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The news of death stranding coming to Xbox's PC games pass has sparked some tension among console owners. We have an exclusive on a big update coming to Kena Bridge of Spirits and Dungeons and Dragons is going hybrid digital as the company revealed a new product that marks the beginning of a new generation for the franchise.

All this and more right now on today's daily face. The Death Stranding is officially coming to Xbox's PC Games Pass following recent speculation, and the latest news has been causing quite a stir among console owners. Developer Kojima Production and publisher 505. Games announced that the original version of Death Stranding, and not the upgraded Director's Cup, would be available for the first time on Xbox's PC Game Pass starting August 23rd, at 5 p.m.

pacific and 8 p.m. Eastern the Stranding launched as a PlayStation 4 exclusive back in 2019. Then on Steam and Epic Games the following year. Sadly, the news has sparked a console war debate on social media as some fans have not responded well to the announcement. Some have called out Kojima and his studio traders for allowing Death Stranding to come to the PC game pass even though the game had already come to PC.

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Via steam and epic, many take to twitter to call out those on xbox that were little death stranded when it first launched, calling it a walking sim. Now arguing that those same critics are praising the game simply because it's now on xbox, some xbox users are arguing that death stranding coming to xbox's pc game pass and not the xbox console game pass is a slap in the face.

The concept of a console war has been around since the early days of article game consoles. Think Nintendo vs. Sega in the early 2000s. It was Xbox users against PlayStation users, but in light of COVEN and the recent changes to the supply chain, many have argued on social media that continuing this mentality is just in poor taste, while some will argue the console war is a vital byproduct of capitalism.

Many are just happy to be able to play the game they want on their favorite console. And yes, there will be exclusivity for certain games like Star Field and Koji Pro's next game, but isn't it better to just accept the fact that most next-gen consoles are pretty much very similar in graphic fidelity?

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So buy the console you want to buy and play the games you want to play. The console wars are still in 2010. And it's not palatable in the current forward-thinking mentality. Also, don't be a golem. There's a reason why Golem turned ugly and lonely at the end of Lord of the Rings. Moving on, the sunny action adventure game Kinah Bridge of Spirits is getting a big update that will include new cosmetics, a new mode, and a steam port.

In ign's exclusive reveal, the game will receive its first anniversary update on September 27th, which will include the new game plus spirit guide trials. New outfits, new items, and new accessibility features are initially available exclusively on the Epic Games store. The game will also get a steam release on the same day.

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The new mode coming to Kena is called Spirit Guide Trials, which challenges players' skills with a variety of obstacle courses, wave defenses, and boss reflexes. Completing the spirit guide trials unlocks outfits for Kina inspired by characters she meets along the way, with exclusive new outfits for deluxe edition owners as well.

It's a good time to pick Kinah Bridge of Spirits up again or for the first time. And lastly, Wizards of the Coast revealed plans for the evolution of the DND, announcing a new phase that will mark a new generation of dungeons and dragons. The creative team for Wizards appeared in a short article during a digital showcase to demonstrate pre-alpha footage of several types of digitally rendered tabletop minis.

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The future of D&D will include a digital toolset now dubbed D&D digital designed in Unreal Engine 5. The all-in-one hybrid virtual tabletop will combine programs like Roll20 or Tailspire and include miniature makers like Hero Forge. Principal game designer for dnd digital, KL Stuntsman, lamented how currently players are cobbling together all kinds of different apps and websites to have a truly integrated dnd experience.

Death Stranding - dungeons dragons

What we want to do is to provide all the tools that the players need to play themselves in one space. DD digital is still in early development, but the team hopes to offer players pre-made campaigns right out of the gate and the power to customize their own build world. Considering this is one of the biggest shifts for the franchise, it'll be some time before we get an official release date, but for now, plan for a launch sometime in 2024.

And that is your daily fix for today, August 19th. You just announced a list of games coming for the Sega Genesis Mini 2, featuring 60 iconic games. I'm Nars, and remember to always stay fabulous.

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