Dark Souls - 10 Hidden Video Game Enemies You Weren't Supposed To See



I'm joshuaculture. Com. And these are nine hidden article game enemies you weren't supposed to see.

Amnesia the dark descent

Number nine, Chaonic Amnesia, The Dark Descent This enemy in the seminal horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is literally an invisible monster showing up in the waterway levels. This beast is only identified by these splashes that it makes in the water, with the player being forced to use these visual and audio cues to avoid it at all costs.

The whole point of Amnesia is just what's lurking out of sight, with the game even punishing you for staring too intently at any one of the monsters, so an invisible enemy like this is perfect and proved to be one of the scariest things in the whole game. Of course, the mystery of the creature only led to fans' eagerness to know what it would look like if it could be seen by the human eye.

I mean, it clearly has a defined mass, so it must have some kind of shape and appearance. Well, concept art actually revealed what the k-neck would have looked like, and essentially it's a big creepy monster dolphin, and that's pretty cool where I come from.

Diablo ii

Diablo ii

Number eight, the Cow King of Diablo, is the first but not the last bovine-related enemy on this list. The Cow King has come to occupy a soft spot in the hearts of many article game fans in the decades since Diablo 2 launched a secret boss inside a secret level. In order to find the cow king, you first have to find the secret cow level inside the rpg.

This hidden environment does pretty much exactly what it says in the title; it transports players to a big field full of demonic cows eager to rip and tear their flesh, known as hell bovines. These not-so cuddly creatures will mess your day up plenty, and the king of these can be found as you venture further into the level.

The Cow King might be the most well-known hidden enemy on this list today, but back when Diablo 2 first dropped, his existence was a complete surprise to the players who stumbled across him at numbers , seven The Smoke Monster just caused two things to remember.

The smoke monster

They lost when that was like the biggest pop culture thing around.

Well, if you're a article game fan, then you absolutely will, because even if you didn't watch the show, you were inundated with references to it in all the biggest releases from the late 2000s. Just Cause 2 is just one of many big budget games from that era that boasts a reference to the smash hit TV show, and in this case, it's specifically the series' smoke monster that made viewers so intrigued across the earlier seasons.

The reference to that creature here, though, is kind of rudimentary, to be kind. In fact, it's almost like the developers just slapped it together in five minutes and then forgot all about it. See, at a certain point on the map you'll find a random enemy that's followed by a billowing trail of smoke, who can't be killed with conventional weapons but can be grappled to death. Upon finding him, he will just follow you around with his smoke machine and his cheap Halloween costume, haunting you wherever you Go to number six.

Lord of the pies

Lord of the pies

I am the lord of the pies. Dragon Age Inquisition When it came to the Lord of the Pies easter egg in Dragon Age Inquisition, though, the developers couldn't believe that players had stumbled across it in a mere two days of this mysterious.

A pie in a top hat was hidden under the skyhold environment by designers, just as a joke, something which was unintentionally Fans who accidentally glitched out under the map spotted a top hat. This giant pie lurks just out of the reach of players, but it begs the question, what's his game? Does he mean us harm?

Where did he get such a sick custom-made top hat? We had to There are a lot of questions after seeing these stills, and while this large beast was never supposed to be seen, the developers responsible did say that other smaller variants were similarly hidden around Skyhold, which is only for the best.

I mean, it would be a little bit depressing to be lord of the pies if you were the only pie around number five.

The bovine defense force

The bovine defense force The Witcher 3 wild hunt The whole premise of The Witcher 3 is that you play as a character whose job it is to literally hunt down evil creatures from every corner of the earth.

However, one job monster hunter Geralt can't take on through regular means is that of the Borvine defense force. The name given to a gnarly high-level hidden enemy in the sequel. In order to fight this dangerous, horny enemy, you have to be a little bit of a cheeky chappy. All rpgs struggle with players finding exploits to get quick access to immense resources.

And The Witcher 3 was no different. In fact, in one of these starting areas, white occurred. Savvy fans realized they could go about killing the cows to make some money off their corpses, and then immediately just do it all again when they respawn. As such, this hidden enemy was only included in a patch to deter players from indulging. In this exploit, should you try it, this big guy will spawn and teach you a lesson for cheating.

Altered vending machines

Altered vending machines

Before the altered vending machines control control's oldest house setting, it lends itself perfectly to enemies that are hidden in plain sight. After all, this is an environment where nothing makes sense and enemies are just as likely to be refrigerators.

As they are demonic corpses, anything can be possessed by their villainous hiss, and inanimate objects can twist the very fabric of space and time. This inventive idea was thankfully carried through to the game's amazing DLC, which included a genius secret enemy that possessed vending machines. These things aren't explicitly marked by the game itself, but finding and killing them rewards players with a good chunk of resources.

Dark Souls - game

Hilariously, the only indication that they're in the game, apart from some trophies, is a bit of flavor text about them that you can find in a document, leaving it up to the player to put two and two together, three, a whole bunch of chalice dungeon monsters Bloodborne's chalice dungeons are a criminally underrated part of the software's lovecraftian masterpiece.

A whole bunch of chalice dungeon monsters

Even though they're optional challenge rooms, players never have to interact with them at all. As such, some of the game's weirdest bosses are, of course, incredibly rare enemies that you'll never see if you simply blitz the main campaign. Due to the fact that every tile set is random, it means that players can spend hundreds of hours and never see specific enemies, and as such, there are a bunch of chalice dungeon exclusives that players might not even know exist.

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