Dark Souls - 10 Games That Change When You Replay After Finishing

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Single-player narrative-driven experiences. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today's game ranks in the top 10 best games you can replay. After finishing with the bonus, start off with number 10. It's God of War, added to the base game on August 20th, 2018. The new game plus mode in God of War 2017 This is about as good as one of these modes gets.

There are expected features like being able to start the game over with your previously earned equipment and skills, but there's a boatload more. That's really what makes New Game Plus so good in this game. It just adds a ton of extra stuff. You can further upgrade your armor, way past the previous limits, using a new resource.

Which is, of course, very nice, but what's really interesting is the entirely new sets of armor that only appear when you play the game again. To really mix things up, enemies also have new attacks and behaviors. Certain bosses can potentially be a lot tougher than they already were, and even some of the standard enemies will give you some unexpected trouble.

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That's not the only new thing enemies do either in combat. They now sometimes become elite, which was exclusive to the Give Me God of War difficulty, but now happens even if you're playing on the normal Give Me a Challenge difficulty. At least if you're playing on easy, it still doesn't happen, so if you really want to steamroll through a new game plus game, you can still do that option.

is still available. There's not any new story content or massive changes in the game, but all the additions to the game if you choose to replay it are really good. It gives you new armor to fight more difficult enemies. It's enough that it's fun to go back without feeling like you're missing out if you don't have God of War 2017.

It is, of course, one of the best games on PlayStation and now on PC, and it has one of the best new game modes of its generation. At number nine is the Final Fantasy VII remake. One of the most surprising things about this remake was how good the combat system actually ended up being. It's very easy to use but also very deep, and while for some it can take a while to click, it's really satisfying.

Dark Souls - games after completion

Once you get the hang of it on normal, the game never really forces you to get the most out of the combat system because you can kind of always just cheese your way through any problem with brute force, but on hard mode that is not an option for a lot of players. The real game doesn't start until you unlock hard mode, which becomes available after you complete the game.

The whole mode isn't quite the same as the traditional new game plus because, at the same time you unlock hard mode, you also unlock chapter select, which lets you replay any chapter, at whatever difficulty. So, technically, you could go straight to the hardest challenges in the battle arena if you wanted right from the start, but you probably won't have the experience to actually do much without going back and playing through a large chunk of the game over again.

One big thing that makes hard mode completely different from normal is that you can not use items, like at all. This one thing completely changes how you have to think about battles in this game, because in battle you can only heal with magic and skills outside of battle or rest benches. And that's it.

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When you play the game for the first time, you might think that the game would be impossible without items because, even on normal, it's really not the easiest game out there, but the fact that the combat of the game works so well even when you remove such a seemingly vital part is just a testament to how well designed the game is.

The slow parts of the game are still pretty slow, so you'll have to brace yourself for that, but hard mode is definitely worth going back and experiencing. And number eight is Hades. This is a game all about replaying. It's a road, after all, so the expectation is for the player to try to beat the game, die, and then try again, but with Hades escaping the underworld, isn't the end.

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There's actually a ton to do after you beat the game. So in that regard, I think it counts. The big addition to the game after you beat it is a thing called "packed punishment," which is a set of modifiers that you can adjust to make your next run more challenging. The modifiers It can affect your heat level, and if you manage to beat bosses and escape the underworld under these conditions, you can unlock special secrets.

It's kind of a complicated system, but if you're enjoying Hades, it gives you a lot to think about and some interesting ways to challenge yourself. The game also doesn't really end after the first escape, as different things will happen if you manage to escape again, like in the Final Fantasy 7 remake for a lot of players.

The quote-unquote The real hades doesn't start until after you beat the game the first time, and the game does a very good job of encouraging you to experiment with different weapons and upgrade combos with the whole packed punishment system. And number seven is Batman: Arkham Knight. The entire Arkham series has done a great job with new game plus modes, but we're just going to focus on Arkham Knight for this one because of how much they added and changed.

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It does all the fun stuff previous games in the series did with their replay modes, while adding a few extra surprises. The big change is that, like in Arkham City and Arkham Origins before it, in the new game plus mode, the counter icons are gone, so it's left up to the player to time their encounters rather than just watching for icons to appear.

The enemies are also all around tougher; they take more hits, do more damage, are faster, and, combined with the removed counter icon, make combat encounters a lot tougher. That's not all either. They also mixed up enemy layouts, so tougher enemies from the end of the game start showing up at the beginning, but at least you start out with your gadgets and upgrades, so that balances things out a little.

The last big change has to do with the fear of takedowns. So in the game, once you have that charged up, you're good to go, but now if you get caught by an enemy, you lose the charge and you have to silently take down another enemy to get it back, so the game forces you to play more carefully to avoid getting spotted.

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All this stuff makes the new game plus mode a lot tougher, but it's also incredibly satisfying. Of course, we have to mention the one last thing that is added when you replay the game, that crazy, joke or jump scare that happens when you start. There really isn't any new story content beyond that, but that moment is unforgettable, And number six is undertale in an unusual way.

Some games drastically change AFTER you beat it for the first time. Here are some games worth replaying.
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