Dark Souls - 10 Biggest Video Game Bosses Of All Time

Dark Souls - biggest boss battles

Video game bosses can be big or small and be difficult one way or the other, but a truly impressive boss is huge. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today's game ranks 10 of the biggest article game bosses, starting off at number 10, the 16th colossus, from Shadow of the Colossus. This is a game that is literally, entirely, about big bosses.

The goal of the game is specifically to hunt down and defeat 16 gigantic enemies spread across this desolate place called the Forbidden Lands. These battles basically play out like traversal puzzles where you have to figure out how your guy is supposed to get up onto the top, reach their weak point, and attack it.

These weak points are usually situated around the head or shoulders, so you're climbing them out of all the colossi in the game. The biggest, at least in terms of size and stature, is well, not surprisingly. The final one, the 16th colossus, What makes him stand out compared to all the others is how human he looks.

It stands straight up, it's designed to look like it's wearing clothes, and it's the one colossus that really feels like a weapon of war. The only way to climb it is to first cross the no man's land in front of it as it fires deadly electric bolts at you and you have to hide behind any available cover to survive.

Dark Souls - biggest pc bosses

Climbing it, however, is an ordeal on its own. Its unique design doesn't have nearly as many handholds as a lot of the other colossae, so you're stuck doing a lot of old-fashioned platforming to get to the top, and he's as big as a building, to be clear, so you're going to have to climb a long way to get to his head and attack the weak spot.

You almost feel sorry for killing most of the bosses in this game. Most of them are just minding their own business, and when you attack them, they're kind of just forced to defend themselves. But this guy, not so much. He starts attacking the second you see him. Shadow of the Colossus is, for the most part, a pretty solemn, melancholy game, but beating this guy is pretty satisfying.

At number nine is Chronos from God of War 3. The third game in the God of War series is pretty much all about spectacle. Nearly every boss battle in the game is totally nuts, but one of the craziest is probably Chronos. I mean, he's titanic, and look at him. Kratos is like a flea in comparison.

Dark Souls - biggest ps4 bosses

It's not exactly a full boss fight because I don't know how you would even show that, but Kratos does get a chance to wail on this dude's fingernails. To a suitably gross effect, which we will not be showing unrelated. Do you remember that toenail medicine commercial with the fungi thing? Yeah, the whole encounter is the definition of epic, and it's hard to imagine the series ever topping just how over the top wild the whole sequence is.

The new Norse games seem much more restrained in comparison to this one, and I think there's a good reason for that. In order to do the unexpected, you can't just keep repeating and repeating and just try to go more over the top than perhaps the most over the top thing that's possible. You can't but remember that giant corpse you found late in the New God of War.

Dark Souls - biggest switch bosses

It's possible that something as crazy as the whole Kronos battle will happen. And number eight is Zora Magdaros from Monster Hunter World, another series all about fighting giant monsters, and in terms of size, they're usually Godzilla size, but they're big, except for this big boy from Monster Hunter World.

Zora Magneros, a monster crossed with a volcano. The first time you encounter it, there's basically nothing you can do for it. It sinks your ship like it's nothing and then moves on. The entire first half of the game is about building up for your rematch with this guy. When it finally comes to actually taking him on, the only way to really beat him is with this entire system of cannons, harpoons, and heavy weapons.

You really can't beat it normally. Instead, you have to take the damn thing down in siege encounters where your main goal is to simply repel it rather than kill it. If nothing else, it's like fighting a literal volcano. And number seven is Adamantis, from Final Fantasy XV. If you thought the previous entry was big, get a load of this Adamantis.

Dark Souls - biggest article game bosses

This is a staple enemy from the series, and while it's generally pretty large, it didn't get absolutely enormous in this banner until Final Fantasy 13, but it seems clear that they really wanted to top themselves this time around. They went totally crazy here. Look at this. You can only encounter this guy at the endgame after going back to the main area of the game.

If you go back to Hammerhead and take on a hunt called "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie," it reveals that this mountain you pass by multiple times on your journey is actually a huge sleeping turtle, and they don't prepare you for how big this actually is. Everyone tells you it's a mountain, but it's hard to imagine how big it actually is.

It is a mountain. From a half mile away on the game map, this thing takes up most of the horizon. So, what makes this creature stand out compared to most other things on this list is that it's not really a cinematic. In this battle, you're fighting the monster from ground level, so you just feel how enormous it actually is trying to attack you with weapons.

Dark Souls - biggest xbox one bosses

It feels like trying to attack an Abrams tank with a sewing needle, but at least your teleport abilities make it a little easier to get up and do some damage. The crazyest thing is that they put just a ton of work into making him so big and impressive, and it's just this optional fight you can miss out on.

You might not even know that it's a boss. You could think that it's a mountain forever, and that's not uncommon for Final Fantasy XV. Some of the best parts of the game are totally missable. And number six is the matrix path of neo-mega-smith. In comparison to some of the other examples on this list, this boss isn't quite as huge, but when it lacks in pure size, it easily makes up for it in, like, wtf, factor, like just total confusion.

Dark Souls - falcon

We're talking about the surprise final battle in the matrix path of Neo. After the mess that was the Matrix, Shin decided to give the license another shot with a much more traditional retelling of the original three Matrix movies. But with a little twist at the end, instead of the more traditional, like the superhero brawl between Agent Smith and Neo, the capped off revolutions, the game decides to give the players something way more interesting.

For one thing, before the fight actually starts, the wachowskis. Then they appear and basically say that the ending of Matrix 3 was kind of boring in terms of how a article game would play out, so here is something better, and that's when the cutscene starts of all the little smiths combining to form a gigantic megasmith.

Video game bosses are typically large, but these baddies are absolutely massive.
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