to just get away. I thought he was alone. I'm pretty sure I was right, but if you're about to die, he's got to give up on a fight.

Destiny 2 - destiny

If he backs up, he should explode. I think I'll get him. One minute left. I'm going to start rotating towards that rez because I can grab that ammo and then I can try to protect him in the zone. As people jump out, they have to come out because he's in the zone and I can just protect and wait. He's not really in the zone.

I guess they're either hoarding him off or I still don't really want to join him in the zone because they don't want to let them wither hoard us. But he's not even on it. I should have stopped looking at the zone. I kept looking at it, being like, "Why is he not there?" But then when I looked at it, somebody snuck out with Lord of the Wolves.

They got a piece of mind with Lord of the Wolves on the oculus, who is putting up some good damage, so he's definitely someone to focus on. My teammates down, it's from the guy that we need to worry about. I want to isolate him. He's going to make me a lord of wolves perfectly. I saw him fighting.

Destiny 2 - freelance trials

My teammates figured he might be weak. They could not push up and stop this revival except with a grenade. So now we're in 3v2 and we're capping the zone. It was a weird situation, but because the revise was on me and the zone was on me, I had all the time in the world. If the situations were reversed, I would have had to push no matter what, like they should have been pushing me.

His waiting around for his teammate was not the play there. He should have pushed me. Even though there's a trip mine, he should have figured out a way to try to get damage on me. My trip back was there to prevent that exact idea, though, or wolves. I know where both razzes are. I heard him go in and here's my trip to his.

Another example of how I have full control, so I don't need to make any crazy decisions here. I knew the rez was on my left. I knew the rez was top middle on my right. I knew that I just had to hold my ground, wait for the tether to go, and then I could play it all right. Let's try another match, all right.

Destiny 2 - gernaderjake

We got a last word from the scout: long range in close range. It's kind of a weird combo, but it works. Shotgun pulse, long range, close range witherward pulse, okay, and I've still got my combination of the long range 4runner, the close range drain, and then the trip mines for just area control.

We are four wins into our attempt at a flawless season. In the freelance playlist, we've got two titans on our team. good titan walls. I'm down i'm just kind of looking at the radar to see if there's anybody outside not seeing it. This guy's so focused on my teammates that I just got a free kill.

People sometimes ask me how often I look at radar. In spots like this where I can't get shot from anywhere, I'm staring straight at radar. I'm just trying to see if I get a ping, because if I do, I know that there's someone to jump on. If I don't, I know I can kind of change directions and go back inside.

I'm going to do the same thing right now. Right now, I'm going to use cover. I can't get shot anywhere staring at radar. It looks like they might allow me to flank behind him. I did not expect that guy to just be waiting for your last word. I'm not going to challenge you while I'm this week just getting restoration off my Dodge.

Destiny 2 - gernaderjake pvp

I can kind of put this here and make it so he can't back out to the right. So like, if I didn't kill him there and he backs out, he's gonna blow up a little bit of a fail safe. Trip wins by just killing him there, or he backs out and then. Trip mines are so good with almonds. Cara's spine, like you can just totally crowd control.

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