Destiny 2 - Season 18 Prep Guide. Watch Before Aug 23. Huge Leveling Tips

Destiny 2 - arc 3.0

You left all of your season 18 prep until the final week. Well, don't worry because I did too, so in this article we have a ton of tips for how to gain a massive advantage when the next new season launches in Destiny 2. So be ready to raid on day one, and so let's get started. First things first, people hate doing this, but we gotta talk about it. It's bounty prep.

Bounty prep

Bounty prep

For those who may not know, you can complete bounties but wait to turn them in until the start of the new season. That way, you're gaining a huge chunk of experience when you actually need it. A lot of people are saying that this is unnecessary these days because the level climb is so much less for these minor seasons, and that is true to a certain degree in season 18.

The power level climb is only going from the max currently of 1570 to the new max of 1580, 10 new pinnacle levels. However, remember that the brand new raid is launching on the first Friday, the 26th. So you are not going to have a lot of time, and mainly what these bounties being saved are going to be for is gaining that experience.

To level up your brand new seasonal artifact as fast as possible, guys. I don't need to tell you how powerful things like classy restoration are. And the very last column of those new seasonal mods is always incredibly powerful. If you can get that huge chunk of experience and get to those faster and have access to those for that one raid, it's really going to matter.

Which bounties should you save? The most experience comes from weekly bounties, after that it's daily bounties, and last place it's repeatable bounties, so there's not a lot of weekly bounties left. You want to go to Hawthorne, where the clan bounties are considered weakly. After that, Shahan in the cosmodrome has a couple here, then you can go to the moon.

There's actually going to be two at the lectern of enchantment and then another two from Aris Mour. Then after that, go to Europa and visit Varex. He's got two. And finally, you have the upper tier bounties from Star Horse. After that, you want to fill the rest of your slots with daily bounties.

All of the vendors we just talked about or pretty much all of them have daily bounties, but if you're looking to fill slots at the last minute, remember to go to the different planetary vendors. The next topic is resources.

Resource prep

Resource prep

You burn through a ton of resources at the start of a new season, so stocking up on things like planetary materials, upgrade modules Glimmer is a great idea, but something else you want to stock up on is treasure keys for Dares of Eternity. Now that's because Bungie revealed that in season 18, the Dares of Eternity loot was getting a perk pool refresh, so they're going to have all new god rolls and they're getting an origin trait, so likely the new versions are going to be outright better than the current versions.

Therefore, you want to be able to farm that activity like crazy next season. Now, continuing with resources, you want to make sure to grab all of them from your season's past. You actually don't want to grab legendary and exotic engrams, and that's because, as you can see, if you go to {947} and sign into your account, you can access the previous season's season pass.

So I left an exotic engram in there and, as you can see, I can claim that right now in this season. The important part is that, as you can see, it drops at 1570. So this loot is going to drop at the exact power level you are at, so you can kind of do a trick where next season, as you're leveling up through the 10 pinnacle levels, let's say you have a helmet that's lagging behind.

It's one light less than your overall power level. You can withdraw stuff from your previous season's past and potentially luck out and get an exotic helmet. That gives you a light level boost, and even just boosting that one piece by one power level can sometimes be enough to boost your overall power level up by one.

That can make a big difference in that pinnacle grind, so if you don't need that stuff right now, you might as well save it for next season. However, something you don't want to wait until next season to grab is all of your vendor rewards. This stuff will disappear when season 18 starts, so grab it now even if you delete all of it. It's free legendary shards, but next up we have a big topic arc 3.0.

Arc 3.0 prep

Arc 3.0 prep

So we know that the arc subclasses are being remade in season 18, and if it's anything like solar 3.0 this season or void 3.0 last season, it's going to be cracked. In fact, earlier today, Bungie fully revealed arc 3.0, going over a ton of new abilities, fragments, aspects, and even a brand new super.

If you haven't seen my article on it, definitely check it out. It's linked up above, so there are a lot of things you can do to prepare for this change. One, craft the good arc weapons and level them up. Now. I did do a article on the five arc weapons you want to be crafting and their god rolls, but like if you can get a sweet sorrow with stats for all, that's going to fit in perfectly with the new arc 3.0 builds.

Destiny 2 - best weapons

Some people are saying, "Why do that when there's going to be new arc weapons with crazy new arc perks?" But you're going to need to use the existing weapons until you get the game rules for the new weapons right, so you definitely want to get this stuff, and in that same vein, you want to be acquiring or dusting off from your vault and infusing.

The existing, good arc weapons, you have again done a article on the 10 legendary weapons. I would highly recommend getting ready for next season because a lot of that stuff is going to jump pretty high in the meta because of the demand for arc weaponry, and of course, this also applies to arc exotic weapons.

Stuff like the Thunderlord and the Risk Runner are going to shoot up in value dramatically, especially because if you're a new player and you don't have access to legendary weapons from years ago, you can throw on the Risk Runner and have a great arc weapon to synergize with your new build. So make sure again you are acquiring them if you don't have them, getting them out of your vault, infusing them, getting the catalysts done for the weapons that have them.

That's going to be very important. But in addition to that, guys, it's not just about getting all the arc weapons ready to go, there are also weapons that are specifically getting buffed in season 18.

Gear prep

Gear prep

Now the last article of mine I'm going to shout out here is the one I did where Bungie announced a bunch of the changes coming in the season 18 sandbox update, so stuff like the thunderlord, that's actually getting intrinsic, overload rounds, so you can deal with overload champions now in season 18 by just putting on the thunderlord obviously that's going to make that weapon significantly more desirable, certain weapons are getting complete reworks like the Dead Man's Tail.

You have ONE WEEK LEFT to Prep for Season 18 in Destiny 2! This Prep Guide will showcase a ton of tips to level up fast and get ready for the New Day 1 Raid.
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