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In today's article, there are five mistakes that beginners make in Cult of the Lamb. I made several of these myself, as well, so I speak from experience, and my goal is to help make sure that new players that are looking for entry-level gear don't run into the same common issues. There are also no spoilers in this article, so don't be worried about that.

These five mistakes aren't in any particular order, so don't consider one more egregious than the other, but to start off, the first mistake, and this is one that plagued me for about half of my playthrough, is not setting up proper resource renewal such as mines and farms. Some of the very early unlocks that you have access to are farm plots, mines, and lumber yards.

These are important because they provide a steady stream of food, wood, and stone for your base even though the mines can collapse over time and having steady food production via seeds can be a bit annoying. It is still important to have these going because it will keep your base up and running with less and less investment from you over time, especially when you get some of the latter.

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versions of these facilities which allow them to become more automated and last longer without turning this into a base management guide. I think two lumber yards and two mines are good enough for pretty much the entire game, and then as far as feeding your cult goes with the farms, having one square, so to speak, with the farm surrounded by farm plots, is good for 10 cultists, so it's a really easy ratio to remember.

If you set it up like this, you should not run into any resource issues for the entire game. Two players will sometimes focus too much on doing the crusades, which are the missions, or they will focus too much on base management. It's very easy to get caught up doing one or the other. The reason this is a mistake is because if you spend too much time doing crusades, your base is going to start falling apart because you're never there to maintain it.

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On the other hand, if you want to continuously do base management, such as helping your followers build stuff, talking to each of them every day to boost loyalty, and getting tithes or whatever other rituals and doctrines you have, you're going to be in base literally the entire game, so it's really important to only be there as much as you need to and only be on crusades for as long as you need to be.

Mistake number three is target priority. It's quite easy to make combat mistakes for beginners, but I think one of the ones that would help out the most is to understand. The right way to pick targets when you're having fights with people that aren't your bosses is something that also comes with experience.

They have to understand which enemies give you trouble personally. But when you walk into a room, just kind of take stock. For the first few seconds that you get before your world goes into chaos, try and see who your enemies are for you and then try and get rid of them quickly, especially if they have low HP.

Cult of the Lamb - gameplay

Some big enemies may be the most dangerous on the field, but it will take you, you know, 10-20 seconds or whatever, to kill them, and that's way too long while the little critters are hitting you. I usually try and prioritize. The weakest things I can reach quickly, or something that's really super annoying like the charging bats The goal is to take as many of the enemy actions off of the field as possible as quickly as you can.

Number four is a mistake I make all the time, and that is not recruiting your new followers before performing a sermon. If you do not go to the little portal and get your followers and indoctrinate them, and then do a sermon afterwards, you're missing out on faith and devotion. In the long run, it happens once or twice.

Obviously, it's not going to break your game, but if you're doing this for, you know, a 15-hour stretch, it will matter. Make sure you finish your recruiting before you do anything else. Also, do not do sermons during the night because they will be pissed off. No one likes to wake up to forced propaganda.

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Five is the point I really want to stress, and that is having ways to deal with problem cultists. That is one category of a problem cultist. The other is if they are old. There's nothing inherently wrong with being old, of course, but if you have old cultists and you don't have the proper doctrines that help you mitigate people dying in terms of faith and resources and all that, then having them die of natural causes and just lying out, you know, in the sun in the middle of your village is going to be detrimental.

With that in mind, just make sure you have at least two ways to deal with these types of situations. For dissenters If you have one or two jails, usually two is good enough to keep most of your dissenters checked. Make sure you re-educate them after they are jailed, and then for dissenters and the elderly, there are quite a few rituals you can do.

Either sacrificing them, ascending them, killing them in fight pits, or sending them on missionary work that is very risky, are all ways to get rid of these units. As long as you are able to do this, the only way you'll really lose substantial amounts of faith is if you die in a crusade. And that's going to happen.

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All right y'all, that's going to do it for this one. For upcoming cult articles. I have one that's focused on a further build that I've run a couple times that's been very successful, and then I will do a proper base management guide as well as a quick tier list for weapons and curses. At some point, I'll get around to uploading my playthrough to the main channel, most likely again.

This video discusses common newbie mistakes for Cult of the Lamb. These aren't all of the mistakes of course, but mitigating these should make one's life much easier. Stay tuned for more quick Cult guides and content.
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