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I wanted to get this article out before the new season. We've been getting new craftable weapons each season, so today I want to point your attention to some perks that are under the radar. Sometimes they come up, sometimes they don't, and most of the time they just get glossed over, but I want to show you when and why you should consider them.

If the archetype allows and when it comes to a role that drops in a column, these are good, but there seems to be always another perk that's viewed as more desirable, and that's okay. I have examples for all of these. What you need to look for in an archetype is how each perk will shine on one and not another.

There are some perks that are not on the list, but they're also underused. Pperks like heating up. Heating up is nuts. With the accuracy and stability that it gives perks like harmony, we know that these are good, but again, other perks just seem to be more valuable. When you get your roll Three things are going on with it, and the true value of a perk is going to skyrocket, depending on how you play and how you want the weapon to be.

Destiny 2 - best perks for weapons pvp

I brought this up before, and it's a great way to think about it. The three styles of perks are: when now, when later in a neutral perk. An example of a win now moving target is a perk that activates with the ads, plus 10 aim assists. You get a strafe scaler. It's helping you win right now in that gunfight.

Every gunfight at all times. Eye of the Storm Again, in a gunfight. Your health is low. The perk pops up and gives you an accuracy bonus. It helps you right then and there to win every duel. And when the latter perk is like killclip You're forgoing a win now perk within a column because you plan to get killed later.

You're trusting the base weapon to get the first kill, then ripping enemies in the later gunfights. Then there's a neutral perk, something like disruption break. It's not helping you win now or later, but it does do something. When you break the shields, they get a debuff or take 50 more kinetic damage.

So these five perks are in no particular order. I want to start with an encore. I love this perk. I wish it was on more things. And this perk needs very specific criteria for you to use it. This is technically a win-later perk. With precision, the final blows grant a stacking range bonus to this weapon.

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On a body's final blow, the range stacks are going away, but you get a massive plus 30 stability. Both speed and accuracy are benefits. So what does this perk look like when it's on a weapon that it shouldn't be on? In the first example, the week before it went out, ask Cammy. We did farm trials until I got this role.

The igneous hammer played for something like 10–13 hours. It's an encore moving target, and I didn't make a article about it, but I wanted it badly. It was just a little something for me. Check this out. I did want a small bore, but we have chambered or extended, ricochet rounds. Reload masterwork that's a miss a depth stability encore moving target moving target when you aim down sights plus 10 aim assist The strafe scaler We know that it's a great dueling perk, but then we have an encore.

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So the headshot final blows can stack up to times 3 for a plus 30 range, but the body shot final I get the encore stability on screen, so the plus 30 stability and accuracy benefits are very similar to heating up times two for plus 30 stability and accuracy benefits. For MK or controller, what encore gives is a big help.

More range is always great and on MNK the encore stability buff with the MK's already more stable stability, it's just gonna make it a laser, but importantly, it's the accuracy benefits too, so on this weapon we have 73 range, 68 stability, and moving target gets the aim assist to 79, not counting targeting precision final blows encore times 183, range times 293, range times 3100.

Rounds across grants plus 10 range. Getting kills extends the range, but on a body final it's plus 30 stability, so on mine it goes to 98 stability with accuracy. That's why I wanted a moving target with an encore. Pure dueling strafe scaler aim assist Help accuracy The whole deal: you get up to basically 100 stability, 98, and get to 100 range.

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And why does this work? It works on a weapon like this because it has enough damage to allow the headshot or body shot to finish. It's a two-head, one-body finish, so if that third shot is a headshot It's great. It's giving an already high-ranged weapon more range. They get a body shot. Even better it's a win-win.

It's min-maxing those stats. Then we have something like this encore multi-kill clip in your 56 range. 49 stability, potentially 86 range 79 stability on the body's final blow and encore works on these types of weapons, and this is what you need to look out for. Number one is a weapon that allows a body shot, like the igneous hammer.

The final blow will be a killing blow within the TK. The head or body encore can pop off either side. The second one, like in the case of Inyo D, a spray weapon, right in smg, you will get body shot final blows. It's within the TTK. The weapons you stay away from are 100-accuracy weapons like a 140-hand cannon like judgment.

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It has an encore. You want to be landing your three crits with 100 accuracy, but when you do that, you're going to be adding plus 10 range at a time, and that's okay, but if killing wins in that column, you would want to kill the wind. If rangefinder's in that column, you would want rangefinder. And the plus-30 stability is okay, because it means your next three taps are going to feel really nice, but you want this perk to be utilized both ways.

crit and body final blows, and arguably the body shop finals, the better buff. A massive buff, plus stability and accuracy, is huge, but you look at weapons like the sorrows verse. I would never use this, ever, but this meets the criteria. 70 stability means a final blow is going to be 100 stability, ramps up to 84 range, and in the review I crafted it empirically, the 2 burst another spray weapon body shot finals get to 83 stability.

Headshots are great too, and can potentially get to 89 range, so when a weapon rolls with encore, pay attention to the criteria. It needs to be able to land a body shot final blow with its ttk, right within its optimal ttk. A body shot needs to be allowed. That way, you can utilize both sets of perks.

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That's why spray weapons work. That's why the igneous hammer works. If it was ever on a pulse, that's why a pulse would work. Just stay away from 100. Accuracy for attk. Don't gloss over the encore. See if the weapon and the perk will allow you to max those stats. It's an awesome perk. The next perk frenzy.

In this video I talk about perks that are glossed over. Left behind. Not the "first choice". I want to show you what to look for and how to use them.
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