Dark Souls - Elden Ring - Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight (4k 60fps)

Dark Souls - elden ring

Champions welcome the stars of aligned the festival is nigh. General Radon, mightiest demigod of the shattering, awaits you champions. Prepare for battle defeat. The general claims glory and grabs that great rune. A celebration of war, the radar festival. Are you good and prepared, young chum? The festival begins.

And you, did you see that afterwards, a falling star right before our eyes? I can't fathom how Radan was holding back something of that scale. He was a living legend if ever I saw one, and the path has now been cleared to knock her down. Irani's fate will be decided. Let's meet the falling star with the earth.

We'll take up our souls once more for Mistress Rani. Let's meet with the fallen star on the earth. We'll go into battle again side by side. My only purpose is to fight for Ronnie's fate sword and fan the curtains rising on the final act.

Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough PS5 PC Xbox Series X PS4 PRO No Commentary 2160p 60fps HD let's play playthrough review guide.
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